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This document gives you a duplicable way of success in MVT

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Roadmap To Success V4

  1. 1. Roadmap To Success IMPORTANT INFORMATION Full Name : _________________________________________________________ MVT ID# : _________________________ Date Of Joining : _____/____/20______ CONTACT DETAILS OF LINE OF SPONSORS SPONSOR Name : ____________________________ Contact Number : ________________ Email : _____________________________________________________________ MENTOR Name : ____________________________ Contact Number : ________________ Email : _____________________________________________________________ BRONZE Name : ____________________________ Contact Number : ________________ Email : _____________________________________________________________ PRESIDENT’S WEEKLY CLUB MEMBER Name : ____________________________ Contact Number : ________________ Email : _____________________________________________________________ WEEKLY MVT BUSINESS BRIEFING Day : ______________________________ Time : _________________________ Venue : ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  2. 2. WELCOME TO MYVIDEOTALK Congratulations on making the most significant decision you have ever made in your life! You’ve chosen one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the world today, to help you develop a significant supplemental income, or even achieve complete financial freedom. Either way, you have shown yourself to be a leader, someone who isn’t happy with mediocrity and the herd / rat race mentality, someone who knows that there is a better way to live life. You’ve just discovered the path to that life! MyVideoTalk is a new breed of Network Marketing organization, and we have already started re-writing history in this industry. MyVideoTalk has proven that a fresh product idea, an innovative approach to compensation, and a strong support structure offer you the chance to accomplish great things. The Network Marketing profession has grown dramatically in the 70-plus years of its existence. Today the business is conducted in more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 56 million people participating in it; the global sales have now exceeded $120 billion annually. (Source: Direct Selling Association.) What started off as a Small Business model in 1939 is now the world’s second largest Industry!! Along the way the Network Marketing industry has attracted the attention and praise of the business community and financial press, and thus truly emerging as a free enterprise system where people can attain real financial freedom without a large investment. And MyVideoTalk has emerged as one of the leading companies, helping to create this reality for those who dream of a better life. This handbook will help you launch your business in a quick, focused, and profitable manner, utilizing the same methods that our top earners have tested and proven. It will help you avoid some of the common mistakes many beginners make. You will learn how to accelerate your journey to success in your MyVideoTalk business. During your initial phase, it is critical that you should strictly follow the outlines given in this handbook. Success always comes to those who are teachable and willing to put into practice what they have learned. And please, you can question things later. Right now you are brand new in this business and we want you to have the most success. What you are going to read here are the proven and time- tested “best practices” that work. So we ask you to complete the steps in this plan exactly as described, and then you will be ready to tread the path that leads to success – a path that has the footprints of the biggest earners in MyVideoTalk. To be successful, it is essential that you should take your MyVideoTalk business seriously. Just because you have not invested lakhs and crores of Rupees in your MyVideoTalk business doesn’t mean that you can not earn an income greater than that of many of the top entrepreneurs in the world. If you run your business like a Page 2 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  3. 3. hobby, you will get a hobby income. But if you run it like a serious business and you can earn lifestyle-changing income. Do not talk to anyone about your new business until your have finished the basic training. It is necessary that you do not try to explain MyVideoTalk until after you know what to say and what tools to use in the process. For now, just write the name and contact information of anyone you can think of in the space provided in the 48-Hour Assignment in this handbook. The important point to remember is that you should not pre-judge a person while making this list. There are several things necessary for success in MyVideoTalk. But points of greater interest are some of the things / characteristics many people think they need to be successful in MyVideoTalk business—but actually they do not need them for success in this business. Here are five such things / characteristics: THE FIVE THINGS YOU DON’T NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN MYVIDEOTALK. . . 1. BIG EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS Thousands of people have been successful in MyVideoTalk without the benefit of college degrees. Some of our top leaders in this industry did not even finish high school! Since MyVideoTalk is so unlike traditional business, the rules of game are different here. It’s quite possible, actually quite common, to build a large successful organization without having any big educational credentials or degrees. If you have a degree, or even a few, great! Just know that this is not a requirement for success in MyVideoTalk. 2. PREVIOUS NETWORK MARKETING EXPERIENCE You do not have to have any experience, either in Network Marketing or in any other profession / occupation, to reach success in MyVideoTalk. In fact, the secret of success in MyVideoTalk is to shed all pre-conceived notions and just learn and follow our simple system to be successful. Your sponsorship line has already “hacked through the jungle” and created a path for you to follow. They have learned the best practices for business building, and discovered the mistakes that should be avoided. By using the experience of those who came before you, you are able to reach success much faster. We have put a step-by-step system in place, developed the infrastructure to support the system, and created a training program on how to get the best results from both system and support. We already have people who have reached the prestigious ranks of Diamond, and above even though they came into MyVideoTalk with no experience. If you are teachable and willing to follow the system, you can achieve success in MyVideoTalk. Page 3 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  4. 4. 