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Sponsorship Pricing for Connecting Bloggers and Brands Canada Cross Canada Blogging Conference

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Sponsorship deckconnectingbloggersandbrandsmarch11

  1. 1. WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT we connect bloggers & brands• Is not about teaching bloggers how to blog better• Focuses on the business of blogging• It’s the only conference with a mission of finding better ways for brands and bloggers to work together• Gives Brands a more targeted spend of sponsorship dollars
  2. 2. CROSS CANADA BLOGGING CONFERENCE First Stop Vancouver WHERE VanCity Theater, Vancouver, BC WHEN Tuesday April 30, 2013, 10:00am - 4:00pm WHY We want to organize events for bloggers who want to work with brands Save the Date!
  3. 3. NEXT STOPS Calgary to Halifax• We plan on visiting Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Toronto and Halifax• Additional cities will be added if we can get a minimum number of bloggers• The number of bloggers that sign up for each city will determine the actual schedule and cost of sponsorship Calgary, AB Winnipeg, MB Halifax, NS Regina, SK Toronto, ON
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS Local blogging team in each city• We will have a local group of bloggers organizing each event (team leader and conference ambassadors)• The organizing team will promote the conference to local bloggers• Local Bloggers who want to work with brands will sign up• Sponsors will be contacted about the opportunity in that city• The local conference date is set up• The brands who are interested in those local bloggers will sponsor the event• Bloggers will connect with local and national brands on a personal level
  5. 5. 6 Reasons to Sponsor CB&B1. Blogger Community Support: Participating in the conference validates that your Brand recognizes that the blogging community is important and puts your brand in the forefront with an engaged, active community.2. Blogger selection: It’s the only conference where bloggers apply to attend and are selected based on sponsor requirements.3. Eager audience: these bloggers want to work with brands.4. Immediate Brand Promotion: These bloggers are motivated and want to work with your brand. The real-time mentions and tweets across a variety of social media will generate real-time buzz in advance of the conference.5. Hands-on experience: Leverage the conference and get real-time, face to face feedback. Agenda focused on creating a dialogue with bloggers and brands/agencies.6. Build your blogger list: get a list of all bloggers attending the conference including blog traffic and their social footprint
  6. 6. 1. BLOGGER COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Your sponsorship will speak volumes• By sponsoring the Connecting Bloggers and Brands conference you are letting all bloggers know that they are important.• Whether you work with them directly or meet them at the conference, you will leave a lasting impression of your brand - one that may generate immediate mentions, increased brand exposure and future good will - with invested bloggers.• Generate respect for your brand because you’re letting bloggers know that you WANT to connect with them and that you want to hear from them first-hand.• It’s the only conference with a mission of finding better ways for brands and bloggers to work together
  7. 7. 2. BLOGGER SELECTION: bloggers selected based on sponsor requirements• Goal is to open up the conference to Bloggers who want to work with brands• In Vancouver we estimate that 100 bloggers will register to attend for FREE as our VIP guests.• These bloggers know who you are and WANT to work with you to promote your brand and your messaging.• In other cities, Brands will know in advance who is attending and be able help us pre-select bloggers you are interested in engaging with. (depending on your sponsorship level)
  8. 8. 3. EAGER AUDIENCE: These bloggers WANT to work with brands• #1 qualifier to attend this conference- bloggers want to work with brands (in fact bloggers have to agree to it as part of the terms of applying to attend).• Brands are only sponsoring bloggers who WANT to work with them.• These bloggers want to learn how to work with you better!
  9. 9. 4. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Content that fosters relationships• Agenda that fosters ample opportunity to start building relationships (or nurture existing relationships).• Our Agenda includes: – Working with Brands via PR Agencies – What brands want from bloggers – What Bloggers want from Brands• Lots of networking time
  10. 10. 5. HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE: Leverage the conference and get real-time, face-to-face feedback• Unlike any other conference you’ll attend! This conference is designed to give you hands-on experience and exposure to bloggers, in an intimate setting.Your Brand will:• Identify and develop direct relationships with bloggers who are motivated to build relationships with your brand.• Influence first-hand what these bloggers think about your brand.• Understand how the world of bloggers is changing• Make a personal Impression on these bloggers. Face-to-face contact will help solidify understanding and develop your (outside) voice..what better way to get them to personally connect with your brand!
  11. 11. 6. BUILD YOUR LIST OF BLOGGERS:• Receive a database of all bloggers who want to work with you BEFORE the conference• Bloggers will be ranked into 3 tiers based on their experience• Get to meet 3 tiers of bloggers (newbies, tier 2 and tier 1 bloggers) and learn how to work with each tier
  12. 12. Sponsorship Opportunities• Our Sponsors include: Telus, Canadian Beef, Ultima Foods (iogo brand) and Chicken Farmers of Canada.• Our Title and Gold sponsorships have already sold out. We have limited sponsorships remaining: – Silver: 2 sponsorships – Bronze: 5 sponsorships – A La Carte sponsorships
  13. 13. Vancouver Sponsorship DetailsDetails Title Gold Silver Bronze $5,000 $2,500PRE-CONFERENCE MARKETING• Exclusivity: no competing companies offered sponsorship X X X X X• Brand Logo on all conference material, conference website X x x X• Logo placement in pre-event marketing materials x• Pre-conference brand email message to attendeesMEDIA• Included in press release X x x x X Sold Sold• Quote in press release out outCONFERENCE DAY BENEFITS• Speaking at Event X X 5 4 3 2• Tickets to conference X X X X• 6 foot sponsor table X X X X• Insert products into conference swag bagPOST CONFERENCE BENEFITS• Attendee directory X X X X X• Lead sponsor in post conference twitter party X• Premium logo placement in post event email campaigns
  14. 14. Vancouver Themed SponsorshipsDetailsOfficial Automotive Sponsor TBD• We are looking for an automotive sponsor to shuttle our attendees to and from eventsOfficial Technology Sponsors TBD• We are looking for an official technology Sponsor that will power all of the Technology at the conferences and of the conference teamOfficial Beauty Sponsor TBD• We are looking for an official beauty sponsor to makeover the attendees and take professional head shots We are happy to create a custom themed sponsorship for your brand. Give us the opportunity to come up with a great activation for your brand!
  15. 15. A La CarteOpportunities SponsorshipPRE-CONFERENCE TWITTER CHATS ON HOW TO BLOG BETTER• 8pm chats about helping bloggers better monetize their blogs - 6 in total $ 500 per chatPRE-CONFERENCE PARTY SPONSOR• Help kick off the conference by hosting a party for attendees $ 5,0000 (multiple brands can contribute)MEALS SPONSOR• Breakfast sponsor $ 1,500• Lunch sponsor $ 2,500• Afternoon break sponsor $ 1,500• Cocktail reception sponsor $ 2,500Swag Bag Sponsor(s)• Insert products into the conference swag bag $ 500
  16. 16. So What Are You Waiting For?Limited opportunities left for Vancouver! We would love to build a custom sponsorship package like we have for Telus, Ultima Foods, Chicken Farmers and Canada Beef. Rania Walker 647-727-0964 ext 2 rania@connectingbloggersandbrands.com http://connectingbloggersandbrands.com http://twitter.com/bloggers_brands
  17. 17. Thank you!