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Souvenir store

  1. 1. IIT GUWAHATISouvenir StoreRanju K Ravindran10020533Guide: Manoj Majhi Assistant Professor
  2. 2. What are Souvenirs?
  3. 3. Souvenir StoreThe main idea of the project was to create aset of souvenir items that can be sold througha single outlet in the campus of IIT Guwahati.The idea was to create aesthetically pleasing,useful daily life items that represents theidentity of IIT Guwahati, which anyone visitingthe campus can buy from a common outletand take back with them to cherish thememory of visiting the campus. But since thecampus already have a lot of merchandise tosell, be it the cultural/technical fest t-shirts orother items, we were actually lacking acommon outlet to market and sell all theproducts under one roof giving each of themthe much needed attention that they deserve.So the idea of Souvenir Store was born, thenand there.
  4. 4. AimCreate a Souvenir Store- a shop where all themerchandise related to IIT Guwahati can bedisplayed and sold to anyone who is residing inthe campus or visiting the campus. The idea isto promote the products through a distinctivebranding method, and an innovative displayidea that have not yet been reached to theshops of IIT Guwahati.The campus has a great potential in marketingand selling a lot of products as it inhabits acouple of thousand people. Also the shop canserve as a cultural exchange centre, wherepeople visiting the campus can explore thecampus and the North-East India.
  5. 5. Objectives1. Innovative display techniques2. Promote the brand IIT/IITG3. Aesthetically appealing4. Minimalistic Design5. Putting Customer first6. Innovative products7. Update to trends8. Providing options (buyer & seller)9. Avoid negative promotion
  6. 6. Design MethodologiesA seven step design methodology was adapted for early completion and smooth running of theproject. A detailed time line was sketched out in order to make it possible to be completed withinthe single semester time schedule.The seven steps of design are- Research Modelling Requirements Refinement Framework Finishing Delivery & Support
  7. 7. Timeline25.07.12 Define the problem statement29.7.12 Literature Review1.8.12 Study the perception and practicality. Decide the analytic techniques8.8.12 Study based on Convergence, Divergence, Transformation and Sustainability22.8.12 Analysis of Literature obtained29.8.12 Data assimilation, preparing questionnaires, Conducting user interviews/surveys4.9.12 Analyse the user survey12.9.12 Finalise the deliverable26.9.12 Drawing the deliverable Preparing story boards17.10.12 Developing the deliverable in 3D31.10.12 User testing
  8. 8. User Survey- Questionnaire• Do you love shopping in a Store rather than buying something online? Yes/No/Depends, on the product• Would you prefer to go to a shop whose colour, architecture and interior attracts you? Yes/No/Depends, on the products• Are you satisfied with the current system of selling/distributing various merchandises in the campus? Yes/No/Don’t know• Which items mentioned below, are you most likely to buy from the campus Souvenir Store? T-shirts/Sweatshirts/Hats Handbag/Backpack Diary/Pen Photos/Albums Sculptures Others• What other items can you think of, that you would like to have on our Campus Souvenir Store?
  9. 9. User Survey- Analysis
  10. 10. User Survey- Analysis
  11. 11. Design Diagrams
  12. 12. Final Design
  13. 13. Future of Souvenir Store Front ViewIn the future, when people will be moreacquainted with the idea of Souvenir Storethere are many improvements/changes thatcan be employed to the idea to make it moreinteractive and user friendly.One of the concept designs where in userinteraction is managed by a system whichmanages all the data regarding storing, buying,selling of the goods is shown here. Isometric ViewThe users can buy goods using their identitycards/smart cards given to them which takescare of the payment. This system can greatlyhelp in reducing human effort andmaintenance of the store. The store willfunction 24×7 without any glitch.
  14. 14. References