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Learn about workforce diversity in Canada and integrate these best practices into your workplace to help your team dynamics and give your business access to new markets.

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  • Actively involved in the promotion of inclusion in the workforce, workplace, community and through partnerships with our supply chain and vendor partners Partner with affinity groups and provide a spectrum of candidates that represent the communities where we and our clients serve Diversity recruitment and strategies go beyond social media ExploreWork - exploreWork is a national initiative designed to motivate high school students to achieve higher educational goals and prepare them for successful entry into the workforce. The program introduces job readiness to high school students and increases awareness of the attitudes, skills, behaviors, and preparation needed for success at work. Local collaboration between a Randstad team and a neighboring school is at the heart of this work-readiness initiative. The two organizations work together to provide career related mentoring and support services to meet the specific needs of the students. exploreWork is an opportunity to provide every Randstad employee with a chance to give back to their local community and make a difference in the lives of area teens. This program truly reflects our core values of ‘to know, serve, trust’, and simultaneous promotion of all interests. Randstad Group has a partnership with the NGO, Voluntary Service Overseas. VSO is the largest independent, international volunteering agency in the world. Our partnership is in line with Randstad’s long-standing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and our desire to apply knowledge and skills on a global level to help alleviate poverty. Also help encourage volunteerism through: -Mentoring -Coaching and training -Food drives, clothing drives, school programs etc. -Supporting troops Work/Life balance programs in place Encouraging Women Leadership – Linda Gallipeau newly appointed CEO of Randstad North America, Teresa Creech and Rebecca Callahan, Presidents of Randstad OpCo’s, and a number of other high ranking women in our ranks.
  • Management Buy-In Commitment from Management Planning Support and encourage diversity across all levels of your company Written into you corporate strategic planning Articulate the vision Paint a picture of diversity and inclusion that is part of your company culture, values and mission Make sure your teams understand the connection between workforce diversity and the bottom line Communication Frequent communication between management and employees is essential Communicate your commitment to diversity in your marketing and communications programs and on your website Audit Systems and Processes Thorough audit on your company’s recruiting, interviewing and integration processes and practices Train your recruiters to understand subtle cultural differences Buddy Up A ‘buddy’ or mentorship program to guide them through company processes and help them understand and learn your company’s practices and the nuances of working in your organization
  • Workforce-Diversity-In-Canada-Randstad

    1. 1. Randstad Diversity and InclusionTom TurpinMarch 23, 2012Diversity Business NetworkCanadian Supplier Diversity Conference 2012
    2. 2. Randstad Global2
    3. 3. Four Pronged Approach to Diversity and Inclusion • Create Culture of • Embrace Diversity Acceptance in the Workplace • ExploreWork • Achieve Balanced Candidate Slates • Diversity Recruitment Strategies and Tools • Work/Life Balance • Printed Materials and • Encouraging Promotional Items Volunteerism • Catering • VSO (Voluntary Service • Equipment Overseas) • Facilities3
    4. 4. How to improve your workforce diversity4
    5. 5. What is Workforce Diversity?Workforce diversity includes:• Race • Socioeconomic status• Gender • Marital status• National origin • Educational background• Sexual orientation • Language• Age • Accent• Religion • Appearance• Ethnicity Best Practices5
    6. 6. Diversity at Randstad6
    7. 7. Please contact: Tom Turpin Executive Vice President, Sales Randstad Canada Tel: 416.962.9578 x2313 Tom.Turpin@randstad.ca7