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Media Literacy Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Media Literacy Presentation

  1. 1. Television Radio Smart Phone Internet Magazines
  2. 2.  Examining messages that inform, entertain, or advertise  Creating different forms of media  Contributing to society through the use of media
  3. 3.  The average American spends at least 10 hours a day using media  290 million own at least one TV  234 million own a cell phone  211 million are online  116 million surf the mobile web
  4. 4. • The average person will see approximately 150 advertisements in 24 hours from all media involved [Radio, TV, News Papers, Billboards] • Examine Commercials – Who’s the target audience? – How does it get the viewer’s attention? – What do they want the viewer to do?
  5. 5. • Similar to a television commercial – Define target audience – Get the viewers attention – Call to Action
  6. 6. • How much time do you usually spend on social media? • What can you do on social media? • What shouldn’t you do on social media?
  7. 7. • Decide who the target audience is. • Decide what you want the audience to do in response to your PSA • Choose the approach that can best reach your audience • Balance words and images
  8. 8. Tragedy