2011 Annual Report


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The 2011 Annual Report details our activities for our fiscal year between July 2010 and June 2011.

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2011 Annual Report

  1. 1. Other hospitalsmeasure successby how many bedsare filled.We measure successby how manyof our beds areempty.
  2. 2. On any given day,you’ll find kids in therapy,kids cooking, kids onthe slide with brothersand sisters, eating withparents. You might evensee a kid playing ChallengerBaseball in a wheelchair.And then there are the kidsyou won’t see. Becausethey’re at the zoo or themall or, heck, if it’s winter,maybe they’re skiing. 1
  3. 3. Here, we don’t see illnesses, we see kids.2 5
  4. 4. “Without the courage to challenge that ‘stay in the room’ mentality, i don’t think amari would have done nearly as well.” K at h y J u d K i n s , R n , C P n P Consider Amari. Like all toddlers, Amari loved to explore and interact. He came to us after an extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Born four months premature, he suffered from multiple complex conditions including chronic lung disease and a severe narrowing of his airway. His condition was extremely precarious, but he didn’t seem to know it. photo by brian spurgeon It was a joy for all of us to watch him grow and get strong enough to go home with his parents.2 5
  5. 5. Fromsurvivingtothrivingat Ranken The children we take care of are the sickest of the sick. Our kids suffer from traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, burns, spinal cord injuries, premature birth and developmental delays. Getting them out of bed and back to life starts with belief and determination.Jordan.6 7 © Debbie Franke
  6. 6. the ranken jordan approach | care beyond the bedside We get Physical amazing results Environment Unified Portable for kids. Team Technologies From being in a coma, Albert is on his way to becoming an inspirational speaker. Kyla celebrated her fifth birthday at home with her family, a birthday she wasn’t expected to celebrate at all. Zach’s mom was told he might never be able to roll over. Today he chases frogs. Safety & Passion and dedication are at the core of these outcomes. Communications But they are not enough. It also takes a tremendous amount of discipline, teamwork, technological ingenuity, and innovation. It takes a space that is designed for the care of sick kids but doesn’t feel like a hospital. Most kids receive care in the 80 square feet around their hospital bed. Our kids have 35,000 square feet. It takes portable technologies, such as the backpacks we’ve modified to hold the technology that keep our kids alive. We’ve optimized portable IV pumps, feeding pumps and monitors so we can keep up with a child on the move.8 9
  7. 7. It takes safety protocols and instant communication tools that Finally, it takes caring for families along with kids. Because more help our kids stay safe on even their most ambitious adventures. than anything, our kids need healthy families to thrive. It also takes a team that includes physician pediatric specialists, psychiatrists, nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric nurse practitioners, certified nursing assistants, recreational therapists, child life specialists, speech-language therapists, social workers, physical therapists, pediatric pharmacists, occupational therapists, volunteers, dietitians, and care coordinators. All working together to get our kids out and about.10 11
  8. 8. day “in 22 days, otto wentA from not being able to wiggle his toes to walking.” OttO’s MOMin the lifeat Ranken Jordan. 7:30 am 8:30 am 9 amWe know how important it is to get Rise & shine! BReaKFast in theRaPy waKing uP the dining ROOM tiMeeven the very sickest kids up and you won’t see our kids Families and Or is it playtime?out of their hospital beds and back in hospital gowns. they caregivers it feels like thatto the work of childhood: play. get dressed every day. come, too! (almost always). gOOd MORning!12 13
  9. 9. “ranken Jordan took me from being solitary “it’s very “Margaret loved the kitchen. she couldn’t to getting out and forming bonds and relationships. fun.” eat because she had a trach, but she the nurses are all OttO got to lick things.” my besties.” MaRgaRet’s MOMCeCiLia 10 am 11 am 12 pm 1 pm hanging One-On-One eating Just Out tiMe LunCh ChiLLin’ exercises and intense therapy. if a child needs therapy Playing on the playground activities with small Music and movement. to help with swallowing, with sibs, video games, groups of peers. infant massage for babies. this may happen at lunch. movies, golf. nap anyone? During waking hours, two thirds of our patients are not in their beds.14 15
  10. 10. “i pictured her in “the results we’ve had “ranken Jordan bed laying there in a from four weeks are gave us a new body cast. they said, remarkable. kim is life, when we‘absolutely not — now doing things she’s thought our life they’re up every day been unable to do for was over.” and they’re hardly ever the last two years.” J a C K s i n ’ s da d in their rooms.’” KiM’s MOM s a s h i K a’ s M O M 2 pm 4 pm 5 pm 9 pm MORe adventuRes, hOMewORK, COMPuteR dinneR winding dOwn, exPeditiOns & LaB, theRaPy, Ready FOR Bed aCtivities vOLunteeR aCtivities Field trips usually this year the zoo eating in the dining Bedtime stories. happen on Fridays. has been doing room with friends, hugs. Meds. outreach with us. family and caregivers. gOOd Just as there night! is no typical patient, there is no typical day.16 17
  11. 11. the ranken jordan approach | dr. holekamp’s perspective We see it time and time again. Kids get better when they feel better. Being out and about says to a child, “I can play. I can make cookies. I can go to the zoo or the mall. I can be a kid.” Just as important, it says the same thing to families and parents. The seeds for this way of caring for kids were planted back in the 1940s when Mary Ranken Jordan founded Ranken Jordan to care for children recovering from polio and tuberculosis. The kids who come to us today are harder to get out and about, because many of them depend on the technologies we invented to save them to keep them alive. So it’s more of a challenge. We just have to work harder. Dr. Nicholas Holekamp I give tours every week to students. I tell them, “You’re not is the Chief Medical Officer at Ranken Jordan. going to see a facility like this anywhere else.” To the kids, he’s just Dr. Nick.18 19
  12. 12. 20 We know for over the lives of our approach works, 70 years. because we’ve seen it work in our children21 Photography: Paul Bussmann LLC, Debbie Franke Photography 2010, TakeIt Design, LLC / Brian Spurgeon, and Ranken Jordan. Design: Paul Bussmann LLC
  13. 13. glowthein a child’s eyesin the hearts of our staffof our kid friendly facilityof parents who are confidentthey can care for their childof healthy family relationshipsof hope and healingRanken JoRdan — a PediatRic SPecialty HoSPital annual RePoRt 2011