3. APPROVAL OF OTHERS One of the sad truths of life is that not everyone is ready for success. Of course mostly everyone will tell you that they want to be successful. But unfortunately some people are content to be “Professional victims” and make excuses why success will not come their way. Don’t be surprised to find that some of your friends and family members will not join the business, and may even disparage you for doing so. It’s unfortunate, but some people feel the need to attack those who are striving for more out of life. After all, if you reach success, it takes away their excuses for why it will not work for them. They will regale you with horror stories of people (including themselves) who tried some business and failed, and give you all kinds of reasons why MyVideoTalk will not work for you. It is best to give these “well-meaning” souls a wry smile, thank them for their input. Be strong in your own self resolve, and stay focused on what is right for you. Always remember that People who achieve something in life never follow the example of the guys who failed. Successful people take inspiration from other successful people – and successful people are aplenty in MyVideoTalk. Some times, the hardest presentation you ever give might be to a family member or best friend. Sometimes, you just can not be a prophet in your own home town. (This is why you will learn how to use third party tools later). At other times, you will find close friends or families with three generations in the business and it provides a wonderful opportunity to work together toward success. You do not need the approval of anyone, except yourself. Sometimes even your spouse or significant other may not approve of your MyVideoTalk business. This is actually a frequent initial response, but we’ve seen thousands of people who have built huge businesses without the help of their spouse / other family members. However, do not be surprised once you qualify for a free California trip, Australian cruise, or / and other MyVideoTalk leadership rewards, most of your friends and relatives will come on board enthusiastically and things really take off! 4. ADVICE FROM OTHERS Often a new team member will get involved with MyVideoTalk and receive well- meaning advice from friends who have never built a network in their lives. If you want to know how to fly airplanes, you must get advice from an expert pilot. If you want to climb Mt. Everest, talk to someone who has already done it. Likewise, if you want to build a MyVideoTalk business, look at your sponsorship line and find someone who has already accomplished this. Those are the people to seek out for advice. Never take financial advice from broke people! Page 4 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  5. 5. 5. PERFECTION Do not make the mistake many beginners make, that is to think that they can not do anything until they have tried every single product, read every scrap of literature, and memorized every aspect of the compensation plan. Our system is set up so that you can study, act, and teach simultaneously. You earn as you learn, and you learn as you teach. It’s a powerful way to build a strong team rapidly. The most important thing is to get into action, because how fast you start is going to determine the speed of your team. THE FIVE THINGS YOU DO NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN MYVIDEOTALK. . . Now that we’ve talked about what you don’t need to be successful with MyVideoTalk, let’s explore what is required to reach the higher levels of accomplishment and rewards in the business: 1. WORK 10 TO 15 HOURS A WEEK To effectively build your business, you will need at least ten hours a week to work the business. With MyVideoTalk just launching in so many markets, you may want to consider stretching closer to 15 hours in a week. This is the one chance you will ever have in this early stage, so you want to make the most of it. We don’t recommend you quit your job or business to start MyVideoTalk. Rather we suggest you keep doing what you are doing, but carve out 10 to 15 hours a week and begin working part-time. It means making a short-term sacrifice of some activities like skipping some TV, movies, newspaper or other things for a while. The time saved from such non-productive activities should be utilized for developing your MyVideoTalk business. Teach your group to do the same thing for success. Now notice we used the term “work.” For you to have success with MyVideoTalk, you must be willing to work. And we’ve found that working at least 10 to 15 hours a week is necessary to get enough traction to launch your business. 2. A STRONG “WHY” You should be clear about the reason “Why” you want to do MyVideoTalk business. It could be: Better Home A New Luxury Car Firing Your Boss Secured Financial Future Better Education For Your Children To Run A Worthwhile Charity Going On A World Tour More Time For Yourself And Your Family Getting Out Of Debt Page 5 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  6. 6. Better Lifestyle Helping People Or something like this! Find out your “Why”. Stronger your “Why”, more successful you will be. Your “Why” will create a burning desire in you to work for the achievements of your dreams. Be passionate about your “Why” and live with it every second. It will keep you excited and focused to fulfill your dreams. 3. POSITIVE ATTITUDE A common quality which all the successful people in MyVideoTalk have is their attitude – a Positive Attitude to be accurate. Getting your head right is the most important thing you will do early on in your MyVideoTalk business. Sparing 15 to 30 minutes daily for self-development will keep you on the right track. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are more powerful than any knowledge you learn or any skills you develop. There is a lot of skepticism and negativity in the world today. You’ll find no shortage of people who will tell you why this MyVideoTalk business will not work. Do not allow yourself to be misguided by these prophets of doom. Never ever let the failure of someone who has given up on his dreams cloud your chance to achieve your own. These self-proclaimed experts are the “dream stealers”. They are flops in life and live life of quiet desperation. Ignore such people to begin and continue a successful journey with MyVideoTalk. Often brand new team members with no training or experience build a group of 20 or 30 people in their first month. They do not do this with skill, knowledge, or technique—they just muscle it through with sheer, unadulterated enthusiasm. They show excitement for MyVideoTalk and that excitement duplicates with their prospects and team members. Approach this adventure with the positive attitude it deserves. Do not just “try” it. Make your mind up, jump in, and do it whole-heartedly to change your life! 4. BE TEACHABLE MyVideoTalk provides a new and unique approach to business. You will discover that the game is different here. Things that work in the sales or corporate arena do not necessarily work in MyVideoTalk. Keep an open mind and listen to your sponsorship line. They have discovered what works and the best practices to follow. They also know from their experience in MyVideoTalk business that which activities are least productive and thus should be avoided altogether. What you will learn is a step-by-step system on how to create the largest business in the shortest period of time. The most important criterion here is duplication. It is important that you resist the urge to create new tools and try other methods originally. Even if you get initial success, it will be harder for your people to duplicate your methods. We all follow the same system (called O-Three), and it works for everyone. Page 6 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  7. 7. 5. TAKE ACTION The biggest time-wasting error that new people commit is “getting ready to get ready.” The next thing you know, you are sitting around imagining possible reasons why your MyVideoTalk business will not work. And if you convince yourself of that, that is exactly what will happen. The most successful people in MyVideoTalk got into action mode immediately, and began to create immediate results. This begins a powerful cycle of duplication, and continues through many levels in your organization. You do not have to memorize the complete product back office to be able to present a MyVideoTalk Business Briefing, or understand all the intricacies of the compensation plan to get started. We have business building tools to help you with all that. You just have to follow the simple steps in this business plan and learn as you go along. It has often been said that knowledge is power. Unfortunately, knowledge is only the potential power. Knowledge plus action is where the real power comes from. If you’re waiting for the perfect plan — the perfect plan is to take action. Your sponsorship line, the tools and the system will prevent you from making any serious mistakes. Follow their lead and get into action. Now let’s get started! Remember the Formula of Success in MyVideoTalk: “Having A Large Group Of People Do Simple Small Things Over A Consistent Period Of Time” The Secret is Consistency and Persistency. Page 7 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  8. 