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Cedar Hill Chamber Business + Community Powerpoint


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Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce is Business+Community. We are the best connection for your business in southern Dallas and northern Ellis Counties. With over 300 active members we are here to Innovate, Collaborate, and Advocate for your business.

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Cedar Hill Chamber Business + Community Powerpoint

  2. 2. WHAT CAN A CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DO? ▸ Activities that are directed to the improvement of business ▸The presentation of information, trade statistics, and group opinions to government agencies and bureaus. Atlanta Master Printers Club v. Commissioner, 1 T.C.M. 107 (1942); American Refractories Institute v. Commissioner, 6 T.C.M. 1302 (1947). ▸The promotion of the common business interests of members through advocacy of the open shop principle. Associated Industries of Cleveland v. Commissioner, 7 T.C. 1449 (1946); acq., 1947-1 C.B. 1. ▸Attempt to influence legislation germane to the common business interests of an organization's members. Rev. Rul. 61- 177, 1961-2 C.B. 117.
  3. 3. HISTORY OF THE CEDAR HILL CHAMBER ▸Founded in 1959 ▸Population of approx. 1000
  4. 4. HISTORY OF THE CEDAR HILL CHAMBER ▸Founded in 1959 ▸ Mayor T.W. Cannady was temporary chair. ▸ 24 founding civic leaders. ▸Population of approx. 800 ▸1987 we moved into the remodeled original service station from the 1920’s. ▸We have grown with the community. ▸Currently over 300 Members
  5. 5. ▸The mission of the Cedar Hill Chamber is to create dynamic experiences for businesses through: ▸Innovative Training ▸Collaborative Partnerships ▸Advocacy MISSION OF CEDAR HILL CHAMBER
  6. 6. ▸Competitive Edge ▸Business Development series Facilitated Steve Hendon, PPC ▸Webinars ▸Lunch & Learn Programing INNOVATIVE TRAINING
  7. 7. ▸Lunch & Learn Programing ▸EntreLeadership Livestream (featuring Dave Ramsey) ▸Mastermind Groups ▸Leadership Library 100+ leadership books free to checkout ▸On Demand Training Videos (coming soon) NEW INNOVATIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS
  8. 8. ▸Best Southwest Partnership ▸Leadership Southwest ▸Economic Development ▸Tourism ▸Lunch & Learn Programming COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS
  9. 9. ▸The Chamber partners with: ▸Local/Regional Organizations ▸City of Cedar Hill ▸BSW ▸North Texas Chamber Executives ▸State Organizations ▸Texas Association of Business ▸Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives ▸National Organizations ▸National Association of Manufactures ▸Association Chamber of Commerce Executives ▸US Chamber of Commerce ADVOCACY
  10. 10. CHAMBER EVENTS ▸Annual Events ▸ Topgolf Golf Outing ▸ Celebrating Business Awards ▸ Taste of Cedar Hill & Business Expo ▸ Women In Business Luncheon
  11. 11. CHAMBER EVENTS ▸Monthly Events ▸Business on the Hill ▸Networking Lunch ▸Competitive Edge ▸Chamber Night Out
  12. 12. COMMUNITY PARTNER EVENTS ▸ Candidate Forums ▸ TxDot Community Hwy 67 update ▸ Small Business Roundtable ▸ EDC Luncheon ▸ State of Higher Education ▸ State of CHISD ▸ State of the City ▸ Legislative Roundtable ▸ And more…..
  13. 13. ONGOING PROGRAMING & PARTNERSHIPS ▸Youth Entrepreneur Partnership ▸Focus on the Next generation of business leaders! ▸Best Southwest ▸Leadership Southwest
  14. 14. FUTURE PROGRAMING & PARTNERSHIPS ▸Industry Councils ▸Education ▸Retail ▸Healthcare ▸Industrial/Manufacturing ▸Spectrum Business Conference ▸MWBE and much more. ▸Job Placement Programs ▸SBDC Partnership