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PPT on mechatronics

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  1. 1. Topic: Mechatronics Presented by  Gaurav Mohanty.  M. Sri Ranjitha.
  2. 2.  Definition. Over View. Origin of Mechatronics. Designing Mechatronic system. Applications. Phoenix. Robots. Merits and Demerits. Conclusion.
  3. 3. “Mechatronics is the synergisticcombination of precision mechanicalengineering, electronic control andsystems thinking in the design ofproducts and manufacturing processes.”Example: Use of Home appliances, toys…..etc.“The portmanteau ‘Mechatronics wascoined by Ko Kikuchi, the seniorengineer of the Japanese companyYasakawa in 1969.”
  4. 4. Origin of Mechatronics:  Technological advances in design, manufacturing and operation of engineered products/devices /processes can be traced through: o Industrial revolution. o Semiconductor revolution. o Information revolution.
  5. 5. DESIGN OF MECHATRONIC SYSTEM: Replacement of Mechanical part by Electronic component like piezo electronic actuator. Replacing Analogue measurement system for inputs by sensors. Instead of using bimetallic temperature switches, a micro processor based thermo diode sensors can do on/off function. Mechatronics approach has redefined and accurate result output as compared to crude and inaccurate readings of traditional analogue systems with mechanical design in total.
  6. 6.  Automation and Robotics. Servo Machines. Automotive Engineering E.g.: anti lock braking system.Expert Systems. Industrial goods. Transportation and vehicular systems. Mobile applications.
  7. 7. Phoenix: o Phoenix was a robotic spacecraft on a space exploration mission on Mars under the Mars Scout Program. The Phoenix Lander des cended on Mars on May 25, 2008. Mission scientists used instruments aboard the Lander to search for environments suitable for microbial life on Mars, and to research the history of water there.
  8. 8. ROBOTS: A Robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligent agent that can perform tasks automatically or with guidance typically by a remote control. It is usually an electro mechanical machine that is guided by computer and electronic programming. E.g.: NAO, ASIMO, TOPIO.
  9. 9. Merits and Demerits Merits Demerits Enhanced features and  Different expertise required. functionality.  Increase in component failures. Precision control.  Increased power requirements. More efficient.  Lifetimes change/vary. Lower cost.  Real-time More reliable. Calculations/Mathematical Models Smaller.  Improper use of applications may lead to several loses.
  10. 10. Conclusion:Mechatronics play a vital role in forming theplatform for advancements in emergingtechnologies.