8. BUILD THE FOUNDATION The following list will help a New MyVideoTalk Independent Distributor activate various services and plug them into the O-3 Training and Support System. STEP 1. ACTIVATION OF MYVIDEOTALK SERVICES Step 1.1 : Make A New Person Fill Their Own Form and make the payment to get entry into MyVideoTalk as an Independent Distributor Aim : This is very crucial. Don’t make your new person handicap at the first stage itself. You don’t want wasting your time in something which is so easy which everybody in your network can do. Also this will increase the involvement of a new person on a consistent basis. 1) All Independent Distributor must register at time of joining with a legal First Name and Last Name. No company names alone will be allowed. A company name can be added only with a legal first and last name. 2) Name Changes are not allowed. Thus, enter correct name at the time of filling in the form. 3) In case of NEFT/Online Transfers; raise a Global Support ticket containing the payment details (MVT ID# paid for, Distributor Name, Amount, Branch, Date, Time, and Transaction Id#). Cash deposit in the branch is not allowed. 4) Incase of Demand Draft payments, write the MVT ID# and Name of the Distributor on the back of the Demand Draft and mail the Demand Draft to the MVT Head Office at Delhi. 5) Incase of Credit Card payments, fill the CC_Verification_Form.pdf ( available in your MVT Virtual Back Office’s Welcome Page. Third Party Credit Card payments are not allowed. Only once this form is filled and sent across with all the required documentation (mentioned on the form), will the MVT ID# be activated. 6) As the payment options vary from country to country, please check the payment options available in your country. Step 1.2 : Mailing the scanned copy of PAN card to Tax Compliance team (For Distributors registered under MyVideoTalk India only) Aim : This is very crucial. To ensure that the TDS deducted by the company goes to the respective PAN, it is mandatory from Income Tax Rules that at the time of joining, the Company must get the copy of PAN from the Distributor, so that the TDS is deposited against the correct name and the correct PAN. 1) All Independent Distributors must mail a scanned copy of their PAN Card along with their MVT ID(s)# to the Tax Compliance team to 2) This should be done from the Email Id from which the Distributor has signed up into MyVideoTalk. Page 8 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  9. 9. For the following steps, log into the MyVideoTalk Virtual Back Office at ( Step 1.3 : Change Preferred Placement Settings Aim : To help the new Distributor in understanding the basics of sponsoring and placing in correct Business Legs. 1) In the Virtual Back Office Menu, click on Personal Profile. 2) Click on Edit Preferred Placement Settings. 3) From the Business Centre #1 drop down menu, select either the Left Leg or Right Leg. Left Leg is selected by default for all the new MVT IDs, until changed. 4) Selection of the leg from the drop down should be the leg which is common with the upline/sponsor i.e. Sponsor your first Distributor in the common leg with your upline. This is done so that you can Bank the volume of any spillover that gets placed under you. 5) Click on Save. You will be back to Personal Profile. Once the Virtual Back Office gets activated, the following steps need to be done. Step 1.4 : Activation of Global Support Aim : To activate the Global Support service for a New Distributor 1) In the Virtual Back Office Menu, click on Global Support ( 2) Click on New User link at the bottom of the window. 3) Fill out the form for Global support activation. 4) Apply your MVT ID# as your User Name. 5) Choose Support Department from the Department drop down menu. 6) You can keep the same or a different password for Global Support with respect to your MyVideoTalk Virtual Back Office password. 7) Click Submit button to complete the enrolment process. You will get confirmation about Global Support account activation in the next screen. Step 1.5 : Activation of MyVideo WebMail Aim : To activate the MyVideo WebMail service for a New Distributor. 1) Raise a request in Global Support for activation of MyVideo WebMail ( 2) Login to Global Support and click on Submit A New Problem. 3) Select Products and Services in the category. 4) Provide your MVT ID#, Name, Email Id, and Password for MyVideo WebMail (same or different as your MVT Password). 5) The service will be activated in 24 - 48 hours and you will get a confirmation in Global Support as a reply. Step 1.6 : Activation of MyVideo WebMeeting Aim : To activate the MyVideo WebMeeting service for a New Distributor. Page 9 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  10. 10. 1) Raise a request in Global Support for activation of MyVideo WebMeeting ( 2) Login to Global Support and click on Submit A New Problem. 3) Select Products and Services in the category. 4) Provide your MVT ID#, Name, Email Id, and Password for MyVideo WebMeeting (same or different as your MVT Password). 5) The service will be activated in 24 - 48 hours and you will get a confirmation in Global Support as a reply. Step 1.7 : Activation of MyVideo WebCast Aim : To activate the MyVideo WebCast service for a New Distributor. 1) Raise a request in Global Support for activation of MyVideo WebCast ( 2) Login to Global Support and click on Submit A New Problem. 3) Select Products and Services in the category. 4) Provide your MVT ID#, Name, Email Id, and Password for MyVideo WebCast (same or different as your MVT Password). 5) The service will be activated in 24 - 48 hours and you will get a confirmation in Global Support as a reply. Step 1.8 : Online Training Centre Aim : To begin the training process for a New Distributor. 1) In the Virtual Back Office Menu, click on Online Training Centre. 2) Go through Video FAQs for understanding how the MyVideoWebMail service works. 3) Go through Training Manual to understand the Global Support, Payment Options, Updating of Personal Information, and Placement Settings of your MyVideoTalk business. 4) Go through Making Your Contact List to make a list of the people whom you know. This will be the first step in building your MyVideoTalk Business. This will be useful in Step 1 of Building the MVT Business Empire. The same will step will also be done in the 48-Hour Assignment. 5) Go through Compensation FAQs to know the basics of how you will get paid in your MyVideoTalk business. 6) The Network Marketing Training Movies section is very important. It contains two movies Brilliant Compensation and What The Rich Do On Payday. These movies will help you understand the basics of Network Marketing Industry in a much better way. 7) Go through MyVideoWebMail Guide to learn everything about the working and functionality of the MyVideoWebMail service. 8) Go through MyVideoWebCast Training Manual to learn how to login and setup and use the MyVideoWebCast service. 9) The MVT Unique Points is a great resource. It will help you understand how MyVideoTalk services are superior as compared to any others services (if any). 10) Also click Download PowerPoint Presentation to download the MVT Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Page 10 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  11. 