  14. 14. There are many ways in which the light from Ranken Jordan shines. Dear Friends, With us, they get better faster. Their families are prepared for long-term success Together, we’ve once again made a huge difference in the lives of kids at home, reducing the need for ER visits and medical attention. It’s what the who might not have had much of a life without us. system wants: lower costs over the long term. It’s what we all want: healthier kids and families. I feel the glow just thinking about our children and families. The obstacles they overcome. The courage they show. The love and light they spread in the With our mission to “consider the children first in all we do,” I believe we world. They are truly inspiring. It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve them. have a mandate to get out and about ourselves to spread the word. The current emphasis on outcomes and financial accountability provides us with a window. This year, our inpatient program served 174 children and families, On behalf of our kids, we’re working hard to educate the medical community operating near capacity with a waiting list for part of the year. We served and our elected officials so that more children can benefit from our model. kids from from all over the region. More than a quarter of our patients came from Illinois. We also need to address our capacity to care for all the children who need us in our own hospital space. When we opened our new facility seven years ago, we Meantime, our outpatient program is thriving. We’ve added services and never dreamed that we would need to make our services available to more children capacity to meet growing demand. Our community program continues and families so soon. But here we are with plans to make and work to do. to be a true light, drawing hundreds of families to dozens of events that brighten lives and inspire hope. The upcoming year is going to be exciting. There are obstacles, but then again, when we look at the obstacles our children face, we know we must keep moving forward. We are making remarkable progress on getting our electronic health records (EHR) system set up. Along with helping us better coordinate and enhance In facing challenges, we like to think about our founder and inspiration of care among the many providers our kids need, this system will also help 70 years, Mary Ranken Jordan. As a friend reminds me, “You can’t be a beacon, us document our results so that this kind of care can be made available to if you don’t let your light shine.” more children. Thanks for everything you do for the children. In the outside world, as most of you know, there is a lot going on in health Shine on! care policy. Budget cuts loom large and shifts in funding policy add uncertainty. We choose to regard these changes as an opportunity. At Ranken Jordan, the medically complex kids we care for are among the 1% who consume approximately 30% of pediatric healthcare dollars. Our model Laureen K. Tanner, RN, MSN, FACHE of care gets these kids, who too often languish, out of bed and back to life. President and Chief Executive Officer2 3
  15. 15. BOARD OF DIRECTORS (from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011) hOnOR ROll OF DOnORS Thank ChAIRmAn mEmBERS-AT-lARgE Mr. & Mrs. Robert Altmansberger Ms. Casie Bonham Mr. & Mrs. James R. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. James C. Bonzon Richard A. Vandegrift Beverly Bates Jeremy Michelman Dr. & Mrs. David Anderson Mr. & Mrs. John Bosen retired, McCarthy Consultant Edward Jones Mr. & Mrs. David Andrzejewski Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Y. Bowland you. Building Companies, Inc. Walter Bazan, Jr. Betsy Prosperi Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Andrzejewski Ms. Susan Bowles Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Antoine Ms. Lisa Bowles Bazan Painting Company Community Volunteer VICE ChAIRmAn Mr. & Mrs. Randy Archer Mr. & Mrs. Keith Boyce Jim Burdiss John Prosperi Mr. & Mrs. Mark Arens Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Boyd Steve Cortopassi Ms. Carla M. Armistead Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Brackney Daugherty Business AllianceBernstein Overland Metals, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Thayne K. Bradford Solutions Investment Management Mr. & Mrs. Ed Arseneau Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bradley* SECRETARy Chris Cioffi Jeana Reisinger Ms. Jenna Babcock Mr. & Mrs. Patrick R. Brand To all the people and organizations who Centene Corporation Community Volunteer Ms. Bonnie K. Bacon Dr. Sean Branham Thomas J. Minogue contributed to our support between July 1, 2010 and Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bahr Dr. & Mrs. Jay A. Brenner Thompson Coburn, LLP George R. Edinger, Sr. Paul Schwetz June 30, 2011, we offer our gratitude. Your generous Mr. & Mrs. Rodney T. Bahr Mr. & Mrs. Gary Brightfield C & R Mechanical Co. Data Connection Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bahr Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Brinkley support allows us to continue to help every child TREASuRER R. Bruce Frazer Michael Scully Mrs. Kathy Bakula Mr. & Mrs. Oakes Briscoe and family who needs us regardless of their ability Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ball Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Broderick Jr. Sondra M. Denk Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc. US Bank Mr. & Mrs. Hal Ball Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brody to pay. The dividends live on in the lives of our kids. George K. Baum & Company Steven Harpole Rabbi Mark L. Shook Ms. Sheila Ball Ms. Carol A. Brokaw Mr. Steven J. Barco Mr. & Mrs. James E. Broom Ernst & Young, LLP Rabbi Emeritus, PRESIDEnT/CEO Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bardwell* Mr. & Mrs. Brody Browe Nita Fowler Johnson, DDS Temple Israel Ms. Anastasia Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Brown Laureen K. Tanner, mAjOR DOnORS – The Crawford Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Barni Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Brucker III St. Louis County Andrew Stroud, Jr. RN, MSN, FACHE gIFTS OF $5,000 OR mORE Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Barni Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Bryan Health Dept. i4Talent LLC The Herman T. & Mr. & Mrs. David Buckel Ms. Patricia Barrett ChIEF mEDICAl OFFICER Noreen Jenney Laffey Timothy J. Wehrfritz Phenie R. Pott Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Batson Ms. Kelly Burch Celebrity Endorsement Pretium Packaging, LLC The Tilles Fund* Ms. Diana Battocletti Mr. & Mrs. Jerome T. Burke Nicholas A. Holekamp, MD Anonymous* USA Funds* Mr. & Mrs. Craig J. Bauer Ms. Sheri Burnett Network Carney’s Kids Foundation* Mrs. Joyce D. Gagliarducci* Ms. Michelle Burns Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bauman EmERITuS Michael Maurer, Jr., MD Centene Corporation* Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Hatfield* Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Bauman Dr. & Mrs. Michael Burns Pediatrix Medical Group Coachmen Car Club* Dr. Nicholas Holekamp* Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Baumgarten Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Busch Joseph P. Logan Edward Jones* Mr. & Mrs. Tom Laffey* Ms. Danielle Bazan Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bush Clarice D. Lewis-Patterson Enterprise Holdings Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse* Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Bazan Jr.* Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Bussmann Fred Weber, Inc.* Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Pelikan* Ms. Lila Beattie Mr. Mike Bystrom Gertrude and William A. Mr. & Mrs. G. Potthoff* Dr. & Mrs. William L. Becker Ms. Lisa M. Calliott Bernoudy Foundation* Mr. Jeff Quinn & Mr. & Mrs. William P. Becker Ms. Minyu Cao Guth Foundation* Dr. Jennifer Quinn* Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Becker Mr. Peter Carbone Hagar Family Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Shane Russell* Mr. & Mrs. John Becvar Ms. Adrienne Carlson Hammond Associates, Inc.* Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer* Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Beemer Mr. & Mrs. Marty Carrow Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.* Ms. Lauri Tanner* Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Bell* Ms. Vivian Casey Horncrest Foundation, Inc.* Mr. & Mrs. John R. Belz Mr. & Mrs. James G. Castellano Industrial Sheet Metal Mrs. & Mr. Melody Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Causey Erectors, Inc.* InDIVIDuAlS Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Berger Ms. Michelle Cavato Jewish Communal Fund* Ms. Ashley Bergman Ms. Patricia Chambers Mary Ranken Jordan & Mr. & Mrs. Grant A. Bergmann Dr. & Mrs. Bill T. Chao Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Mr. Michael Bernal Mr. & Mrs. Lalithkumar Chouhan Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Ben Abel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Berra Ms. Katie Chrismer McCarthy Building Mr. & Mrs. David C. Abel Ms. Dana Besancenez Mr. Christopher Cioffi Companies, Inc.* Ms. Doris T. Abrams Mr. Chris Best Mr. Brian G. Cioffi Saigh Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Marc B. Abrams Ms. Patricia Bifulco Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Claridge II Schattdecor* Ms. Stephanie Ackerman Mr. & Mrs. Ray Birch Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Clark Signature Healthcare Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Adams Ms. Lauren Bishop Mr. Ed Coates & Ms. Penny Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Orren Adams Mrs. Amy Blanc Moorehouse-Coates St. Louis Blues 14 Fund* Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Albers Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm A. Bliss Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Cockrell* The Charles W. Frees & Jean H. Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Allen Mr. & Mrs. Jack G. Boeger Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cofman Frees Foundation* Ms. Lynne A. Allenspach Mr. & Mrs. Gale Bolin Ms. Debi Coil The Clifford Willard Gaylord Mr. Bart Alsop Mr. & Mrs. Dan Bollini Ms. Rebecca Coker Foundation* Mr. & Mrs. Mark Altadonna Dr. & Mrs. Terrence Bond* Mr. & Mrs. David Coleman4 5
  16. 16. Mr. & Mrs. William P. Conant Ms. Angela Dillick Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Frazer* Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Guest Mr. & Mrs. Anthony D. Hubert Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Kitchen Ms. Kathleen M. Lemp Garavalia Ms. Carolyn A. McKeone Mr. Matt & Dr. Susan Conger* Mr. & Mrs. James E. Dillon Mr. Thomas Frederking Ms. Margaret Hachman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Huebner Ms. Ginger Klein Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lerman Ms. Judy McLachlin Ms. Jane Conway-Leuthauser The Honorable & Mrs. Ann K. French Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Haesele Mr. & Mrs. David Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Wallace G. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Lee Letourneau Ms. Thea McLain Ms. Danielle Cooley Mrs. Edwin L. Dirck Jr. Mr. Glenn Fritzmeyer & Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hakel Ms. Judy Hughes Ms. Lucinda Klock Mr. & Mrs. Nat T. Levy Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. McMorrow Mr. & Mrs. John A. Corbett Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Dixson Ms. Lyn Vargo Mr. & Mrs. Brian N. Hall Ms. Nikki Hull Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kloster* Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lewis Mrs. Elizabeth B. McRoberts Mr. Sandy J. Cortopassi Mr. Jeffrey C. Dobner Jr.* Ms. Gail L. Fritzsche Mr. Robert D. Hammack Ms. Patti Hummert Mr. & Mrs. Blake E. Knapp Ms. Rene M. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Medler Mr. & Mrs. Sandy J. Mr. Jeffrey Dobner & Mr. & Mrs. Chad Froelker Mr. & Mrs. Oscar P. Hampton III Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hungerford Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kneznekoff Ms. Tiffany Lewis Mrs. Candice Mehmetli Cortopassi III* Dr. Sherri Dobner* Mr. & Mrs. William Fuhrig Mr. & Mrs. John K. Handy Mr. & Mrs. Steve J. Hunsicker* Mr. Adam Knoebel Mr. & Mrs. Richard Link Mr. & Mrs. Todd Meier Ms. Sarah Cortopassi Mr. & Mrs. Sean Donlin Mrs. Lee Ann Fusz Ms. Loretta M. Hanebrink Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hunsicker Mr. & Mrs. Brian Knop Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Linnear* Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Meler Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Cortopassi* Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Dorsey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gaan Ms. Carol Haney Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Hurst* Mr. & Mrs. Emery Koch Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Ms. Margaret R. Merrell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costa Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dorsey Ms. Stephanie Gabrian Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hannah Mrs. Virginia Immer Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Koch* Linnenbringer Mr. Idriz Mesanovic Ms. Catie Costello Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey Dr. & Mrs. Ira Gall Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Steven N. Ippolito Mr. & Mrs. David Kodner Mr. & Mrs. Mark Litow Mr. Maurice R. Meslans & Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Costigan Jr. Ms. Margie Drazen Mrs. Melissa Galloway Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harrell Ms. Michelle Irvin Mrs. Tracey Koessel Ms. Julia J. Lively Ms. Margaret E. Holyfield* Mr. & Mrs. William H. Coulter III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Drazen Dr. & Mrs. Ron Garrett* Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Tom Irvin* Mr. & Mrs. Scott Kohl Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Lochner Mr. & Mrs. S. Whitaker Meyer* Ms. Patricia Counts Mr. & Mrs. Rick Dreyfus Mr. & Mrs. John Garst Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Harris Ms. Jane Isaacson Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kohler Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Logan* Mr. & Mrs. Vernon J. Meyer Ms. Alexandra Courtney Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Drohlich Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Gassett Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Harrop Mr. Frank Jacobs & Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Kohler Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Loiterstein Ms. Patricia L. Meyer & Mr. John Cox Ms. Holly A. Dudley Ms. Doris Gatewood Ms. Patricia Hart Mrs. Marylen Mann Mr. & Mrs. Michael Korein Mr. & Mrs. James R. Long Ms. Mary Ellen Harrison* Mr. Edwin Crader Mr. & Mrs. Bob Duggan Mr. & Mrs. Cory Gehrlein Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Hartwig Mr. Frank Janoski* Ms. Theresa A. Kortkamp Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Ludewig Ms. Anne D. Meyer & Mr. Steve Emer* Mr. & Mrs. Ray Duke Mr. & Mrs. Todd Gehrs Ms. Carolyn S. Hathaway Duchars Mr. & Mrs. Zulfikar Jeevanjee Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Kotthoff Mr. & Mrs. Justin J. Luner Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy L. Michelman Ms. Rachel S. Cramsey Mr. Thomas P. Dutton Ms. Dee Genovese Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hauk Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jennewein Ms. Melanie Kozak Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Luntz Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Mickel Ms. Charleen M. Creamer Mr.