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Rwd (uk grime magazine)


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Rwd (uk grime magazine)

  1. 1. Front cover – RWD (UK Grime Magazine)<br />- The photograph on the front cover is a medium shot <br /><ul><li>It is positioned closer to the left hand side to allow space for writing on the right
  2. 2. The image on the front cover is important as it gives us an insight into what is inside the magazine and the set theme of it.
  3. 3. It attracts the audience as Alesha Dixon is a well known celebrity and is seen as attractive by the audience
  4. 4. We know what is inside the magazine as there is writing on the right side of the page naming celebrities in the magazine and specifying this month the magazine if a ‘fashion special’
  5. 5. The information is arranged to the right of the cover as naturally people read from right to left
  6. 6. It is arranged as such so that the audience will be able to understand what the magazine is about with only a short glimpse
  7. 7. The three main colours on the front cover are blue, white and red
  8. 8. Red to show romance, white to show riches and blue to show calmness
  9. 9. Alesha Dixon is an iconic sign as she is an icon in the music industry
  10. 10. The banner has an image of the ‘rewind’ button on a remote symbolizing the past (symbolic)
  11. 11. Alesha Dixons face is showing an indexical sign of lust as she looks like she is teasing the audience
  12. 12. Alesha purposes looks as if she is specifically focusing on the audience to entice and tease them to buying the magazine
  13. 13. the banner is red, this is significant as it symbolizes romance which is reinforced by the picture of Alesha (her facial expression and body posture)
  14. 14. Large sharp font is used to STATE certain celebrities are in this months issue
  15. 15. A website for the magazine is available as technology is developing so it may be more accessible for some people
  16. 16. The magazine hasn’t got many representational issues as it aims to appeal to both genders and all sexualities but the target audience seems to be between 14-25. Which is a broad range. A representational issue is that Alesha is shown as having sexual thoughts as below her picture it says ‘let her entertain you’ which some people may find offensive
  17. 17. Well known famous people in the music industry are referred to on the front cover
  18. 18. Institutional factors affect the magazine as if a woman owned or had a large voice in the ownership or editing of RWD magazine Alesha Dixon would be portrayed in a more elegant way than ‘let her entertain you’</li></li></ul><li>Contents Page<br /><ul><li>The contents page is a double page spread. It features pictures of two models and two famous celebrities in the music industry. It has four separate pictures on it, the main colour scheme is black and white.
  19. 19. The contents page is arranged as such to give the contents page an old theme yet still in fashion with the colours black and white.
  20. 20. Two different fonts have been used to firstly make the title ‘contents’ stand out and secondly make the small words small yet sharp so the audience can read them quickly and efficiently.
  21. 21. Medium shots have been used of celebrities so that it looks as if they are focusing on the reader involving them more and pictures of clothing have been used as this issue is a fashion special.
  22. 22. The language is targeting the audience by using punchy catchy titles such as ‘Trend trailing tramps’.
  23. 23. The colour white is used a lot to show free-space and open-mindedness as this copy is a fashion special.
  24. 24. This attracts the audience as it allows them to relax and be open minded whilst reading this contents page rather than being bombarded with information.</li></li></ul><li>Double page spread<br /><ul><li>On the right page there is a headshot of ‘Kano’ facing away from the magazine. On the left side there are two pictures, one of three people sitting in a room with paint pallets around them and the other of a women outside of a window.
  25. 25. Kano is looking away from the magazine and forward to his concerts influencing the audience to do the same. The three men are influencing decorative ‘graffiti’ in inappropriate places. The women is free as she is not caged in behind the window.
  26. 26. Quite a few fonts have been used so that the person reading the magazines eyes are drawn towards these parts of the page as they are mainly advertisements, famous names and promotions.
  27. 27. The only representational issue I can see is that the person holding the spray can is wearing a hooded jumper which the media refer to as a ‘hoody’: Rude, disrespectful teenager.
  28. 28. This specific double page spread targets the audience well as people between the ages of 14 and 25 who listen to grime and hip-hop will definitely be attracted to the promotion of Kano’s up-and-coming tour.
  29. 29. At the top of the page pink Is used to show loudness as graffiti is broadcasting the artists thoughts and opinions. Blue is used at the bottom of the right page to show freedom and fresh-air which goes hand in hand with the picture of the women .
  30. 30. The content targets the audience as it is aimed at the register, for example Kano’s tours (music), Graffiti (speaking your mind; being heard), fashion and freedom. </li></li></ul><li>More information on RWD magazine (imformation below is based upon the 5 issuses distributed between 1stJanurary 2009 – 30th June 2009):<br /><ul><li>Rwd is only circulated around the united kingdom and the republic of Ireland
  31. 31. The total average net circulation is 77,560
  32. 32. Regular bulk sales is 70,000
  33. 33. Monitored free distribution is 7,560 and all falls under the category of ‘net distribution – other’
  34. 34. Basic cover price is valued at £0.25
  35. 35. Regular bulk says covers on average 90.2% of the net circulation
  36. 36. Monitored free distribution method: Copies of the magazine are delivered to record shops and selected retail fashion stores, where copies are made available for free pick up by their customers. The majority are distributed as above through Foot Locker stores across the UK.</li>