11. STEP 2. PLUGGING INTO THE $5K TEAM TRAINING SYSTEMS Step 2.1 : Registration for $5K Boot Camp Email Trainings Aim : To register a New Distributor for daily email trainings. 1) Visit $5K Boot Camp at 2) Enter the Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, City, Country, MVT ID# and Sponsor Name (find in Personal Profile in MVT Virtual Back Office) to get registered for the Boot Camp’s Daily Email Trainings. 3) The 2nd page will provide you access to more elements of the $5K Team Training System, which will help you build a BIG business empire of your own in MyVideoTalk. This increases the information flow to the new Distributors. When ever there are some good testimonials or articles, they can be easily shared with them. Step 2.2 : Registration into $5K Team Training Forum Aim : To register a New Distributor into the Forum for Objection Handling. 1) Visit $5K Team Training Forum at Can also be reached on the next page of Step 1. 2) Click Register to register into the Forum and follow the process. 3) Log into the Forum. 4) Read the Forum Rules. Anyone found violating these rules will be removed from the Forum. 5) Give a brief Introduction in the Introduce Yourself thread. 6) Go through Basic Distributor Training section for Basic training on the Company Profile, Product Line, Business/Compensation Plan, Back Office and steps of Enrolling A New Distributor. 7) Go through Advanced Training section for some higher level on topics like Sponsoring Process and Generic Business Building Ideas. 8) Go through Personality Development section to learn about topics like Leadership and Motivation. Step 2.3 : Registration into Team Community Aim : To register a New Distributor into the Community for networking/linking them with their team. 1) Visit $5K Team Community at Can also be reached on the next page of Step 1. 2) Click Sign Up to register into the Community and follow the following process. 3) Visit the Help Me! tab on the top right side to familiarize yourself with the rules. Anyone found violating these rules will be removed from the Community. 4) Add your teammates and uplines into your profile by searching for them in the Members section. Do not add members who are not your teammates or uplines, as they will not be helping you build the business. 5) Upload your pictures, read the articles and interact with your teammates on a regular basis. 6) Join the Group of the President’s Weekly Club Member who is in your Line Of Sponsors. This will enable you to get regular team updates. Only President’s Weekly Club Members are allowed to create groups. Page 11 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  12. 12. Step 2.4 : Purchase the Mastermind Internet System Aim : Purchase of Mastermind Internet Marketing System, which automates Share The Opportunity (STO), Follow Up. This is optional. 1) Visit Mastermind Internet Marketing System at This can also be reached on the next page of Step 2.1. 2) Look at the Video to understand the working of Mastermind Internet System. 3) Buy the Mastermind Internet System through PayPal/Credit Card ($50) or ICICI Bank deposit (Rs. 2500/$50). After completing the Cash Deposit, send an email to with the details containing Amount Paid, Bank Name, Branch, Date and Time. 4) Once the payment is done through PayPal/Credit Card or has been transferred through the ICICI Bank, you will receive a URL taking you to the Back To $5K Team Inc. 5) Follow the link to the page where you can enter your Full Name, Email Id, Contact Number and MVT ID#. Mail a scanned picture of yourself to These details will be used to customize your Mastermind Internet System. STEP 3. BUILDING YOUR MYVIDEOTALK BUSINESS EMPIRE Step 3.1 : Inviting Prospects/Guests to STO/STP Aim : Inviting Prospects/Guests to STO at a MVT Business Briefing or a Private Business Review which includes Two on One Presentation, Home Presentation, MVT Office Presentation or Group Presentation. 1) Make a list of people you know with the help of the document Making Your Contact List given in the Online Training Centre in the MyVideoTalk Virtual Back Office (Step 1.8 -> Point 4) or the list made in the 48-Hour assignment. 2) Invite the people from this list with the help of an Invitation Script to attend a MVT Business Briefing, Private Business Review which includes Two on One Presentation, Home Presentation, MVT Office Presentation or Group Presentation where the MVT Opportunity will be shared by your Sponsor or Upline or Line of Sponsors (LOS). Step 3.2 : Share The Opportunity (STO) / Show The Plan (STP) Aim : Share The Opportunity or Show The Plan at a MVT Business Briefing or a Private Business Review which includes Two on One Presentation, Home Presentation, MVT Office Presentation or Group Presentation with the help of the team. 1) Call your guest in the morning to confirm with them. 2) Reach at least 15 - 30 minutes before the presentation time. 3) Once your guest arrives, sit with them for a Pre Talk for 5 minutes using F.O.R.M. which stands for Family, Orientation, Recreation and Money. Make your guest fill the Guest Registration Form. 4) Edify your Sponsor or Upline or Line of Sponsors (LOS) or the Opportunity Presenter. Let them Share the Opportunity with your guest. 5) After the presentation, edify your Sponsor or Upline or Line of Sponsors (LOS) and introduce your guest to them. Page 12 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  13. 13. 6) Incase the guest is ready, help them get started. Incase they have some doubts; give them some material in form of CDs and Book to read. Fix a Physical Follow Up meeting at their home/team office/your home in the next 24-48 hours. Step 3.3 : Follow Up Aim : Follow Up with your guest within 24-48 hours after the Share The Opportunity. 1) Create a Google group and add the email id of your prospect to it. Send a mail once every 15 days to this group. 2) Take your Sponsor, Upline or any one from the Line of Sponsor along with you for the follow up (as fixed after STO), as they are more experienced than you in the business. 3) Talk for a minute or two before starting the follow up. 4) Answer all of their questions using the Feel-Felt-Found method and get them started in the business. 5) Incase they still have some doubts, give them some more follow up material and fix up another follow up meeting with them in the next 24 – 48 hours. 6) Activate 3 Way Conference calling on your New Distributors mobile phone at the earliest. This will help them connect their Guests to you over the phone for clearing of any doubts. Refer the section titled ‘3 Way Conference Calling’ to learn how to conduct a 3 Way Conference Call. Step 3.4 : Plug your team into the Training System and Duplicate Aim : To create duplication with your New Distributors and Plug them into the Training System. 1) Do these above given steps with your New Distributors to make them understand the basics of the business and plug them into the Trainings. 2) Within the 1st 48 hours of your New Distributor signing in your team, complete the 48 Hours Training with them by helping them list out their Personal Goals, Time Management Sheet and Prospect List. Also have your guest fill the Commitment Form. 3) Follow the Core Steps, Basic Steps and Cardinal Rules to succeed in MVT. Page 13 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  14. 14. IMPORTANT URLS MYVIDEOTALK WEBSITES MyVideoTalk International Website - MyVideoTalk India Website - MyVideoTalk Asia Website - Product Oriented Website – MyVideoTalk Back Office Login - Global Support - MYVIDEOTALK PRODUCTS MyVideoWebMail Login – MyVideoWebMeeting - MyVideoWebCast - Speed Test - TEAM TRAINING WEBSITES $5K Team Email Bootcamp – $5K Team Forum – $5K Team Community – $5k Team Training Blog – Page 14 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  15. 