& Mrs. Michael Duvall Ms. Melissa Georgeoff Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hauser Mr. & Mrs. William Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Theodore F. Koziatek Ms. Virginia H. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mihalich Ms. JoAnne Cronan Ms. Martha B. Dyer Mr. & Mrs. William Georges Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hawkins Mr. John C. Johannes Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Kram Mr. & Mrs. Leland D. Macon Ms. Anna Millburg Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cunliff Ms. Lisa Eacret Mrs. Bettie Gershman Ms. Mary E. Headen Officer Dave Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Kranzberg Ms. Gae Mahon Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Miller Ms. Ellen M. Cunniff Mr. & Mrs. James L. Eager Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gettemeier Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hearring Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kraus Ms. Cindy Mainieri Mr. & Mrs. Bret A. Miller* Mr. & Mrs. John Cunniff Ms. Jenny Ebel Mr. & Mrs. James J. Gierczak Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Heffington Ms. Alyssa Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kreutztrager Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mallow Mrs. Christina C. Miller Ms. Kathleen E. Cunniff Mr. & Mrs. George R. Ms. Heather Gilchrist Ms. Carrie Hefley Mr. & Mrs. James L. Johnson III Mr. John J. Kreutztrager Ms. Elizabeth Mallow Mr. & Mrs. James Miller Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Crull Edinger Sr.* Ms. Renee Gillispie Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hefley Ms. Ramona Johnson Mrs. Virginia I. Kreuzer Ms. Carol Mange Dr. Mark D. Miller & Mr. & Mrs. Patrick V. Cunniff Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Edwards* Dr. & Mrs. Barry S. Ginsburg Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Heitmann Mr. & Mrs. Henry O. Johnston Ms. Karen Krispin Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mansfield Dr. Nancy L. Weaver Mr. Galen L. Curran Mr. & Mrs. Robert Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Tony W. Giordano Ms. Sharien R. Heitmann Mr. & Mrs. David F. Jones Mrs. Betty Krouse* Mr. & Mrs. Rick Manson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Minogue* Mr. & Mrs. George C. Dacus Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Egyhazi Mr. & Mrs. William Gladson Mr. & Mrs. T.E. Hendricks Mr. Randy Jones Mr. & Mrs. John Krumrey Mr. & Mrs. Doug Manwarring Mr. Michael Mirkay Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Dalin Mr. & Mrs. John F. Eilermann Jr. Mr. & Mrs. A. Fuller Glaser, Jr. Ms. Joyce Hennessy Mr. & Mrs. John Jones Ms. Ashley Krupinski Mr. & Mrs. James M. Manwarring Mr. & Mrs. Tehmton S. Mistry Mr. Jim Dalton Dr. & Mrs. Jack F. Eisenbeis Mr. & Mrs. Steve Glazer Ms. Jane Q. Hense Mr. & Mrs. W. Shawn Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Kruszynski* Ms. Elizabeth Marti Mr. & Mrs. Donn R. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Daney Master Jackson Eisenhauer Mr. & Mrs. Stu Glazer Ms. Corless Hentz Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Joyce Ms. Mary Ann Kuhlmann Mr. Thomas E. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Leon D. Mittler Mr. & Mrs. Jon L. Danuser Mrs. Lorrie Ellis Mr. Mark Gloriod Mr. & Mrs. John Herrmann Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Judge Mr. & Mrs. William F. Kuhlmann Ms. & Mr. Mary J. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Mike Moeller Ms. Patricia J. Darnley Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Goddard Mr. Eric Hickerson Mr. & Mrs. Tom Judkins Mrs. Mary B. Kuhn Ms. Brittany Martin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Mohrmann Miss Anne Davis Ms. Rania Elsobky Ms. Kathleen Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hickerson* Mr. Larry Juern Mr. & Mrs. Jon J. Kullman Mr. & Mrs. Ken Marx* Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Monahan Ms. Kristina M. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Michael England* Mr. & Mrs. John C. Goessling Mr. & Mrs. Wendell P. Hill Ms. Robin Kalina Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. LaBelle Ms. Mary Mason Mr. & Mrs. Pat Monteleone Mr. Robert Davis Mr. & Mrs. Keith Esarey Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Garry S. Hitt* Mr. & Mrs. Kurt J. Kallaus Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lackey Mr. & Mrs. Tyler J. Mathews Ms. Lori Montrey Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Dan L. Esarey Mrs. Rose G. Goldberg Ms. Jennifer A. Hitt Mr. & Mrs. William D. Kane Mr. & Mrs. William Lackey* Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Matyi Mrs. Mary B. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Evra Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Goldenberg Ms. Joan Hochman Mr. Jason Kapayou Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Laiderman Dr. & Mrs. M. Michael Maurer, Jr.* Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Moore* Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Dean Ms. Carol Fallucco Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Goldfader Mr. Robert D. Hodes Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Kaplan* Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Lairmore Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mays* Ms. Sally Moore Mr. & Mrs. Tim Decker Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Farrell* Mr. & Mrs. Avi Goldfarb Mr. & Mrs. Jesse D. Hodges III Mr. Ryan Karasick Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Lander Ms. Alyssa Mazanec Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Moore Mr. Joe DeClue Mr. & Mrs. Bruce K. Fasterling Mr. & Mrs. Barry Goldstein Ms. Julie A. Hoerr Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Karcher Mr. & Mrs. David H. Landis Mr. & Mrs. John Mazzola Ms. Angela Morgan Mr. & Mrs. William J. Dedeke III Mr. & Mrs. Mike Favazza* Mrs. Harriet Goodman Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Hoffman Dr. & Mrs. Eliot J. Katz Mr. Leonard Landsbaum & Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. McAllister Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Morrow Ms. Jenn Delf Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fechner* Mr. & Mrs. Rahul Goturi* Mr. Daniel Hogan Ms. Janet Katz Mrs. Donna Moog Ms. Monica McAmish-Bahr Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Morse Captain & Mrs. Joseph Delia Mr. William Fechner Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Gournoe Mr. & Mrs. David Hogan