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Spiceworks Intro; PacITPros; Pacific IT Pros, Los Angeles

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Spiceworks intro _pacitpros

  1. 1. An Introduction to SpiceworksPhilip P–Pacific IT Pros26 March 2013
  2. 2. Does anyone here use Spiceworks?Why did you initially install it?For how long have you been using it?What parts of the product do you use?How big is your network (nodes)?
  3. 3. About SpiceworksSimplifying Everything IT.• Inspired by the Unsung IT Pro HeroesWe’re focused specifically on “Simplifying Everything IT” for the millions of ITpros in small to medium business, all from our home base in Austin, TX.• Growing Like CrazyWithin 60 days of its launch five years ago, Spiceworks had been installedin every single country in the world.• Support from the TopMore than 200 technology partners have tapped Spiceworks to connectwith SMB IT pros, and we have top-notch investors like Austin Ventures,Shasta Ventures, and IVP.• Our Future’s So Bright…30% of the world’s SMB IT pros already use Spiceworks, and more than2,000 more join every day!
  4. 4. The Goal: Make IT Easier…and Even a Little Fun
  5. 5. What’s the Solution?Community ofyour peersResearch, Info,Advice & ExpertiseGreat apps todo your jobInventory, Monitoring,Helpdesk & Net. Mgmt“It’s like the Facebook of IT”True Social BusinessApplication for IT
  7. 7. Inventory & Monitor Your Network
  8. 8. It’s Not Just About the Devices…
  9. 9. All You Need, All in One Place
  10. 10. Manage a Help Desk (And Your Users…)
  11. 11. The More You Know… Knowledge Base
  12. 12. Research & Purchase Critical Products
  13. 13. Take Your Network on the Go• Run a help desk and tend toyour tickets• Get a full picture of your endusers• Discuss IT topics with other ITpros• View your network inventoryand issues• Both phone and tablet!
  14. 14. Download & Install … In 5 Minutes1. Visit www.spiceworks.com2. Download & install (Windows server or workstation)3. Join the community!4. Need help? Ask the community!5. Still need help? Email support@spiceworks.com for free support!System Requirements• Windows XP Pro SP2+, WindowsVista, Windows 7, Windows2003 Server SP1+, & Windows2008 Server• 1.5 GHz Pentium IV classprocessor• 1.0 GB RAMBrowser Requirements• Firefox 3.5+• Internet Explorer 7.0+• Not supported, but users reportgood experience with:• Chrome• Safari
  15. 15. Interact (Vent! Learn!) with Fellow IT Pros
  16. 16. Even Tell Spiceworks What to Build…
  17. 17. Need Help?Still stumped? Email the crack team in Spiceworkssupport… for free! support@spiceworks.comDiscussion Groups /Help Docs & How-ToPlug-Ins, Scripts, andReportsWebinars + Videoscommunity.spiceworks.com
  18. 18. It’s Free. Really. Here’s How.Leading tech companies want to reach the IT pros like you… WhenSpiceworks connects them to you, Spiceworks makes money.And, when you help Spiceworks with marketing & support, they save $$.Together, that allows the team to invest in what’s really important:building the features IT pros need to simplify everything about their jobs!High-Value Ads +Promotional OffersWhite Papers,Application NotesVendor Pages, Plug-Ins,Product Advisors
  19. 19. Questions?www.spiceworks.com