15. PAYMENT CYCLE FOR INDIA DISTRIBUTORS ONLY Let me illustrate the MVT Payment Cycle with the help of the following example. S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 The week is closing on Wednesday (1st) of the month. On the following Tuesday (7th), the commissions will be loaded under the Commissions section in your MyVideoTalk Virtual Back Office. On the Thursday in the next week (17th), the cheque will be dispatched from the MyVideoTalk Head Office. Incase your cheques are not delivered to your official address within a week of the dispatch, please send the following details to and obtain the Courier Docket/Packet Number of your couriered cheque: 1. Name 2. MVT ID# 3. Week No (Copy from Commissions in your Virtual Back Office) 4. Commission (Copy from Commissions in your Virtual Back Office) Note : Please do not create a Global Support Ticket for this as Global Support will not be able to help you in this regard. Page 15 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  16. 16. MVT CORE STEPS STEP 1. USE THE PRODUCTS Before recommending some products to someone it is recommended by $5K System to use the products by Distributors themselves as this brings faith in the products and also increases the business. STEP 2. READ POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE BOOKS 30 MINUTES A DAY Amazing knowledge is gained by one reading the books written by people already successful in the field of Network Marketing and MLM business. Books create and change a person’s attitude and thoughts towards life; it motivates and gives in depth knowledge about what you read. STEP 3. ATTEND ALL FUNCTIONS & MEETINGS & EVENTS Attend $5K Mega Presentations, Monthly Business Training Seminars, MVTU (MyVideoTalk University) and Team meetings regularly. $5K Team has Weekly and Monthly meetings in most of the cities across India, These weekly meetings are known as Mega Presentations, STEP 4. STO (SHARE THE OPPORTUNITY) New and Old business leaders are recommended to Share the MVT business opportunity at least 5 days in a week. One can show the business plan more also but the $5K Team recommends minimum 5 plans to get the proper success rate in business. STEP 5. BE TEACHABLE Whoever you are, from whatever job, business or profession, you can do the MyVideoTalk business. The rules of doing MyVideoTalk business are different and every one needs to learn the same steps again and again to successfully copycat marketing business and be with the leaders. If you are not teachable you cannot survive in any business you started. Every day some new things have to be learned to grow. And as MyVideoTalk business is of copycatting one has to follow the simple rules of duplication beginning the business. STEP 6. BE ACCOUNTABLE MyVideoTalk business is a People and Money business. There are very good changes that people mess up with other people money, they can forget to give back the lent money etc. Also a very important Accountable factor is Time, Respect others time for you to get the same. You have to be accountable to your responsibilities like do cash business, don’t ask for time period to pay back, keep the transactions clear. Your upline is there to help, but finally it’s your own business so never take advantages of same. Just ask yourself one thing: Can you do the same in any other business or shop you want to purchase the goods you want? Page 16 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  17. 17. STEP 7. COMMUNICATION Communication gap works as a BUG in any business which reduces the business output. All the Distributors have to be in touch with their Uplines and should not do anything beyond the recommended system without asking and confirming with there uplines. Page 17 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  18. 18. 3 CARDINAL RULES A new Distributor of MyVideoTalk knows that key to building MyVideoTalk business is sponsoring and duplication. But an experienced MyVideoTalk Distributor also knows that another equally important factor for success in the MyVideoTalk business is to keep the group together. Now it is common knowledge that certain acts are harmful to the unity of group and must be avoided at all costs. What are these actions? These actions are given by what is called the Three Cardinal Rules. They are as follows: CARDINAL RULE NO. 1: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING NEW WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR UPLINE Why so many Nevers? It is to press home the point that this action is to be avoided completely and under all circumstances. Failure to do so will cause irreversible damage to your MyVideoTalk Business. MyVideoTalk Leadership has devised a simple, yet effective, system which each Distributor can follow with ease for immediate and long term success. This system, called O-3, is based on the experience of MyVideoTalk Top Leadership and includes actions which yield rich dividends. However, actions that do not result in success have been given a short shrift in O-3. If, instead of following O-3, you want to try new things, your methods may or may not work. Even if your methods work for you, it may not be possible for your Growline to duplicate them. Therefore, it is imperative that before doing anything for the first time, always consult your immediate active Upline to know whether it is right thing to do. If it is a new thing for him as well, he will consult his immediate active Upline and so on till the right answer is found. Remember, Wheel has already been invented; do not waste your time and energy trying to re-invent it. CARDINAL RULE NO. 2: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER PASS ANYTHING NEGATIVE TO YOUR GROWLINE OR CROSSLINE One attribute that all successful Leaders in MyVideoTalk share is their positive attitude - positive thinking, positive talk and positive action. Negativity is like a heavy rock tied to the waist of a swimmer – it is going to pull him down to the bottom of the seabed. As MyVideoTalk Distributor, you should shun negativity in all its manifestations and in totality. Anything which has negative connotations or produces negative vibes Page 18 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  19. 19. should not be discussed with any Distributor, be he your Growline or Crossline. Any negativity should be nipped in the initial stage only. CARDINAL RULE NO. 3: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER PLAY WITH EGO, MONEY OR RELATIONS OF YOUR GROUP The logic behind this Rule is obvious. In your MyVideoTalk business, your success will depend largely on strength of your team and strength of your bond with them. If you insult a person or hurt his ego, you will lose him forever. Similarly nobody likes to work with a person who is a cheat or dishonest in the financial matters. Likewise, if you harm a person’s family member in any way, you are bound to offend him to the extent of spoiling your relationship with him. Page 19 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  20. 20. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT Your first 48 hours as a MyVideoTalk Business Builder helps set the stage for your success. Therefore, it is vitally important that you immediately begin building your business the right way and set a game plan that will enable you to achieve your goals. The first step in that process begins with your 48-Hour Assignment. Immediately after enrolling into the business as a MyVideoTalk Business Builder, it is extremely important that you complete the following sheets marked “48-Hour Assignment.” The 48-Hour Assignment consists of developing your goals, determining what hours you can work your MyVideoTalk business on a weekly basis, and developing your prospect list. Success in MyVideoTalk occurs when you consistently take action on the fundamentals of success that have been proven to work in the short and long term. The 48-Hour Assignment is one of those fundamentals that can have a powerful impact on your business and is something that you will want to duplicate with each new member that you enroll. THE 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT Important: Please complete the following with every member you enroll: 1. Have your new Distributor schedule an appointment with you for their 48-Hour Assignment. We recommend you do this within 2 days from the day of joining and this can be done in person or over the phone. 