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Anna Platonova - Labour migration in the European Union


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Anna Platonova - Labour migration in the European Union

  1. 1. Migration in the European Union: Trends, Challenges and Policy Options Anna Platonova Regional Office for EEA and Switzerland, EU and NATO Ranstad Labour Market Seminar, November 2013
  2. 2. Overview of the presentation • Changing global landscape of labour mobility • Labour migration policy(-ies) in the European Union • Critical issues • Way forward
  3. 3. Changing global landscape • Increasing geographic diversification of the global economy • Evolution of the demographic trends • Global skill development • Skill dimension of migration • Policy implications
  4. 4. Labour migration policy(-ies) in the EU • Uneven pathway towards a common EU (labour) immigration policy • Areas of harmonization, including Blue Card, students & researchers, seasonal workers, intracorporate transferees • Free labour mobility within the EU • 28 national labour markets, taxation and social security systems • Recent non-legislative European Commission competences on integration
  5. 5. Critical issues I • Availability of legal channels • Why sensible admission provisions may not work? – Attractiveness vs. needs – Vulnerability and abuse in international recruitment – Assessment and recognition of qualifications and competences – Diversity challenges in hiring and employment – Beyond the workplace
  6. 6. Critical issues II • Internationalization of higher education + links between education and the labour market • Business climate and conditions for innovation • Socio-economic marginalization of native and resident immigrant population during the recession • Wider impact of societal diversity
  7. 7. Way forward • Transnational solutions to transnational challenges • Helping pre-migration matching between employers and workers • Industry-wide & multistakeholder standards on labour rights and ethical recruitment (example, IOM’s International Recruitment Integrity System – IRIS)
  8. 8. Dank u wel! Merci! Thank you!