Star CJ Alive_2011 quarter plan


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Star CJ Alive_2011 quarter plan

  1. 1. Star CJ Alive Next 3 months strategy plan
  2. 2. Updates, Tweets & Promotional activity will be based on following categories: • • • • • • Current Affairs Polls Humor/Fact/Trivia Video Viraling Informative updates Open end questions /fill in the blanks
  3. 3. • Current Affairs:  Ganesh Utsav (1st Sep – 11th Sep)  Navratri (28th sep – 6th Oct)  Diwali (October month)  Upcoming movies  Famous Birthdays • Video viraling: seeding of YouTube video & Star CJ shared videos • Humor/Fact/Trivia • Polls
  4. 4. • Open end Question / Fill in the blanks:  One of today's special at was our collection of Zaveri Jewelry . So here's a fill in the blank for you: If I had a Zaveri pearl, I would pair it with my _________ because its __________ and _________ :) • Informative updates:  Digital gadgets - Tech Crunch latest updates & ET Articles
  5. 5. • 1. 2. Tab: Shopping at STAR CJ My Star CJ Space! • 1. 2. 3. Applications: Picture puzzle application: Scramble Squares! Sitaron Ka khel: Playing with STAR’s!! Star CJ Contest: “Like” what you really LIKE. • 1. 2. Quiz: Are you a smart shopper?? Find out your spending style
  6. 6. Tab 1: Shopping at STAR CJ Objective: Is to drive Sales & Traffic to Star CJ Website • This Tab will showcase top Star CJ products • Facebook Fans will get an options to view all the available products on the Tab
  7. 7. Tab 1: Shopping at STARCJ
  8. 8. Tab 2: My Star CJ Space Objective: To get feedback from the users What users can do is:  Ask question  Share an idea  Report a problem  Give Praise
  9. 9. Tab 2: My Star CJ Space
  10. 10. Facebook Application 1: Picture Puzzle Name: Scramble Squares! Goal: To get more Fans & engagement on the Star CJ Fan page Duration: 1st September – 11th September (Ganesh Utsav) Mechanism: 1. Like the Page 2. Unscramble the given Brand’s/ product image 3. Upload your picture / select from Facebook album & unscramble it 4. Share it with your friends 5. Post it on your wall. Frequency over the prize distribution: Once on the last day of the contest.
  11. 11. Unscramble the Scrambled product Image
  12. 12. Star CJ Product: D‘damas Ganesha pendent Rs.6,400
  13. 13. Facebook Application 2: Jackpot Face Name: Sitaron Ka khel / Playing with STAR’s Goal: To increase sales by providing discounts to the users Concept: Fans are given chance to spin the wheel, once they start spinning it will aid them to earn points (discounts) Mechanism: 1. Spin now 2. Jackpot Face 3. Share Winnings 4. Rewards Frequency over the prize distribution: Once on the last day of the contest
  14. 14. Facebook Application 2: Sitaron Ka khel / Playing with STAR’s
  15. 15. Facebook Application 3: Star CJ Contest Name: “Like” what you really LIKE!! Goal:  To get more engagement on the Fan page.  To highlight the WINNER over the Fan page. (make him / her the STAR of Star CJ) Concept: To showcase your fans desired product on the fan page. Here the most voted fan gets a chance to win an exclusive hamper . It will be incorporated during festive season when there are more hot buys. Mechanism of spinning:  Register & upload they’re most desired product  Result: Star CJ can gratify the users with Gift Voucher / discount coupon
  16. 16. Show us your most desired item (any product) that never lets you down. The most voted item of the fan wins an exclusive hampers!
  17. 17. Star CJ Quiz: Questions for each of the quiz are planned 1. Are you a smart shopper?? 2. Find out your spending style Objective: To popular this user friendly application & to generate more engagement over the Fan Page.
  18. 18. Video View Plan  Videos are optimized & uploaded to all video sites  Appropriate & catchy Titles, Tags & Descriptions Optimization Titles Descriptions Tags
  19. 19. Online Video Analytics Yrals Proprietary Tool
  20. 20. Twitter Plan:Objective: To build Star CJ as a strong brand using Twitter Idea: Ask followers to tweet @starcj where they can get paid for the same. We can also restrict the Followers to certain criteria. For better understanding check: Given keywords will be used as # tweets • • • • • • Online Buying Shopping online Zero Interest Pay later Shop now Pay online • • • • • • Easy EMI Delivery Fashion HDFC TV shopping Free shipping
  21. 21. Facebook & Flickr: To get human sight to Star CJ Idea: Delighting customers on delivery of Purchased Products and showcasing the same on Social Media Execution: 1. Sending a Star CJ executive along with the Delivery Van & a camera to capture expressions 2. Video / image content of the user will be manifested on social media properties
  22. 22. Facebook Fans • Objective: To achieve the target for 10,000 fans a month • Idea: To reach 50,000 Fans till Christmas month & accordingly create an interactive Tab or may be an application
  23. 23. • • • • September Month: Ganesh Utsav Picture puzzle application: Scramble Squares! My Star CJ Space! • • • • October Month: Navratri (starting from 28th sep) Star CJ Contest: “Like” what you really LIKE. Tab 1: Shopping at STAR CJ (start of Diwali so that Users can avail on festive discounts) • November & December Month: • Diwali , Christmas & New year • Sitaron Ka khel: Playing with STAR’s!! • Can also have any one of the quiz: 1. Are you a smart shopper?? 2. Find out your spending style
  24. 24. Thank You Manager – Client Servicing 8082110274