2. Review the 48-Hour Assignment and let your new Distributor know that he or she will want to complete this before their Business Training. Be sure you have emailed this to your new Distributor when he/she enrolls, and bring an extra copy if you are meeting them face to face. 3. Often, new Distributors will immediately go out and start telling people about MyVideoTalk before they really know what to say. You can turn off your best Prospects before you even had a chance if you talk to people without knowing what to say. This is why we recommend that you meet with your Sponsor within the first 48 hours to discuss approaching people. Meeting either in person or over the phone is fine. WHY IS THE 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT SO IMPORTANT? The 48-Hour Assignment is designed to develop immediate focus. When a new Distributor gets started, there is a tremendous amount of information they may think they have to learn right away. There are many things that can side track a new Distributor from doing the things that will have the greatest impact on their business. The power of the 48-Hour Assignment is that it immediately focuses the new Distributor on information and actions that will create a strong foundation for a very successful start. It provides a Game Plan. It is vitally important that a new Distributor always knows what the next step is to building their business. The 48-Hour Assignment sets the groundwork for developing a plan of action for a new Distributor’s first 30 days. Page 20 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  21. 21. It provides a deadline to complete the next step. By giving your new Distributor the 48-Hour Assignment to complete, you are giving them a deadline to complete certain things necessary for a successful kick-off of their business. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT - ALL ABOUT GOALS Please complete the following prior to your Training. Personal Goals Time Management Prospect List Important: Serious Business Builders will want to complete their 48-Hour Training as soon as possible with their Business Sponsors/Mentors. Develop Your Goals in Writing Does goal setting really work? Let’s look at a study conducted with the Yale University’s Final Year Class of 1953. 3% had put their goals in writing 97% had incomplete goals or none at all! Twenty years later these same people were revisited. The 3% who set goals had 10 times the incomes than the other 97% combined! There is NO DOUBT about it. Goal Setting Works! Dreams become goals when they are written down. Find a goal big enough to inspire you, something that will cause you to unleash your power. Goals give you a vision that keeps you pressing on. “The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.” Oliver Wendell Holmes “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill Page 21 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  22. 22. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT – SETTING YOUR GOALS What’s Important to You? (Circle all that apply) Luxury Car New Home World Tour Do Charity Legacy For More Family Debt Free Life Time Freedom Family Time Financial Children’s Early Retirement Helping Others Security Education Others: Dream: You just won the lottery for Rs. 1,00,00,000. In order of priority, what would you do or buy with that money? (Be specific) __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ What is your most important goal in MyVideoTalk? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ My monthly goal in 3 months is Rs. ___________ and Rank : _____________. My monthly goal in 6 months is Rs. ___________ and Rank : _____________. My goal in 1 year is Rs. ___________ and Rank : _____________ My goal in 3 years is Rs. ___________ and Rank : _____________. (Make and Give a copy of this document to your Sponsor/Mentor) Page 22 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  23. 23. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT - MANAGING YOUR TIME Please complete this form using the codes listed below to determine your weekly time commitment. W : Work R : Recreation/Family Time M = MVT Time Time S M T W T F S 6:00 - 7:00 AM 7:00 - 8:00 8:00 - 8:30 8:30 - 9:00 9:00 - 9:30 9: 30 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:00 PM 12:00 - 12:30 12:30 - 1:00 1:00 - 1:30 1:30 - 2:00 2:00 - 2:30 2:30 - 3:00 3:00 - 3:30 3:30 - 4:00 4:00 - 4:30 4:30 - 5:00 5:00 - 5:30 5:30 - 6:00 6:00 - 6:30 6:30 - 7:00 7:00 - 7:30 7:30 - 8:00 8:00 - 8:30 8:30 - 9:00 9:00 - 9:30 9:30 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:00 AM (Make and Give a copy of this document to your Sponsor/Mentor) Page 23 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  24. 24. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT - YOUR WARM MARKET LIST DEVELOP YOUR WARM MARKET LIST Your warm market consists of people that you know on a first name basis. If you discovered a gold mine with an unlimited supply, who would you tell about it first? Your family? Your friends? That’s the mindset you must have when telling your friends and associates about your MyVideoTalk business that you are offering them a gold mine. How much gold they mine is entirely based on their desire and effort. Your objective is to give people the information about MyVideoTalk and your Mastermind Internet System website tell them where the gold mine is and then it is in their hands as to what they do with it. Always remember that you are offering people the gifts of Technology and Wealth. Let’s look at some misconceptions about making a warm market list: Misconception #1: “I have to know the business well before I can approach anyone.” Answer #1: That’s what your Sponsor and Support Team are for. They are there to teach you the business and assist you in prospecting and presenting the MyVideoTalk opportunity. Misconception #2: “I have to be successful first.” Answer #2: Stories are one of the most powerful concepts to understand in the MyVideoTalk business. People will be moved more by a product testimonial or success story than anything else. When you are new and don’t have a strong business success story, use the stories of your Support Team. Use the Success Stories from the MyVideoTalk Seminars / WebCasts / WebMeetings. And remember, your most effective tool is your enthusiasm. Misconception #3: “I don’t know many people.” Answer #3: The power of the MyVideoTalk opportunity is that by working with a few people, you can get paid from the efforts of many. So it’s not necessarily who you know, but who they know and who they know. Think of all the new people you come in contact with during the course of the day and by using the internet. Do you think some of them may be interested in benefiting from cutting edge technology or becoming wealthier or saving the earth from Global Warming? Of course they are! You literally have an endless supply of potential prospects. Misconception #4: “I don’t want to contact my friends.” Answer #4: We are not in the business of convincing. We want to connect with people and show them how MyVideoTalk can benefit them. You are simply giving them the information to decide if MyVideoTalk is right for them at this time in their life. Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen? They say they’re not interested. That’s why many people from the “NFL” (No Friends Left) Club use our systems with such great success. Page 24 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  25. 25. THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF MAKING A WARM MARKET LIST Make the list on paper. Avoid working from memory as it does not work. Make your list as long as possible. The longer your list, the greater your posture. If you have a list of only ten people and the first five say no, you may begin to feel pressure to enroll someone and that will make you less effective. However, if you have a list of 100 people and the first five say no, you have 95 people left to contact and will not feel like you have to enroll the next person. DON’T ever prejudge anyone if they will be interested in the business or products or not. You just never know who will be successful. Besides, they may end up in someone else’s Organization if you do not contact them first. Any name will only appear once on your List, even if they come up in the answer to more than one question. STEPS TO DEVELOPING YOUR WARM MARKET LIST Use the memory jogger to make a list of at least 150-200 people that you know on a first name basis. Use the Prospect List sheets to record your list. In addition, you can use the Yellow Pages as a memory jogger. Start with the letter A and ask yourself, “Who do I know who is an accountant, a banker, a carpenter...?” F.O.R.M.S. – Friends/Family, Occupation/Organisation, Recreation/Religion, Members, Sports/Social F.R.O.G.S. – Friends/Family, Recreation/Religion, Occupation/Organisation, Geographic, Sports/Social F.R.I.E.N.D. – Friends, Relatives, Institutions, Employees/Employers/Enemies, Neighbours, Doctors and other Professionals. In the left column of your Prospect List, identify those people who: Are Successful (S). This means people who are good at what they do, whether it’s as a businessperson, teacher, doctor, or truck driver. Are a “People” Person (P). People who have many friends and are the life of the party. You have Strong Influence with (I). This is usually a very close friend or relative. ”We work their warm market together for 90-120 days with the goal of sponsoring 10-40 product people and 4 to 6 business builders before we even move onto a cold market system.” Page 25 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  26. 26. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT - PROSPECT MEMORY JOGGER Who do you know who is a... Golf Pro Physical Therapist Chemical Engineer Student Accountant Electrical Engineer Bartender Bank Manager Fire Chief Computer Programmer Business Manager Word Processor Police Officer Car Salesperson Politician Teacher Social Worker Actor/Actress College Professor Police Chief Podiatrist Airline Pilot Carpenter EMT Flight Attendant Business Owner Network Marketer Printer Cricket Player Video Store Owner Basketball Player Attorney Pediatrician Group Home Manager Football Player Chiropractor Bank Teller Real Estate Agent Nurse Receptionist Lab Technician Telephone Lineman Surgeon Architect Anesthesiologist Company Executive Radio Announcer Secretary Contractor Electrician Office Manager TV Reporter Plumber Restaurant Owner Journalist Dancer Photographer Artist Plant Foreman Salesperson Musician Financial Planner Graphic Artist Veterinarian Software Engineer Chartered Accountant Insurance Agent Housewife People in your life... Relatives Who is your... Who is your... Who is your... Parents Hairdresser Optometrist Neighbour Grandparents Doctor Dry Cleaner Day Care Provider Brothers Attorney Barber Insurance Agent Sisters Mechanic Supervisor Counselor Aunts Minister Pharmacist Landscaper Uncles Mailman Dietitian Accountant Cousins Best Friend Children’s Aerobics Pediatrician Instructor Page 26 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  27. 27. PEOPLE YOU PAY REGULARLY: Make a list of the people you pay on a regular basis, such as every week or every month. For starters, list your grocer, service station owner, dry cleaner, hair stylist, personal trainer, etc. PEOPLE YOU PAY OCCASIONALLY: This list might include your pharmacist, plumber, decorator, clothing store clerk, furniture dealer, carpet cleaner, etc. Include anyone you buy from now and then. PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE: Think of the professional people you deal with frequently, such as doctors, attorneys, dentists, clergy, teachers, etc. ORGANIZATIONS YOU BELONG TO: What about the church, temple, or synagogue you go to, the clubs you belong to, and the association meetings you attend? FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS & RELATIVES: This is a huge list, probably numbering at least 100 or 200 by itself. SCHOOL & COLLEGE CLASSMATES: What about the people you went to school with? Don’t forget any continuing education, trade schools, or professional schools that you may have attended. With the Internet, all these contacts are now just a click away. PREVIOUS JOBS: In your last job you have a circle of friends and acquaintances with whom you used to work. Also, you must know people whom you used to think of as competitors, or who were in a competing business at the time. RECREATION: Do you play cricket, football, golf or tennis, swim or play softball? Are you in a fantasy league? Think of the people you enjoy these activities with. MILITARY: If you served in the armed forces, think of the men and women you worked with there. You probably have a strong bond with many of these people. BUSINESS CARDS: Go through that collection of business cards you’ve been gathering in your desk or junk drawer! Page 27 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  28. 28. Who sold you your... House Car/Truck Furniture Boat Who... Business Clothes is on your Diwali list Office Supplies do you see at the gym Vacuum Cleaner is very ambitious Kitchen Appliances is the life of the party Computer is considered a leader Carpets/Tile is looking for a new profession Curtains is known by everyone in town Storm Windows is a consultant or trainer Aluminum Siding Who... was in your wedding party Vacation Package is from an old job is in a high profile job Air Conditioner teaches your children runs a local restaurant Groceries is a fashion model runs a local bagel shop Jewelry are your golf partners do you play cards with Telephone System has a booming business are your college friends Lawnmower is in a Fraternity/Sorority is active in your church TV/Stereo wants more out of life is a prominent business owner has a very stressful job do you respect a great deal is from civic activities are your parents’ friends is President of PTA recently had children rides to work on the bus are friends of your children edits a newspaper do you go to games with is friends with the family is active in local politics likes to exercise uses internet uses cell phones forwards you email jokes Page 28 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  29. 29. 48-HOUR ASSIGNMENT – PROSPECT LIST S, P, Name Phone # E-mail Date Status or I Congratulations! You have completed your 48-Hour Assignment and have taken the first big step in building your MyVideoTalk business. Page 29 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  30. 30. THE TEN CORE COMMITMENTS OF AN MYVIDEOTALK LEADER I ___________________________ (MyVideoTalk ID# ____________) am making a commitment to my sponsor, MyVideoTalk, and most importantly myself, to “Go Core” and pursue the MyVideoTalk opportunity with the fullest intention of success. I am approaching my business with a business mindset. I recognize that my first six months are a learning experience and that the MyVideoTalk opportunity is a two to four year plan. So I will work at least ten hours a week on my business for one year and then evaluate it accordingly. I hereby commit that I will: 1. Be a Product of the Products. (Use all the products yourself, develop at least ten product users in my team) 2. Stay Connected with the Team System. (Be on the Leadership Training calls, transfer information to your front line people, keep the system sacred for maximum duplication) 3. Launch my Business with a “Major Blast.” (Get at least 80 to 100 candidates in your prospecting funnel so you can find some “runners” and create excitement and momentum.) 