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Family Deck Boom Boom! Cards in Reunions Magazine


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Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck are featured in the May/June/July 2011 issue of Reunions Magazine. Boom Boom! Cards Family Edition encourages the whole family to share in the experience of performing random acts of kindness!

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Family Deck Boom Boom! Cards in Reunions Magazine

  1. 1. Family (reunion) game night Family Talk gamesA recent survey conducted by Hasbro says that three in four Americans would rather play board games than videogames as a group activity at a family reunion or gathering. F amily Talk and Grandparent Talk facilitate fun and relaxed conversation. Question cards fit a wide age range and any type of family. Our families learned new things about each Involve everyone in planning. Allow kids to pick games or other in a short period of time. The tin container makes thechoose snacks. game easy to play at the dinner table or outside at a picnic Keep a family scoreboard: recognize the member who won table. The carabiner setthe last game. Or create a family crown to be worn by the takes the alreadywinner at the next game. portable game to Games provide the benefits of laughter, bonding and learning. even moreThey can be subtle learning tools that teach kids important life destinations.skills such as patience, concentration, teamwork and perseverance. The carabinerBy taking turns, following rules and even losing a game, kids set fits easilylearn skills they can apply at school and at home. in a backpack or picnicGAMES FOR ALL AGES basket for on- Families with kids ages 6 to 8: Pictureka! Sorry! Sliders, the-go conversation. There is no worryOperation, Monopoly Jr. that cards will be lost or damaged. Family Families with kids ages 8 to 10: Clue, Monopoly, Cranium Talk and Grandparent Talk enlivens any family conversation,Family Edition, The Game Of Life anywhere. Visit Families with kids ages 10 to 12: Monopoly, Yahtzee, Clue Reviewed by erika Klauk Page, Waupaca, Wisconsin. Families with teenagers: Monopoly Here & Now: TheWorld Edition, Scrabble, Cranium Wow, Jenga, Catch Phrase,Trivial Pursuit From North Florida NewsDaily, Glen Saint Mary, Florida. Boom Boom! Cards Family DeckReunion TriviaR eunion Trivia is an interactive team trivia quiz designed for high school, college and family reunions. Each classreunion game is composed of 20 questions related to events that occurred during a specific graduation year. Attendees work together to test their trivia knowledge in a fun, fast-paced format reminiscent of nostalgic moments from their graduation era. The Reunion Trivia Quiz includes an electronic slideshow designed to be projected, along with easy to follow step-by- step instructions. All supporting materialsneeded to conduct the event are included: participant scoresheets, overall team scoring worksheet, text versions of all N ew Boom Boom! Cards Family deck encourages the whole family to share in the experience of performing acts of kindness and can be played by children and adults.questions, and tips and guidelines. Reunion Trivia also offers a customized product in Each Boom Boom! Cards deck contains 26 individual acts ofcollaboration with reunion committees to create a quiz designed kindness designed to create a social revolution of giving. Cardsspecifically for their own school and graduating class. The in the new Family edition focus on everyday acts that childrencommittee answers a simple 10-minute questionnaire about their and family members can perform to create and inspireschool and members of their class. Reunion Trivia then uses that kindness. Once a card has been completed, a “missioninformation to create a customized interactive game designed accomplished” sticker can be placed on the Command Centralspecifically for that class. Visit Activity Board so the whole family can get involved with tracking their success. It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents to reinforce the values of compassion and kindness, while having fun and sharing positive experiences with their kids! LIST YOUR REUNION FREE! Boom Boom! Cards Family edition ($14.99) Talk About It! discussion cards inspire conversation between parents and Email ( contact name, kids about their experiences performing acts of kindness. address, phone, email, reunion name, date, and place. Visit Five percent of the Check us out at purchase price is donated to iSpot Compassion and 5% to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. M AY / J U N E / J U LY 2011 O R E U N I O N S 31