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RECRUITING IS ALL ABOUT building strong relationships and understanding how Recruiting and Marketing are intertwined. The brand you build for your firm or organization should have a recruiting component to it. Most firms are building their brand to bring in new work which is important but they should also be thinking about how to attract the next round of talent they will need to hire to do the work they bring in.

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Zweig group bbr webinar rrm session 2

  1. 1. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.”
  2. 2. Mark Zweig, Founder Zweig Group “Your job as a recruiter is not to keep bad people out but rather to get good people coming in!”
  3. 3. © Zweig Group 2016 Recruiting is all about Relationships • It’s a long term process that if done well can pay off handsomely. • Learn to give as much information as you get. • These relationships are important both internally between HR and Hiring Managers and externally between your firm and the available talent pool. • People want to work with people they like. • Hire for character, train for skills • Have to be willing to cut the wrong people from the team
  4. 4. © Zweig Group 2016 Recruiting is Selling • You have to create openings to fill. • You have to create engaging job descriptions. • You have to have the right people meeting with candidates. • Consolidating your recruiting efforts with one or two people is essential. It doesn’t make sense to spread it around to everyone. Not efficient. • Recruiting should have one person controlling the process so all steps are consistently followed.
  5. 5. © Zweig Group 2016 1. Treat every job candidate like gold. 2. Develop some recruitment “sales” material 3. Plan every detail for your interviews/meetings. 4. Get all of the candidate’s compensation details. 5. Stop being obsessed with why the job candidate wants to make a change. Mark Zweig’s 13 Tips for Recruitment Success
  6. 6. © Zweig Group 2016 6. Get a realtor involved.* 7. Look for a way to talk to the spouse. 8. Write a good offer. 9. Don’t give the candidate forever to make their decision. Mark Zweig's 13 Tips for Recruitment Success
  7. 7. © Zweig Group 2016 Mark Zweig’s 13 Tips for Recruitment Success 10. Ask the candidate how he/she will respond to a counteroffer, should one be made (and it probably will be!). 11.If the candidate tells you they’ll accept but want to wait until they turn their notice in to their boss, discourage that. 12. Always get a backup candidate. 13.If someone turns down your job offer, ask them why.
  8. 8. © Zweig Group 2016 Almost two-thirds (64%) of firms have in-house recruiting staff. - 2016 Zweig Group Recruitment & Retention Survey
  9. 9. © Zweig Group 2016 The majority of survey respondents (24%) said the candidate pool (i.e. not large enough) was the biggest obstacle to finding qualified candidates. - 2016 Zweig Group Recruitment & Retention Survey
  10. 10. © Zweig Group 2016 A case study of two employees… Employee “A” and Employee “B”
  11. 11. © Zweig Group 2016 Employee “A” makes $70K per year, works 40 hours a week - nothing more and nothing less…
  12. 12. © Zweig Group 2016 Employee “B” makes $90k per year, works 48+ hours per week and sometimes on the weekend if needed…. Employee “B” is the type of person you can grow a company around.
  13. 13. © Zweig Group 2016 • 32 years old • Bills out at $100 per hour with a 70-80 percent utilization rate. • Sells $140-150K in revenue annually Employee A Employee B • 32 years old • Bills out at $125 per hour with a 100 percent utilization rate. • Sells $250K in revenue annually plus sells directly or indirectly $600-800k in work for others to perform.
  14. 14. © Zweig Group 2016 • Does not sell work for others to perform nor have clients requesting him or her. • Is constantly complaining about management which brings down the other employees around him. • Rarely seeks out opportunities for professional development. Employee A Employee B • Sells work and has clients requesting him/her on their projects. • Offers to do “Brown Bag” lunches to discuss his area of expertise with younger staff and interns. • Is constantly looking for ways to develop professionally.
  15. 15. © Zweig Group 2016 Ask yourself. Which of these employees is more valuable to your firm? Employee A Employee B
  16. 16. © Zweig Group 2016 The truth is most firms want Employee “B” but they are not willing to spend the money so they settle for Employee “A” Employee A Employee B
  17. 17. © Zweig Group 2016 The candidate/potential candidate database • Every resume/application coming to firm goes in here. • Shared database company-wide • Constant commitment to data integrity and building the database • Second place you look when you have a recruitment need (First is internally). • Allows you to be more tactical and effective in your recruiting efforts.
  18. 18. © Zweig Group 2016 Q&A
  20. 20. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.” Up Next!
  21. 21. Upcoming Webinar Schedule
  22. 22. Continue the discussion about recruitment and retention online. Use the hashtags #BBRWebinar and #ZweigGroup. We will respond to anything posted on Social Media on this topic. Presenter: Randy Wilburn 617-828-9093 @randywilburn Thank You!