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Leadership agility


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Leadership agility

  1. 1. Leadership Agility
  2. 2. The Five Levels of Mastery Expert: tactical, problem-solving orientation. Believes thatleaders are respected and followed by others because oftheir authority and expertise. Achiever: strategic outcome orientation. Believes thatleaders motivate others by making it challenging andsatisfying to contribute to larger objectives. Catalyst: visionary, facilitative orientation. Believes thatleaders articulate an innovative, inspiring vision and bringtogether the right people to transform the vision into reality.Leaders empower others and actively facilitate theirdevelopment.
  3. 3. The Five Levels of Mastery Co-Creator: oriented toward shared purpose andcollaboration. Believes leadership is ultimately a service toothers. Leaders collaborate with other leaders to develop ashared vision that each experiences as deeply purposeful. Synergist: holistic orientation. Experiences leadership asparticipation in a palpable life purpose that benefits otherswhile serving as a vehicle for personal transformation.
  4. 4. The Three Distinct Work Arenas Pivotal conversations: direct person-to-person discussionswhere important outcomes are at stake. Team initiatives: initiatives intended to improve a teamand/or its relationship with its larger environment. Organizational initiatives: initiatives designed to change anorganization and/or its relationship with its largerenvironment.
  5. 5. Agility Levels to Varying Levelsof Job ResponsibilityC U R R E N T T R E N D S
  6. 6. Current Trends Experts: roughly 45% of all managers are experts Achievers: approximately 35% of managers havedeveloped achiever level of agility. Catalysts: only 5% of managers are operating at thislevel of agility. Co-Creators: only 4% of managers are operating atthis level of agility. Synergists: only 1% of managers are operating at thislevel of agility.