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leeroy thornhill mailout 27-2


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leeroy thornhill mailout 27-2

  1. 1.   (x  prodigy/smash  hifi)   Back  To  The  Jungle  Asian  Tour    
  2. 2.     Leeroy  spent  10  years  with  the  Prodigy  on  their   worldwide  tours,  numerous  festivals  and  general  hell   raising  shenanigans.  He  left  the  band  to  concentrate  on   his  own  productions  and  to  relaunch  his  solo  DJ  career. His  sets  are  an  eclectic  mash  up  of  breaks  and  heavy   funk  filled  electro  that  never  fails  to  rock  the   dancefloor. Leeroy  now  has  a  new  production  outfit,  Smash  HiFi,   with  Breakspoll  double  award  winner  Marten  Horger   and  2015  will  see  the  release  of  the  first  Smash   HiFi  album  "Order  More  Disorder",  a  heavy  multi-­‐genre   collaboration  that  features  vocals  from  Kurtis  Blow,   Kym  Mazelle,  Agent  Lexie,  MC  Sirreal  and  Melle  Mel.    
  3. 3. For  all  booking  enquiries  contact:­‐Thornhill-­‐ DJ-­‐SET-­‐Official/194279907340867   Leeroy  thornhill:­‐ thornhill