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The	  Uprising	  of	  Guerilla	  Goodness	                                                                	  	  Boom Boom!...
The	  Uprising	  of	  Guerilla	  Goodness	                                                                	  	  BOOM	  BOO...
The	  Uprising	  of	  Guerilla	  Goodness	                                                              	  	              ...
The	  Uprising	  of	  Guerilla	  Goodness	                                                         	   	   MEDIA	  COVERAG...
The	  Uprising	  of	  Guerilla	  Goodness	                                                            	  	  OTHER	  MEDIA	...
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Boom Boom! Revolution Press Kit


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The Boom Boom! Revolution Media Kit showcases the BB!R brand and everything it stands for. A social innovation company, BB!R creates positive consumer products that 'do good' around the world and advocate treating each other well.

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Boom Boom! Revolution Press Kit

  1. 1. The  Uprising  of  Guerilla  Goodness      Boom Boom! Revolution Media KitABOUT  BOOM  BOOM!  REVOLUTION  Boom  Boom!  Revolution  (BB!R)  is  a  company,  located  in  Santa  Cruz,  California,  with  the  audacious  intention  to  change  the  world  by  creating  an  uprising  of  guerilla  goodness.  As  a  social  innovation  company,  BB!R  creates  positive  consumer  products  that  ‘do  good’  around  the  world  and  advocate  treating  each  other  well.    The  Boom  Boom!  Revolution  is  online  at:     •   •   •  VISION  AND  MISSION  Boom  Boom!  Revolution  intends  to  instigate  an  “uprising  of  guerrilla  goodness”.  Believing  that  “kindness”  has  gotten  a  bad  rap  over  the  years,  we’re  spearheading  a  full  scale  operation  to  re-­‐brand  it  with  distinctive,  contemporary  and  fun  products  that  not  only  build  community  and  improve  humanity,  but  also  champion  the  belief  that  doing  good  isn’t  just  cool,  it’s  THE  THING  to  do.  BOOM  BOOM!  CO-­‐FOUNDERS  Hélène  Scott  and  Mary  Beth  Campbell           MEDIA  INQUIRIES   Asia  Thompson     Lotus823     888.691.3883    
  2. 2. The  Uprising  of  Guerilla  Goodness      BOOM  BOOM!  CO-­‐FOUNDER  BIOS       Mary  Beth  Campbell:  Co-­‐Founder  &  CRO*     Co-­‐founder  Mary  Beth  is,  among  other  things,  a  former  high  school  English   teacher,  a  self  confessed  “reformed  cynic”  and  Boom  Boom!  Revolution’s   *Chief  Revolutionary  Officer.  Genuinely  passionate  about  making  the  world   a  better  place,  her  far  reaching  talents,  which  include  a  love  of  singing  and  a   nearly  limitless  supply  of  exciting  new  creative  concepts,  are  only   superseded  by  her  personal  standards  of  excellence.         An  exceptional  and  inspirational  high  school  English  teacher  in  her  former  life,  Mary  Beth  also  ran  an  award-­‐winning  high  school  journalism  program.  Fueled  by  the  inspiration  she  found  in  students,  Mary  Beth  exchanged  her  jaded  worldview  for  a  lifelong  commitment  to  uncovering  the  innate  good  that  hides  within  all  of  us.  Learning  from  her  students  that  true  honor  lies  in  being  the  best  for  the  world,  rather  than  the  best  in  the  world,  Mary  Beth  left  the  classroom  to  deliver  that  message  to  students  and  educators  throughout  the  US  and  Canada.  As  a  trainer  for  the  highly  respected  middle  and  high  school  transition  programs  Link  Crew  and  WEB,  she  has  helped  create  positive  change  in  countless  schools.      Additionally,  Mary  Beth,  along  with  artist  Hélène  Scott,  created  and  launched  the  re-­‐branding  campaign  for  Link  Crew,  WEB  and  Mary  Beth’s  company,  the  Boomerang  Project.  After  years  of  success  working  together  for  the  Boomerang  Project,  in  2007  the  women  decided  to  combine  their  creative  forces  and  co-­‐founded  Boom  Boom!  Revolution.  The  company’s  goal:  to  take  the  Boomerang  Project’s  message  and  deliver  it  the  world  outside  of  education  through  clever,  well  designed  and  unique  consumer  products.         