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ContentStrategy_ July2011

  1. 1. Content Strategy Plan of July SOCIAL MEDIA PROPERTIES
  2. 2. Content Strategy Plan 1. Video Activation for Star CJ a. Video Content of Star CJ to be promoted and Viralled b. Relevant and contextual content that can be seeded on Facebook to build Engagement 2. On ground Event Activation – Providing delight to customers during the delivery of their purchased product to their destination 3. Calendar strategy for Facebook & Twitter a. Katrina Kaif’s birthday – 16th July b. Priyanka Chopra’s birthday – 18th July 4. Promotion around Star CJ Anniversary
  3. 3. 1. Video Activation For Star CJ A. Video Content of Star CJ to be promoted and viraled Sample Content from Star CJ 1. 2. 3. 4. Promo’s Demo Videos Product Videos Demo Videos Concept: The idea is to provide Video content of Products available with the Star CJ Network to make it available with users and customers on Social Media (Specifically on YouTube and Facebook) Execution: Idea 1: The most viewed video of the week (Popular Video for the week) Idea 2: Video of the most Purchased product for the week Idea 3: Create a dedicated video Tab for highlighting discounts
  4. 4. Star CJ content videos to be promoted and Viralled Result: 1. Star CJ Content being viraled amongst its users 2. Higher Engagement and Interactivity on the Properties (YouTube and Facebook)
  5. 5. B. Relevant and Contextual Video Content Concept: Posting engaging content that is relevant to the Brand and useful to its audience Execution: Examples of such videos 1. How to connect your laptop to your television 2. How to bake a cake in 5 minutes
  6. 6. Ex. Update: Is it possible to bake a chocolate cake in 5 minutes? Result: Increase Interaction amongst the users
  7. 7. Result: Higher Engagement and Interactivity level, due to curiosity among Star CJ users.
  8. 8. 2. Unboxing Interactivity: On-ground activity • Concept: Delighting customers on delivery of Purchased Products and showcasing the same on Social Media (Facebook and YouTube) • Execution: 1. 2. 3. Sending a Star CJ executive along with the Delivery Van with a video to capture expressions Video / Photo content of the user will now be available for use on FB and YouTube Creative Tab can be made to showcase the video’s while every update can be posted using the Image
  9. 9. On ground Event Activation Star CJ van to be used on the delivery of the product
  10. 10. On ground Event Activation Capture the users delightful expressions & accordingly mark the presence in social engagement.
  11. 11. 3. Calendar strategy for Facebook & Twitter • Concept: Highlighting the importance of Celebrity Birthdays, in connection to Star CJ products . • Ex.1 Katrina Kaif for products like Pantene & Olay. 2 Priyanka Chopra for Nokia. • Execution: Basically to Engage in Popularity 1. Sending Birthday Wishes /updates/ tweets: specially from Star CJ Alive. 2. Retweet / Replying to the number of likes & comments. 3. Birthday Offer (10% value back) on these specific product.
  12. 12. To Engage in Popular Fan page
  13. 13. Last 10 days promotion strategy plan on star CJ anniversary would be discussed further
  14. 14. Thank You