4. Get a Workout Partner to hold each other accountable. (Give them your daily/weekly goals and talk at least once a day) 5. Expose the MyVideoTalk business to at least ____ people a day, ____ days a week. (You can’t control enrollments, but you can control how many people you offer the chance to evaluate MyVideoTalk.) 6. Host or Support a Regular MyVideoTalk Business Briefing. (If there is not one in your area, start one) 7. Work the “Roadmap To Success” with all my Personal Enrollees. (Have all of your Team mates and the New Distributors go through the Roadmap To Success and follow it in building the business) 8. Attend and Participate in all the appropriate Corporate and Team Events. (Bring prospects, help out, be on time, sit up front, and dress professionally.) 9. Practice Daily Self Development. (Start each day with at least 30 minutes of positive personal growth time.) 10. Do the Right Thing at all Times. (Tell the truth, edify others, honor other team members’ prospects, do what you promise) I commit to “Go Core,” live by these principles, and be here one year from now! _____________________________________ _____________________ Signature Date (Make a copy of this page for your sponsor) Page 30 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  31. 31. Invitation Scripts Invitation is a very important step in the business. It is the process of inviting your guest to a MVT Business Briefing, Private Business Review which includes a Two on One Presentation, Home Presentation, MVT Office Presentation or Group Presentation, so that they can assess the MyVideoTalk Business for themselves. Always remember the ESSENTIALS OF INVITING while making the Invitation. They are given below:- • Maintain Your Posture • Invite Should Be Short and Crisp • Never Explain Plan While Inviting • Never Use Words Like MLM / Network Marketing / Networking, Investment • Your Voice Should Be Full Of Excitement • Smile When You Talk To Prospect • Be Relaxed • Do Not Be In Hurry • Stand up while making an Invitation Call • Be in a calm environment The following Invitation Scripts will help you invite your guests. Some of the common objection you might face are also given at the end of the scripts, under the section titled Some Common Objections. SCRIPT 1 : SCRIPT FOR THE PHONE CALL WITH A MVT LEADER ALONG WITH YOU This script will be utilized by the upline leader to show how the new Distributor how to make an Invitation and book appointments. Hi <PROSPECT>, this is <MVT LEADER>. You don’t know me but I am a friend and business associate of <NEW REP NAME>. Did I catch you at a good time? [No] When can you we talk over the phone? [Note down Date and Time]. Thank You [Disconnect] [Yes] <NEW REP NAME> and I are working on a project together and He/She felt you may have interest in checking out what we’re doing. <NEW REP NAME> was telling me how ambitious and entrepreneurial you are <PROSPECT>. < PROSPECT>, do you agree that you are Entrepreneurial/Business Minded/Open Minded/Ambitious? [No] No problem. We were looking for some Entrepreneurial/Business Minded/Open Minded/Ambitious people. Thank You [Disconnect] Page 31 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  32. 32. [Yes] What <NEW REP NAME> and I would like to do is get together for a cup of coffee and se if there is a spark between us. What would work best for you … <TWO TIME AND DATE OPTIONS>? [Whatever they answer] That time sounds great. Note down the meeting place address. Looking forward to meeting with you. Bye. [Disconnect] [What is it?] Right now, it is just an opportunity to get together for a cup of coffee. Let us see if we all get along and if there is an interest in working together. All your questions will be addressed over coffee. SCRIPT 2 : SCRIPT FOR EDIFYING YOUR UPLINE This script will be utilized by the new Distributor to make an Invitation and book appointments, where the upline leader will also be present. Hi <PROSPECT>, this is <YOUR NAME>. Are you interested in some extra money? [No] All right not a problem. Listen I am in a hurry right now. I will call you later. Bye [Disconnect] [Yes] I want you to meet this guy; <UPLINE NAME>. Let us get together at your house on <Date> for 30 minutes. You will just love to meet this guy. [What is it?] I just want you to meet <UPLINE NAME>; he has a lot of ideas on making money and you will think he is pretty neat guy. Moreover, I do not want to spoil your fun of watching real movie by showing you a trailer SCRIPT 3 : SCRIPT FOR EDIFYING YOUR UPLINE AND PICKING UP GUEST This script will be utilized by the new Distributor edifying an Upline and making an Invitation and book appointments, where the upline leader will also be present. Hi <PROSPECT>, this is <YOUR NAME>. How are you doing? [Listen] Great. I am on my way to an urgent meeting, but wanted to give you a quick call. Do you have a minute? [No] When can you we talk over the phone? [Note down Date and Time]. Thank You [Disconnect] Page 32 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  33. 33. [Yes] Just a few days ago, I met <UPLINE NAME>. He is a successful businessman and I greatly admire him. He shared with me a new business venture and I had to listen since he has 3 years of global business experience and has made some real good money. He is part of a global business team. They are building business in 40 countries. They have new Internet Communication Technology that is literally taking the world by storm. When I saw it, I thought of you as someone who has an open mind and would want to be one of the first to hear about it. I am taking an appointment with him for you on <DAY> at <TIME>. I will come and pick you up at <TIME> on that day. I am getting call for my meeting so bye for now. [What is it?] I just want you to meet <UPLINE NAME>; he has a lot of ideas on making money and you will think he is pretty neat guy. Moreover, I do not want to spoil your fun of watching real movie by showing you a trailer SCRIPT 4 : SCRIPT FOR HOT BUTTON TECHNIQUE This script will be utilized by the new Distributor for inviting by showing that the guest’s dream can be achieved through the business. Hi <PROSPECT>, this is <YOUR NAME>. How are you doing? [Listen] Great. You know the <HOT BUTTON> you always wanted. When are you planning to get it? [Listen] What if I tell you that you can get it in a lesser time frame than that? [Listen] I will pick you up on <DAY> at <TIME>. Bye for now. SCRIPT 5 : SCRIPT FOR EXCITED INVITING This script will be utilized by the new Distributor for inviting by showing that the guest’s dream can be achieved through the business. Hi <PROSPECT>, this is <YOUR NAME>. How are you doing? [Listen] Great. I’ve just come across something. You really need to see it. What day is best for you? <GIVE OPTION OF 2 DAYS EG. TUESDAY OR SATURDAY>? [Listen] That sounds good. Come over to <MY PLACE / VENUE> at <TIME>. Bye for now. Page 33 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi
  34. 34. SOME COMMON OBJECTIONS [Any Sales/Marketing involved?] Do you like sales? [Whatever they answer] Great then you will love this. [Is it MLM/Network Marketing?] What is that? [Whatever they answer] This is not what you just described. [How much is the Investment?] In case this is not what you are looking for, there is no cost involved. [Is it Amway?] What is Amway? [Whatever they answer] No, this is not Amway. Page 34 of 34 ©2009 Ankur Bakhshi