Hélène  Scott:  Co-­‐Founder  &  Creative  Instigator   Hélène  is  a  seasoned  Creative  Director  and  Graphic  Designer  with  extensive   experience  in  creating  successful  branding,  corporate  identity,  marketing   materials,  and  web  site  designs  for  start-­‐up  companies.       Prior  to  co-­‐  founding  Boom  Boom!  Revolution  with  Mary  Beth,  her  client   portfolio  included  corporations  such  as  Hewlett-­‐Packard,  Palm,  Apple,  Cisco   and  Google,  trade  shows,  large  scale  and  traveling  exhibits  for  museums  and   universities,  and  permanent  donor  installations  at  hospitals.  Hélène’s  early   training  and  experience  in  oil  and  acrylic  painting,  photography,  and  motion  graphics  and  animation,  paved  the  way  for  the  unique  digital  illustrations  that  are  depicted  in  Boom  Boom!  Cards.        
  3. 3. The  Uprising  of  Guerilla  Goodness       PRODUCTS   Flagship  product:  Boom  Boom!  Cards     Named  for  the  karmic  notion  that  every  good  deed  comes  back   around  to  inspire  even  more  good  deeds,  boomerang-­‐style,  Boom   Boom!  Cards  exist  to  generate  altruism  through  intentional  acts  of   kindness.       Available  in  packs  of  26,  the  artistically  designed  cards  each  specify   a  particular  act  of  kindness.  It  might  be  something  as  simple  as  holding  doors  open  for  people  throughout  the  course  of  the  day,  or  it  might  be  something  more  tangible,  like  buying  a  stranger  a  cup  of  coffee.      Users  begin  by  registering  their  deck  and  performing  the  specified  kind  acts,  one  at  a  time.  Each  time  they  do,  they  give  the  card  away  to  someone  else  and  then  write  about  their  experience  on  the  Boom  Boom!  Cards  website.  Users  can  upload  photos  and  video  to  help  tell  their  story  and  the  sites  mapping  feature  allows  them  to  follow  each  card  and  see  where  their  kindness  spreads.  Since  the  sites  launch  into  beta  almost  two  years  ago,  more  than  4,500  “agents  of  altruism”  have  joined  the  "the  uprising  of  guerrilla  goodness”.      Additionally,  when  purchasers  register  their  BoomBoom!  Cards  deck,  they  have  the  opportunity  to  choose  a  charitable  organization  for  which  to  play  and  Boom  Boom!  Cards  donates  10%  percent  of  its  profits  to  that  charity.  With  Boom  Boom!  Cards  you  can  be  nice,  twice!    Boom  Boom!  Cards  are  currently  available  at  a  variety  of  retailers  throughout  the  U.S.,  including  Uncommon  Goods,  both  online  and  in  the  catalogue.  Visit  to  see  the  complete  list  of  selected  retailers.    BOOM  BOOM!  CARDS  COMMUNITY  The  Boom  Boom!  Card  community  unites  thousands  of  socially  responsible  consumers  through  both  real  world  and  social  networking  accommodations  provided  by  Boom  Boom!  Cards.  The  online  segment  of  Boom  Boom!  Cards  includes  a  community  of  comments,  shared  experiences,  a  global  tracking  map,  video  and  picture  posts.        
  4. 4. The  Uprising  of  Guerilla  Goodness       MEDIA  COVERAGE   Boom  Boom!  Cards  has  gotten  national  and  international  press  coverage  in  a   variety  of  outlets,  including:                                     For  complete  publicity  coverage:    For  Product  &  Company  Logos:         For  photographic  Images,  including  those  below,  visit  here:   All  Boom  Boom!   Individual  Product     Action  Images   Cards  Editions   Images    
  5. 5. The  Uprising  of  Guerilla  Goodness      OTHER  MEDIA  ON  DVD    Videos               Clips  from  our  original  comedic  web  series  documenting   Mary  Beth’s  quest  to  get  a  pack  of  Boom  Boom!  Cards  into   the  hands  of  Ellen  DeGeneres,  including:     • Day  5:  Tweet  Inspiration­‐to-­‐ellen-­‐day-­‐5/     • Day  3:  Meet  Rosie­‐to-­‐ellen-­‐day-­‐3/     • Day  8:  Spring  Cleaning­‐to-­‐ellen-­‐day-­‐8/     • Day  18:  Vacation!­‐to-­‐ellen-­‐day-­‐18/     • To  see  the  whole  “Journey  to  Ellen”  story  (oh,  and  you  want  to…trust  us)  go  here:­‐to-­‐ellen-­‐the-­‐whole-­‐story/season-­‐1/    Promotional  clips  showing  the  guerilla  style  Boom  Boom!  Cards  in  Action:   • Boom  Boom!  Card  6:   • Boom  Boom!  Card  15:   • Boom  Boom!  Card  18:    All  other  promotional  videos  (and  there  are  a  bunch)  can  be  found  here:   •