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I tried SilentNite sl for sleep apnea - this is what happened


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I found out I had snoring and daytime sleepiness I was treated with a SilentNite sl oral appliance. The resulting clinical journey was excellent. I shared the result with the team here at Glidewell Dental and this was the presentation

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I tried SilentNite sl for sleep apnea - this is what happened

  1. 1. I Tried SilentNite sl – This is What Happened Randy Clare Sr Director Brand and Product Management – Team Huddle Presentation March 2019
  2. 2. Snoring… • Snoring is noisy breathing during sleep. Snoring affects 90 million Americans, 35 million on a regular basis • Snoring is the sound that a partially obstructed airway makes. • As the patient falls asleep the muscles of the airway relax, the tongue falls backward and the airway narrows. As air passes through the narrow airway the tissues vibrate which makes the characteristic sound of snoring. The narrower the airway becomes the greater the vibration and the louder the snoring.
  3. 3. STOP-Bang
  4. 4. SilentNite sl • Dentist fabricated Custom Mandibular Advancement Device • FDA 510(k) Snoring and Mild sleep apnea • Adjustable in 1mm Increments • Maintains consistent jaw relationship during sleep to achieve a patent airway
  5. 5. Home Sleep Test to Monitor Treatment • Tested in my own home • Used Nox T3-18 channel Home Sleep Testing device • Setup was easy and I slept well with the device
  6. 6. SilentNite sl Titration • Establish Baseline Sleep Condition with STOP-Bang or HST monitor • Deliver SilentNite sl with 3mm advancement • Test for titration efficacy with Stop-Bang or HST • Adjust appliance if required • Test for titration efficacy with Stop-Bang or HST • Once a satisfactory jaw position is established based on AHI follow-up titration annually
  7. 7. Baseline AHI 13.5 Mild Apnea
  8. 8. Initial Treatment AHI 7.1 Mild Apnea
  9. 9. Final Treatment AHI 4.7 Normal Range
  10. 10. Sleep Bruxism… • Sleep Bruxism including tooth grinding, tapping and clenching, is a primarily sleep related movement disorder with a yet to be discerned Multifactoral etiology • Sleep Bruxism is no longer simply relatedto mechanistic factors such as occlusal discrepancies, or psychological issues such as stress, anxiety or depression
  11. 11. Baseline Bruxism EMG Bursts 308
  12. 12. Initial Treatment Bruxism EMG Bursts 608
  13. 13. Final Treatment Bruxism EMG Bursts 282