Dr. Jennifer Kaufman Mr. Jon Lang Ms. Kari McAvoy Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Moss Ms. Caroline Denk Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Feldewerth Ms. Sonia Granados Ms. Cara Holdener Ms. Rhiannon P. Kaye Mr. & Mrs. John R. Langa Ms. Katie McCabe Mrs. Becky Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Denk* Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Ferguson Ms. Louise Green Dr. Nicholas Holekamp* Dr. & Mrs. William J. Keenan Mr. & Mrs. James Lansing Ms. Susan McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Doug Mullikin Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Denton* Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. Stan Gregowicz Ms. Kay E. Holekamp & Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Keller Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Lapp Mr. & Mrs. Dudley McCarter Ms. Zoe Mullenix Mr. & Mrs. Charles dePenaloza Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Fesler Ms. Sandy Griffin Ms. Laura Smale Dr. & Mrs. Brian Kelly Ms. Colleen Laughlin Mrs. Virginia McCloud Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Murdoch Mrs. Karen Detmer Miss Claire Finney Dr. & Mrs. Paul Grim III Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Holekamp* Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kennedy* Ms. Melva A. Lavery Ms. Cindy McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Terrence E. Murphy Mr. John Detwiler Mrs. Phyllis Fischer Ms. Deborah L. Grimes Mr. Craig & Dr. Abby Hollander Ms. Susan Kennedy Ms. Janey Lawson Ms. Debbie McCulloch Ms. Allison Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Detwiler* Mr. & Mrs. Tim P. Fischesser Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Gromadzki Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Hollway Ms. Valerie Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Layman Mr. & Mrs. Bill G. McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Muskopf Ms. Trish Detwiler Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzpatrick Mrs. Flavia Gronski Ms. Elaine Holtmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Dave Kersten Mr. Mark Leadlove & Ms. Marjorie McDermott Mr. & Mrs. William D. Myers Mr. & Mrs. David A. Deutsch Mr. George L. Fonyo Mr. & Mrs. Matt Gross Ms. Leann Horton Ms. Carrie Kettler Mrs. Tara Ricci Mr. & Mrs. Todd S. McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Nachman Ms. Jenna Deutschmann Ms. Anne Foss Mr. & Mrs. David S. Grossman Ms. Amy E. Howard Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kieffer Mr. Christopher G. Leahy Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McEvoy Mrs. Margie Nachman Ms. Maureen Deves Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Frank Mr. Michael Grossman Mr. & Mrs. William L. Howard Ms. Jane Killings Mr. Mark Leifield & Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. McGowan Mr. & Mrs. David Naert Mr. & Mrs. William O. DeWitt III Mr. & Mrs. Steve D. Frank Ms. Rae Gruenkemeyer Mr. & Mrs. John M. Howell Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Kincaid Mrs. Lynn Rowan Mr. & Mrs. Mark McGraw Mr. & Mrs. Joe Narsh Ms. Karen A. Dille Ms. Anne Frankenberger Ms. Martha I. Gruenkemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Hubble Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Kirschbaum Mrs. Lorraine Lemke Mr. Terry McGuire Mr. & Mrs. Virgil F. Naumann6 * denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society 7
  17. 17. Mr. Cory Nelson Mr. Brian Purlee & Mr. Daniel Schachtman & Mr. & Mrs. Jason Slavik Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Vallino Ms. Terri Wunderlich Personal Care Products, Inc. Give With Liberty – Liberty Mr. & Mrs. Tim Nenninger Dr. Suzanne N. L’Ecuyer* Ms. Ellen Marsh Mr. Doug Sliepen & Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Van Horn Ms. Leslie Yates Prospect Logistics Mutual Foundation Match Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Newberry Mr. & Mrs. John R. Quagliata Ms. Kimberly Schalk Ms. Angie Lantz* Mr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Van Sluys Mr. & Mrs. Dave Yeast RAI Insurance Group Lions Club Southside St. Louis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newett* Ms. Rebecca Quernheim Ms. Tracy Schaub Mr. & Mrs. F. Edward Smalley Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Vandegrift* Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Yee Rhodey Construction, Inc. Rechtin Family & Ms. Sarma Nibhanupudi Mrs. Rose Ragin Mr. & Mrs. David J. Schenberg Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Vierling Ms. Donna Yehling South County Pediatric Cosmetic Dental Care Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Tim E. Randolph Ms. Mary A. Schmedeke Mr. Reginald L. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Villarreal Ms. Leslie B. Yoffie Associates St. Louis A&R LLC Mr. & Mrs. Larry Niemann Mrs. Katie Raney Ms. Ann Schmitt Ms. Julie Smuckler Mr. Warren Vincent Ms. Lynette Young St. Louis Series of Lockton VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary #3944 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Niemeier Mr. Tim Rankin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Schmittdiel Mr. Steven K. Smull Mr. & Mrs. James J. Virtel Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Zaccarello Companies, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Vince J. Nolan Ms. Joyce Rebmann Mr. & Mrs. Tony Schmitz Ms. Suzanne Smyth Mr. & Mrs. John Vitale Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Zacheis Stock & Associates Consulting Ms. Patricia Noonan Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Reinhart Mr. & Mrs. Harvey G. Schneider Mr. Travis Snelling Mr. & Mrs. Andy Vogeli Mr. Joseph Zacher Engineers, Inc. TRIBuTES In hOnOR OF: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nord Mrs. Nancy L. Reis Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Schnur, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William W. Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Michael Volmert Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zadell Sunrise Medical Mr. & Mrs. Chris Novak Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Reisinger Jr.* Mr. Thomas Schoen Mr. & Mrs. Gary Solomon Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wade Mr. & Mrs. Larry Zelenovich Thompson Coburn LLP Ms. Vicki Novelli Ms. Kathy Reiss Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schuler Mr. James Sorbello Mr. David & Ms. Janet L. Zerr Truist Ms. Rebecca A. Novelli Mr. & Mrs. Jason W. Rekittke Dr. & Mrs. Edward H. Schwarz Mr. & Mrs. James Sosnoff Dr. Corinne Walentik Ms. Brenda Zilka United Healthcare Services, Inc. Karen Altmansberger Mr. & Mrs. James J. O’Connor III* Mr. Anthony Ricci Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. John Souris Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Walker Mr. Andy & Dr. Amy United Seating & Mobility LLC Ms. Lauri Tanner Chief & Mrs. Thomas P. Ms. Erika Ricci Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Schwartzman Mr. & Mrs. David Sprehe Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wesley T. Walker Zimmermann* United Way of Central & Mr. & Mrs. Ed Andrzejewski O’Connor Mr. Stephen E. Ricci Ms. Cheryl Schwegel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sprowls Ms. Mary A. Walsh Miss Marci Zimmerman Northeastern Connecticut