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WE WILL SPEND TIME helping you make your firm a great place to work. Is everyone on the same page as it pertains to growth? Do you give your employees room to fail and learn from their mistakes or do you micromanage everything? Is personal and professional development part of the overall company plan or just an afterthought? Is there clear access to leadership and are transparent discussions encouraged? Finally, are you competitive with pay and benefits in your current market compared to other peer firms. This session should help you take stock of where your company is with regards to being a “Great Place to Work!” There is always room for improvement and some of the ideas shared should drive real discussion and change when and where needed in your organization.

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Zweig group bbr webinar a great place to work session 3

  1. 1. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.”
  2. 2. © Zweig Group 2016 A Great Place to Work • Is a place where the owners/managers are committed to growing. • Is NOT a place where people are obsessed with maintaining control over everything. • Is NOT a place that just focuses on pay and benefits.
  3. 3. © Zweig Group 2016 A Great Place to Work • Offers tremendous opportunities to all of its staff. • Is a place where everyone is treated with respect. • Is a place with great pay and benefits and the ability to recognize and reward excellence even before an annual review happens.
  4. 4. © Zweig Group 2016 Close to two-thirds of firms surveyed (65%) give raises through a formal salary / wage review process. - 2016 Zweig Group Recruitment & Retention Survey
  5. 5. © Zweig Group 2016 A Great Place to Work Recruits from within. This is a great practice that can pay off in the long run. These people know your company culture and while they may not have the necessary ingredients now they can grow into the job.
  6. 6. © Zweig Group 2016 A Great Place to Work (cont.) Just ask Paul Greenhagen, CEO of Westwood Professional Services.
  7. 7. © Zweig Group 2016 A Great Place to Work • Establishes professional and personal development programs for employees. • Considers open book management as an option for sharing company information. • Provides the technology and tools necessary to ensure talent acquisition success.
  8. 8. © Zweig Group 2016 Growing “intrapraneurs” • These are people who could be in business for themselves but work for your organization • Self-esteem is not eroded by being part of the organization but instead is enhanced by being part of it • Ability to think creatively, come up with new ideas, study feasibility and sell to management • Intrapreneurs are rewarded
  9. 9. © Zweig Group 2016 Almost two-thirds (65%) of firms offer referral bonuses* - 2016 Zweig Group Recruitment & Retention Survey * Mark Zweig is not a fan of these!
  10. 10. © Zweig Group 2016 Three-quarters of firms (75%) offer tuition and fee reimbursement. - 2016 Zweig Group Recruitment & Retention Survey
  11. 11. © Zweig Group 2016 A Great Place to Work • Diversity and Inclusion is key to help avoid mono think.
  12. 12. © Zweig Group 2016 Q&A
  15. 15. Up Next!
  16. 16. Upcoming Webinar Schedule
  17. 17. Continue the discussion about recruitment and retention online. Use the hashtags #BBRWebinar and #ZweigGroup. We will respond to anything posted on Social Media on this topic. Presenter: Randy Wilburn 617-828-9093 @randywilburn Thank You!