Change the way of Hiring (Career 2.0)


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Change the way of Hiring (Career 2.0)

  1. 1. Welcome toRankSheet for Employers
  2. 2. In a normal scenario, a recruiter gets resumes through various channels as given below:
  3. 3. Resumes sourced from each channel require a lot of man hours spent on screeningto understand the suitability of the profile.
  4. 4. After spending a lot of man hours on screening the resumes, the recruiter identifiesonly a few suitable profiles. Suitable candidates are called for an in-person interview.
  5. 5. In most of the cases, Hiring manager / HR finds that the candidate’s credentials, skills& real time experience mentioned in the resume are different from what the candidatereally possesses.
  6. 6. In a Normal ScenarioRecruiters get all kinds of resumes and it is a time consuming job to filter resumes manually.Even the filtered resumes doesn’t reflect the real potential of the candidates.Fresher / Experienced candidates tend to use third part resume writers. They pay money and get adecorated resume easily. These resumes may or may not reflect the real skills of the candidate.Most of the experienced candidates prepare resumes using their co-worker / superior’s resumetemplate. So there are chances of copying the project / skill details from these templates which maynot be suitable to the candidate.Recruiters spend a lot of time sourcing, screening resumes received from channels, calling suitablecandidates for interview, scheduling interviews, participating in interviews. But when the candidategets rejected, the whole effort goes to vain.Recruiters have to again start from scratch by spending a lot of time on the recruitment life cycle.
  7. 7. Resumes are deadIn a latest survey conducted by, it is understood that most of the resumes aremanipulated and dead.The survey says that candidates tend to lie in the resume and interviewer wastes lot of his timeinterviewing the wrong candidates.A common HR complaint is that there is a vast gap between the resume and the real capabilityof the foresee that in another 2-10 years of time, candidate resumes will be replaced byOnline Presence.Most of the companies screen more than hundred resumes to select only two. This happensbecause the real capabilities are not reflected in the resume.Resume dependency has came down a lot and HR recruiters have lost faith in this concept.Screening resumes are no more a filtering option for the recruiter.
  8. 8. Introduction of RankSheet for Employers• Nil Paper work.• Set Customized or Own Exam questions for each Subject / Skill.• As many candidates as required can take the assessment simultaneously as it is aSaaS model.• Full admin control for the employer account to find / organize the candidate andrecruitment team reports.• Very minimal monitoring required .• Saves lot of time on manual efforts.
  9. 9. How it works Job post Placement response VendorsInternal / External In-house resume Headhunting /references database Networking Campus Hiring Social Media and Campus Others Hiring Resumes Suitable Filtered Resumes Skill Assessment Sent to the Employer
  10. 10. Time is Valuable Productive working hours are valuable for the hiring manager and the company. UsingRankSheet’s Employer Model, candidates can take assessment exams with minimal supervision.Rather than meeting all the candidates, hiring manager can spend his / her valuable time on thesuitable candidates alone.
  11. 11. Qualitative results As the recruiter gets only filtered and suitable resumes, the hit ratio of interview to selection and offer to joining goes up in short span of time with least manual effort.
  12. 12. In a RankSheet ScenarioUsing RankSheet’s Employer Model, recruiters don’t face the pain of running through each and every resume.RankSheet converts all the manual screening work to an automated process.Every Consultant / Corporate gets a Freemium account to post job openings and perform candidateassessment and resume search. Applicants are asked to write an online assessment exam on the subjects /skills created by the employer.Employers can choose to ask the pre defined questions or they can host their own questions online.This will help recruiters to estimate the real skill / ability of the job applicants. It will find the gap between theresume and real caliber of the candidate.Only filtered suitable resumes with candidate’s assessment result will reach the recruiter’s desk. Recruitersaves lot of his manual screening time.It does the initial candidate assessment and only filtered candidates can be called for in-person interview.Rather than meeting hundred candidates and finding two as suitable, RankSheet assess the suitablecandidate automatically and sends it to the recruiter’s view.For outstation candidate, it saves the initial travelling, boarding costs for the employer.
  13. 13. In a RankSheet ScenarioHiring manager can recheck with the candidate on the approach of the assessment questions.Candidate can write exams from anywhere and recruiter gets assessments instantly.Assessments are time bound and questions are randomized and this to a large extent minimizes thepossibility of proxying.Recruiter can also search the existing RankSheet resume database and choose to interview thequalified candidates for the job opening.Recruiter can also assess the candidate by asking them to fill the ‘Self Rating, How am I different? andSolutions’.Candidate can self rate their skills, describe how they are different from others and mention the realtime problem they had faced & how they had solved in the solutions. Posted solutions are rated by theRankSheet candidates.
  14. 14. RankSheet Services• Free Career Page –• Job posts and Assessments• Automatic Assessment• Manage Responses not e-mails• Find Rated Profiles• Private Online Exam• Like to work• Hiring Team Collaboration• Unified Solution• Tailored for every one RankSheet services are available in both free and paid model.
  15. 15. Compare yourself with your present and RankSheet hiring methods… Hiring is no more a Burden Throw your sick hiring methods now..!!!
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