Mr. & Mrs. David Andrzejewski Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Day Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Schweitzer Ms. Laura Stanton Mr. & Mrs. Tim Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Stanford Zimmerman United Way of Metropolitan Mr. & Mrs. Rich Anth Mr. & Mrs. John D. O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Riley* Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Schwendeman Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Staples Jr. Ms. Regina Walton Ms. Anne Zith Dallas, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Munsch Ms. Nancy O’Shea Mr. Leonard Robinson Mr. & Mrs. George Schwetz* Dr. & Mrs. Enrico Stazzone Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Ward Ms. Jessica Zorn US Bank Mr. & Mrs. Mike Aschoff Mrs. Sarah Oakley Dr. & Mrs. David B. Robson Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Schwetz* Mr. & Mrs. Karl Steinlage Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ward Mr. & Mrs. Augustine Zuniga Mrs. Virginia McCloud Ms. Daniele Obermark Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Rodeheaver Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Scully* Ms. Susanne Stephens Ms. Lorraine Ware Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Zwick Dr. Susan Bayliss Ms. Katie Ohlms Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rodemann Mr. Curtis Searcy Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Stephens Ms. Kathleen Waton FOunDATIOnS Diane Kruszynski – Ms. Margaret Oney Ms. Janine Roe Dr. & Mrs. Homer Sedighi Ms. Darlene Stoddard Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Wehrfritz D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Roeslein Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Seidel Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stroud Mr. & Mrs. John J. Weidner CORPORATIOnS Silas Bichler Dr. & Mrs. Michael Orgel Ms. Laura Roessler Mr. & Mrs. David P. Seifert Mr. & Mrs. Gordon V. Stuart Mrs. Frances Weier Ms. Margaret Williams Mr. Pat Origliasso Mrs. Evalyn S. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Fred S. Seigel Mrs. Mary Stumpf Ms. Britni Weindel Armarie B. Murphy Trust Mr. & Mrs. Lou Bonacorsi Mr. Gregory Ortlip Mr. & Mrs. John H. Rogers Ms. Kim Sellers Drs. Pedro & Rosa Suarez-Solar Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Weinstock Black Sheep Foundation Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Oswald Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Rogles Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sepe Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Suedkamp Ms. Michelle L. Weisberg ADESA St. Louis Employees Community Fund D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Ott III Mr. & Mrs. David Roither Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Sextro Mr. & Mrs. Michael Susic Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. Wellen Advantage Nursing Services of Boeing-St. Louis Dr. Terrance Bond Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Otto Mr. Micah Rose Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Shadow Jr.* Mr. & Mrs. Phillip R. Szyhowski Ms. Victoria Wells AmerenUE Harry Edison Foundation Qualy Network Office, Inc. Mr. Robert W. Overmann Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Rosenthal Mr. Bill Sharp Mr. Patrick Tanner Ms. Sherris S. Welsh ARCH Express Mark Joseph James Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Brucker Mr. Thomas W. Owens Mr. Robert & Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shasserre Ms. Candy Tate Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wetzel Bazan Painting Company The Fred M. Kemp Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Parent Dr. Debra Rosenthal Ms. Amy Shelton Mr. & Mrs. Bobby M. Tatum Mrs. Gloria P. White BKD, LLP PNC Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Mark Busch Ms. Kaci Pate Mr. Rand Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shelton III Ms. Keanna Taylor Ms. Kathleen White Brinkley Elite Painting LLC Sidener Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Patton Mrs. Ruth Rotter Mr. & Mrs. Steve Shelton Ms. Julie A. Taylor Mr. Richard White Brown Germann Enterprises, Inc. Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co., Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bussmann Mr. & Mrs. Allen Payne Mr. Glenn Roxas Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Sher Ms. Andrea M. Tebeau Dr. & Mrs. L.D. Whitlock C & R Mechanical Company Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Duane Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Payne Ms. Betty Rozier Mr. Raymond J. Sherrock & Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Tebeau Ms. Carolyn L. Whitmore Clayco Construction Variety the Children’s Bill Chambers Mr. & Mrs. David Peacock* Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rubin Ms. Susan M. Owens Ms. Linda Tedeschi Ms. Jill Wiethuchter Clinical Solutions JSC II, LLC Charity of St. Louis Ms. Patricia Chambers Ms. Angela L. Pearson Ms. Verina Ruiz Mr. & Mrs. Jay O. Shields Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James M. Terschluse Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wiethuchter Color Art Integrated Interiors, LLC Robyn Chambers Mr. Nick Peining Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Rupp Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Shifrin Ms. Eleanor G. Thomas Mr. Spence Wike Commerce Bank Ms. Patricia Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Peipert Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Ruvolo Ms. Sheila Shive Ms. Debbie Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wilcox Dave Sinclair Lincoln ORgAnIzATIOnS Mr. & Mrs. Barry Chapnick Mr. Edward Penn Mr. & Mrs. James W. Ryan, Jr. Rabbi & Mrs. Mark L. Shook Drs. Chris & Shilpa Thornton Ms. Mary Wildberger St. Peters and St. Louis Diane Kruszynski – Dr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Rick A. Short Mr. & Mrs. Dan Timmermann Mr. & Mrs. George F. Wilhelm, Jr. Delmar Gardens D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Larry Petri Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Sacchettini Mr. & Mrs. Gary Siddens Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Tinen Ms. Claire E. Williams Management Services Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Joel Picus Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sieckhaus Mr. & Mrs. Mike Todt Ms. Gail G. Williams Delta Dental of Missouri American Legion Auxiliary Diane Kruszynski – Ms. Michelle L. Piole Mr. & Mrs. James Sachs Ms. Valerie Siemer Mr. & Mrs. Trent E. Toone Mr. & Mrs. James J. Williams Edward Jones Thoman-Boothe Unit 338 D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. William R. Piper Mr. & Mrs. Gary Saettele Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Sigmund Ms. Patricia Tracy Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. AT&T United Way Employee Laura Cobb Mr. Thomas Plank Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Salerno Dr. Connie Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Chris Tracy Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan G. Williams Gershman Mortgage Giving Campaign Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Samuel Ms. Sheryl Simpson Mr. & Mrs. David S. Trani Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc. Cherry Pits Chapter of the D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Pollak Mr. & Mrs. Luis Sanchez Dr. & Mrs. Donald Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Ramon T. Trice Mr. & Mrs. Steve Winkler Image Building Products Red Hat Society Drs. Sesh & Pat Cole Mr. & Mrs. Roman Portnoi Ms. Susan A. Sangalli Mr. & Mrs. Dan Sinclair, Sr.