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Academic Champions


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Published in: Career, Technology
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Academic Champions

  1. 1. How To Become An Academic Champion? BY: GONZALO RAMIREZ LYDIA DORADO BLOCK 2
  2. 2. The First Steps Of Becoming an Academic Champion. • The first step of becoming an Academic Champion is to work hard, work smart, and work together.
  3. 3. Working Hard!!! • When you work hard you succeed in life. • You always become successful. • And you never fail in anything.
  4. 4. Working Smart!!! • When you work smart you know whether to choose the right or wrong. • You should always know how to use your time wisely. • http://academiccha m/
  5. 5. Working Together!!! • “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford. • Working together lets us be an academic team. • Teamwork is the ability to work toward a common goal and be able to attain uncommon results.
  6. 6. Life Preserver • Choosing the Right is being an Academic Champion. • CTR is you Life Preserver, you live by the rule to always Choose The Right and be able to always have a clean conscious. • Keep going in the right path. Which is the Academic Path and be Successful!
  7. 7. Be An Academic Champion!!!