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What Will I Tell My Daughter? Immigrant Women Who Relocate For Their Spouse


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A thesis defense

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What Will I Tell My Daughter? Immigrant Women Who Relocate For Their Spouse

  1. 1. What Will I Tell My Daughter?Immigrant Women Who Relocate For Their Spouse: Issues and Challenges Randean Kopytko
  2. 2. Immigrants arriving at railway station, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Oseredok, Accessed August 10, 2012 Canada looks to immigration  population  economic growth (Guruge & Collins, 2008)
  3. 3. 15 American Diversity Photo, Hispanically Speaking News,; Accessed August 10, 2012 15 years aggressive immigration strategy • thousands of newcomersrelocate with spouses and families
  4. 4. Provincial Nominee Program • increase number of skilled newcomers • promote immigration • settle in smaller urban and rural areas (Carter, 2009)Towns and smaller cities,, Accessed August 10, 2012
  5. 5. Signing, the old-school way. Photo by qwrrty via Flickr,,Accessed August 10, 2012 Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement 1996  administer federally funded settlement services  retain control over the Provincial Nominee Program (Free Press, 2012)
  6. 6. Winnipeg bridge monument by night, By: Marc Evans /, Accessed August 15, 2012  long distance  Gifford Fellowship
  7. 7. St Andrews Castle with Sea,, Accessed August 15, 2012  lack of support  employment challenges  credential recognition  gender stereotypes  have a baby
  8. 8. {W}omen are often socialized to placefamily first and personal goals second when it come to critical household matters (Cooke, 2001, p. 445)
  9. 9. Randean Kopytko, August 15, 2012  Adult EAL  Temp jobs  Familial milieu  Language“Who was crying this week? ”
  10. 10. “explore in depth how the experience of moving shapes women’s lives and how the psychology ofJackson NH covered bridge, women shapes, AccessedAugust 15 ,2012 their moves” (McCollum, 1990, p.1 7)
  11. 11. Burlington, Vermont;, Accessed August 15, 2012 Divorce
  12. 12. There is reason to suspect that women play afar more complex role-especially in migration within advanced capitalist countries where women are more likely to have a more specialized role in the economy” (Hiller & McCaig, p.458).
  13. 13. Did movers experience a sense of choice aboutmoving? Did they exercise that choice orabdicate it to others? Did they make a choiceresponsive to their own wishes and needs oronly to the needs and wishes of others? Didcoupled women share the decision to movewith their partner? Did they seek involvementas a woman making decisions to safeguard orenhance their own well-being, or as wiveshelping a husband make the decision thatwould serve his goals? (McCollum, 1990, p. 27/28)
  14. 14. Evaluation of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program  adapting to climate 25%  language problems 25%  challenges when accessing education and training 24%  missing family support, country 17% problems getting credentials recognized 26/27
  15. 15. Forty percent strongly disagreed with the statement “There are good opportunitieshere for me” and another twenty percent disagreed. Over fiftypercent believed that it would beeasier for them to find a job some other community (Carter, 2009, p.99).
  16. 16. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY explore the struggles and successes that immigrant women face when they relocate for their spouseto provide insight regarding how adequately their needs are being considered and met by the Province of Manitoba
  17. 17. CURRENT RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1) What are the main considerations affecting women’s decisions to move? 2) What were their successes and challenges during and after relocating?3) What types of services might relocating women benefit from?
  18. 18. DIRECTIONS OF THE LITERATURE REVIEW  Beilby and Beilby  McCollum  Hiller & McCaig
  19. 19. METHODOLOGY-“interestin how different people make sense of theirlives” a qualitative approach will be employed (Bogdan& Knopp Biklen, 2007, p.7).- I will examine a social phenomenon; through keyepisodes or testimonies that would facilitate the use of,“narratives to optimize the opportunity of the reader togain an experiential understanding of the case” (Stake,1995, p. 40).
  20. 20. METHODOLOGY-intent of this study is to document theexperiences of immigrant women who haverelocated for their spouse because their voices andperspectives have been underrepresented in theliterature and to inform policy and programming.-case studies are in-depth explorations either ofindividuals or small numbers of entities thatfocuses on, “relationships among differentphenomena or examine trends over time”(Polit &Tatano Beck, 2006, p. 242).