* Mr. Ryan Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Winkler Kohl’s Department Stores Chesterfield Day School Diane Kruszynski – Mr. John K. Powers Mr. & Mrs. Brian Savlin Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sinclair, Jr. Mr. Cody Turco Ms. Ruth Wiseman Mack’s Auto Parts Cor Jesu Academy D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Pozzo Ms. Sarah Scaglione Mr. David Sinclair III Ms. Allison Turner Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wittkop* McCarthy Building De Smet Jesuit High School Ms. Amy Cordeal Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Priest Mrs. Carlin C. Scanlan Mr. & Mrs. James Sinclair* Ms. Annette Turner Mr. & Mrs. Clark Wolfsberger Companies, Inc. Departemental de Missouri Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Dr. & Mrs. Robert Profumo Mr. & Mrs. V. Richard Scarfino Mr. & Mrs. John Sinclair* Mr. John Uhl Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Wolosyk Metal Culverts, Inc. Grace Church Mr. & Mrs. Steve Cortopassi Mr. & Mrs. John Prosperi* Ms. Erin Schaefer Mrs. Patricia Sinclair Ms. Karoline Uhler Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Woodard MMS – A Medical Supply Knights of Columbus Council 11139 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sprowls Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Prosperi Mr. & Mrs. Vernon R. Ms. Jayne Singleton Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vacula Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Wooldridge Company Kodner Gallery Joseph Curran Mr. & Mrs. Lou Puricelli Schaeperkoetter Ms. Mary M. Sisul Mr. Todd M. Valdez Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Wrobel Overland Metals, LLC La Petite Salon No. 116, 8/40 Mr. Galen L. Curran8 * denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society 9
  18. 18. Hannah Rose Curry Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Holekamp Michael Moisio Master Jay’Shawn Simmons TRIBuTES In mEmORy OF: Joseph Ellis Walter Kramer Myrtle Moellering Mrs. Gloria White Diane Kruszynski – Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Larry King Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Batson Mrs. Margie Nachman D. Woods Mechanical, Inc. Yvette Dubinsky D.M.K. Fitness, LLC D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smith Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey Martha Kreutztrager Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Diane Kruszynski – Mrs. Elizabeth McRoberts Ron Moorehouse Diane Kruszynski – Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cunliff Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Batson D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Ken O’Day Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse D.M.K. Fitness, LLC K. W. Acord Nancy Ruth Engle Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Burke Ida Early The Holekamp Family The Mueller Family Barbara Spector Ms. Patricia Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Avi Goldfarb Kreutztrager Ms. Ellen Cunniff Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wolff Ms. Kimberly Mueller Diane Kruszynski – Henry Allen Harold Fedem Myrtle Kreutztrager Mr. & Mrs. John Cunniff D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Janet Hunsicker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newett D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bahr Mrs. Margie Nachman Mr. John Kreutztrager Ms. Kathleen Cunniff Erin Edwards Ms. Patricia Chambers Anonymous Frank Renick – Mary Kathryn Arnold Audrey Fields Don Krouse Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cunniff Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hunsicker Mr. & Mrs. Charles Newman Spectrum Pet Care, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Garry Hitt Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Day Ms. Bonnie Bacon Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Katherine Esarey Mr. & Mrs. Duane Patterson Diane Kruszynski – Mr. Doug Sliepen & Deborah Ball Bill Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Grant Bergmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey Mr. & Mrs. Avi Goldfarb Mr. & Mrs. Morton Hyman D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Angie Lantz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey Mrs. Phyllis Fischer Ms. Patricia Bifulco Mrs. Flavia Gronski Barbara Feliz Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Stan Nickels Donna Stauffer Lois Behm Sara Lewis Foust Mr. & Mrs. Thayne Bradford Mr. & Mrs. Richard Keller Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Dewall D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Patricia Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Don Krouse Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newett Ms. Sheri Burnett Ms. Melva Lavery Miss Claire Finney Becky Jackson Miss Samantha Raye O’Day Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer Douglas Nachman Byrnar Goodman Ms. Debi Coil Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Ms. Audrey Bulin Diane Kruszynski – Mrs. Virginia McCloud Mr. & Mrs. Don Stauffer James Blair III Mrs. Harriet Goodman Ms. Charleen Creamer Linnenbringer Masters Logan & D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Julie Parker Randy Stephan Ms. Lauri Tanner Paul Grim II Ms. Dee Genovese Mr. & Mrs. Dudley McCarter Will Fishcer Lamay Jaeger Mr. & Mrs. John Becvar Mr. Matt Palubiak Kenneth Bleich Dr. & Mrs. Paul Grim III Mr. & Mrs. A. Fuller Glaser, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Meler Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Bachich Diane Kruszynski – Kaci Pate Rachel Storch Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Goldfader Melba Harris Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hakel Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mihalich Mr. Darren Drexler D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Lauri Tanner Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Nachman Mr. & Mrs. William Kuhlmann Ms. Loretta Hanebrink Mr. & Mrs. Brett Moorehouse Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kelly Jones Mr. & Mrs. Ken Perko D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mrs. Margie Nachman Jack Heck Mr. & Mrs. William Hannah Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Morrow Puyear Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Loiterstein Lauri Tanner Harry Brinton Ms. Mary Ann Kuhlmann Mr. & Mrs. T.E. Hendricks Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth O’Day SPG Photography LLC Amy Kaiser Mr. Robert Posen Mr. & Mrs. James Bonzon Ms. Patricia Chambers Mildred “Betty” Heinle Mr. & Mrs. Brian Knop Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Mr. & Mrs. Dick Friedman Diane Kruszynski – Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Denton Joan Campoy Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Mrs. Betty Krouse Ms. Verina Ruiz Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Parent D.M.K. Fitness, LLC D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey