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build your brand on LinkedIn


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Professional networks like LinkedIn can be powerful tools for building your professional brand, finding opportunities and getting attention from employers. But the way employers and candidates alike use LinkedIn is changing — and whether you're a relative newbie or a veteran user, it can be hard to keep up. Plus, it's not just how LinkedIn gets used that's changing. The platform recently rolled out a suite of new tools and capabilities that can enhance your visibility and make all the difference in your job search — that is, if you know how to use them. If career growth and expanding your network are your top priorities, then the following Randstad presentation on best practices for LinkedIn could not be more timely.

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build your brand on LinkedIn

  1. 1. build your brand on LinkedIn.
  2. 2. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | agenda slide mockup LinkedIn yesterday & today. 3 terms you need to know. 5 you are your brand. 7 your connections are your network. 9 skills, recommendations and endorsements. 11 what you share is your voice. 13 engagement. 15 social selling. 17 2
  3. 3. for internal use only © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | 3 be human. “The question is: are we going to corporatize, industrialize and productize everything, and figure out how to just crank things up because we can? Or will we use this moment to be more human, and to figure out how to be original...” -Seth Godin be original.
  4. 4. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | 4 LinkedIn • LinkedIn was a “hunter-gatherer” platform - you are supposed to connect with EVERYONE • stoic photos - your profile pic is over-dressed against a solid backdrop - you have LinkedIn’s pre-filled starry background photo • hollow text on your profile - your headline is your official job title - you copy n’ paste your basic job description • meaningless engagement on posts and people - you “Like” everythingyesterday.
  5. 5. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | is human. 5 LinkedIn today
  6. 6. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | terms you need to know. profile - your personal page where you list information like job experience and professional skills connections - connect with another user to view their profile and content, “My Network” updates (posts) - you post industry and professionally focused updates to increase engagement engagements - LinkedIn considers engagements: likes, comments, shares, follow, clicks groups - spaces in which professionals and experts can share content, ask for advice, post or search for jobs, and network with others, “professional associations” notifications - alerts you to updates, activity, latest news about your connections influencers - LinkedIn defined a select group of business leaders that everyone can follow (Bill Gates, Sallie Krawcheck, etc.) algorithm - formula that determines what items populate your news feed based on popularity of the post, not the user and not in chronological order 6
  7. 7. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | you are your brand. • make your headline more about you - potentially not just your official job title - explain your value alongside your title - what you are, not just what your job title says you are • summary - tell your story as if you were introducing yourself • be with your employer - list your current employer and it will connect you to them • vanity url - in Settings - 7
  8. 8. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | your photo is your personality. • choose a personalized background photo - free local image - photo that connects to you • profile photo - match your GMail image to your LinkedIn image - use an image that clearly shows your face - in the photo, wear what you would wear to work - use a textured background (ex:, brick wall and a tree) - use the portrait-mode of a cell phone - embrace filters - no group photos, no other-people's shoulders! 8 ✘
  9. 9. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | your job history is your story. • tell your job story in your job descriptions - tell it in paragraphs - describe what you did, not just list the information • talk in the first-person - “I connect with more than....” • talk in present tense, even for past jobs - “I recruit and hire people… • use specific numbers - “I manage a $200 million portfolio…” • use keywords not buzzwords - industry or role specific keywords - IT solutions, finance - not popular buzzwords - “Strategic,” “Track record” 9
  10. 10. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | your skills, endorsements and recommendations. • add all of your skills - skills (ex: video, design, etc.) - tools (ex: InDesign, Salesforce, etc.) - accomplishments (ex: 2018 Marketer award, etc. - certifications (ex: Google Analytics, etc.) • endorsements of your skills - endorse others, they will endorse you • ask for recommendations - use your “big guns” contacts - use judiciously, you don’t need 10 10
  11. 11. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | your connections are your network. • connect with people that matter to you - connect with co-workers, and leaders - explain why you are connecting in the invite • connect with people who bring value to you - what do they share? - if you asked your network a question, would they - Bb able to answer, provide value in the answer can you bring value to them? 11 “A new definition of networking -- not about meeting strangers at awkward cocktail parties, but instead is about understanding the network that’s all around you and acting accordingly.” -David Burkus
  12. 12. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | what you share is your voice. • use your updates to share content - updates allow text, links, photos, video • you can share original content - write short-form posts - publish long-form posts - take a video 12
  13. 13. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | engagements. • use the engagements to express yourself - likes, comments, shares, • Linkedin provides conversation starters - “Hey, Joe” in messaging - “Thanks, {______} for your message.” anniversaries and birthdays - “Congrats” - “Happy Birthday, {______}!” • participate in groups - consider groups “professional associations” - they are notorious for sales and spam, don’t do it! - bring value to a group through sharing and comments - request value in a group by asking questions 13
  14. 14. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | appendix 14
  15. 15. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | appendix. Other resources • secrets-for-building-your-personal-brand-on-linkedin/599/ • easy-ways-to-be-discovered-by-a-recruiter-on-linkedin/362/ • more-ways-you-can-improve-your-linkedin-profile/361/ • steps-to-build-your-personal-brand-on-twitter/363/ • ways-to-improve-your-linkedin-profile/297/ • public-profile-url?lang=en 15
  16. 16. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | appendix. 1. Log-in to LinkedIn 2. Click on the profile picture or on Me to go to View Profile 3. Click on the blue edit pencil to the right of your profile image 4. Click on the blue edit pencil to edit the profile or banner pic 5. Select the picture from your computer 6. Click Upload 7. Click Apply and Save 16
  17. 17. ||© Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 company & job title 17 profile picture headline summary example.
  18. 18. © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | 18 platform what works considerations peak activity suggested frequency when, where, and what to publish. Videos, images and long form thought leadership blog posts do well Chatty content - show your company's informal side e.g. photos from the holiday party. Highly visual content (like infographics) do well. Industry news Encourage your employees to share job postings on Twitter for their portfolio companies. How-to and thought leadership presentations. Professionals and work related content where brands can be themselves. You want to add value to your audience's professional network. You can't target your posts by industry, so you'll have to find other relevant parameters. Less professional focus and more news, entertainment oriented; 140- character limit and short life-span due to high post volume. Growing a following takes time. Best used in conjunction with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or embed in a blog. 7-9AM 5-6PM 6-8AM 1-4PM 1-3PM Tue and Wed 24hrs/day Start with 2-3 times/week. Work up to once per day. Start with 2-3 times/week. Work up to once per day. 2-5 times per day 2-3 a month linkedin facebook twitter slideshare
  19. 19. for internal use only © Randstad North America, Inc. 2018 | 19 human forward.