Mrs. Betty Krouse Ms. Darlene Stoddard Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Lapp Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rupp Mollie Friedman Susan Kattula Families of Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer Willfred “Willie” Mr. & Mrs. Lee Letourneau Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schuler Rabbi & Mrs. Mark Shook Ms. Lauri Tanner Ranken Jordan Kids Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hickerson Elise Cummins-Smith Hettenhausen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Loyd Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sieckhaus Ms. Gerti Strauss Marcella Kemper Ms. Leann Horton Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newett Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Mr. & Mrs. Bill McDaniel Ms. Mary Sisul Maureen Gehrlein Ms. Mary Ann Kuhlmann Adinah Raskas D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Markel Isaiah Daniels Mr. & Mrs. Matt Gross Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino Ms. Lauri Tanner Ms. Lauri Tanner Valerie Kennedy Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Ken O’Day Mrs. Gloria White Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Payne Mr. & Mrs. George Prue Gershman Ms. Lauri Tanner D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Mark Russo Barbara Davis Eileen Hirsch Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rogles Wilhelm, Jr. Diane Kruszynski – Albert Keys Shari Riley Mrs. Gloria White Mr. & Mrs. George Dacus Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Nachman Ms. Susan Sangalli Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zacheis D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Pamela Granger Congregation Elizabeth Thornhill Brittany Day Britney Holmes Ms. Tracy Schaub Norman Nachman Miss Eunice Gibson Dr. & Mrs. David Kipnis Temple Israel Diane Kruszynski – Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Gromadzki Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stauffer Mrs. Margie Nachman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Diane Kruszynski – Erin Schaefer D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. DePree Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Linnear Ms. Lauri Tanner Vicki Lynn Nachman Chris Gills D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ms. Patricia Chambers Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vacula Mrs. Margie Nachman Mr. & Mrs. Myron Grills Master Ryan Kniffin Donna Schneider Vandervelde Jim Doyle Marian Huber Dr. & Mrs. L.D. Whitlock Olivia Nadler Ashley Gross Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Smith Ms. Martha Dyer Diane Kruszynski – Ms. Patricia Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Klein Ms. Brenda Zilka Mr. & Mrs. William Kuhlmann Mr. & Mrs. Don Krouse Helen Kornblum Beverly Schraibman D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Elizabeth Ehlers Lillian Hurwitz Lester Lamburg Tyrek Newson Gary Growe Diane Kruszynski – Diane Kruszynski – Susan Walker Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Brown Ascension Health Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Nachman Ms. Valerie Kennedy Diane Kruszynski – D.M.K. Fitness, LLC D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Katherine Waton Harold Ehrhard International Lighting Olivia Lansing Ms. Lauri Tanner D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Erma Lee Kurz Mr. & Mrs. Walter Schroeder Patricia Weier Ms. Mary Ann Kuhlmann Manufacturing Company Mr. & Mrs. Marty Carrow Norm Gold’s Mother Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Growe Ms. Patricia Chambers Diane Kruszynski – Mrs. Frances Weier Master Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Mark Altadonna Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Moore Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Loiterstein Diane Kruszynski – Angie Lantz D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Michael White Jacob Eidelman Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hubert Erin Larkin Martha Overmann D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Lauri Tanner Ryan Schulte Mr. Richard White Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Ms. Janet Katz Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. Robert Overmann Audrey Hanlon Mr. & Mrs. Norman Leve Mr. & Mrs. William Capstick Mr. & Mrs. William Wischmeyer Ms. Julie Smuckler Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kirschbaum Celeste Lemke Ryan Patrick Ms. Patricia Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Stan Gregowicz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ryan Diane Kruszynski – Evelyn Elkins Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kram Ms. Lauri Tanner Ms. Lynne Allenspach Dr. Oscar Hantz & Clark Litty Jaana Schweitzer D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Ms. Patricia Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Moss George Lisle John Phelan Dr. Shari Kaminksy Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Van Sluys Ms. Lauri Tanner Annie Wyatt Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Bliss Mr. Thomas Owens Ms. Evalyn Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Walter Guest Diane Kruszynski – Yvonne Logan Rachel Sheffield Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deady Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mr. & Mrs. John Rogers Jack Piper D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Walch Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Larry Yost Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hickerson Weinstock Dr. Jim LoPiccolo Mrs. Margie Nachman Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Henley Mr. & Mrs. Jack Masser Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shekany Mr. & Mrs. Robert McArthur Mr. Frank Jacobs & Mr. & Mrs. Augustine Zuniga Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goddard Laura Plank Ms. Doris Abrams Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Nachman Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Zerr Mrs. Marylen Mann James Julian Austin Luckett, Jr. Mr. Thomas Plank Jennifer Hitt Paige McGrady Master Devon Shelton Mr. & Mrs. James Farkas Ms. Kari McAvoy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moore Ms. Lauri Tanner Talon Prater Mrs. Ruth Rotter Mr. & Mrs. Wade McGrady Ms. Kimberly Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Billy Sue Kane Winton O. Meyer Ms. Lauri Tanner Dr. Nicholas Holekamp Drs. Gerald & Rabbi Mark L. Shook Ms. Darlene Stoddard Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Bob Duggan Mr. & Mrs. James Eager Henry Rallo Dr. & Mrs. William Becker Judith Medoff Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kessler Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Vandover Mrs. Carlin Scanlan Lucille Guller Krachmalnick Ms. Lauri Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cofman Diane Kruszynski – Judy Siegel Ralph Zerr Mr. & Mrs. Walter Shifrin Dr. & Mrs. Eliot Katz Frank Moellering Emily Ricucci Mr. & Mrs. Michael Downey D.M.K. Fitness, LLC Mrs. Margie Nachman Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Meyer Rabbi & Mrs. Mark Shook Mrs. Rose Ragin Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Linnenbringer Mr. & Mrs. Matt Orcino10 * denotes a member of the Mary Ranken Jordan Society 11