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Growth Hack: How to steal your competitor's content strategy


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In this growth hack, you will learn step by step how to find your competitors best performing content and replicate their content strategy. By the end of this SlideShare, you will be able to create a well-performing content strategy and steal your competitors customers and traffic.

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Growth Hack: How to steal your competitor's content strategy

  1. 1. Steal Your Competitor’s Content Strategy How To
  2. 2. FanPage Analysis Find your Competitors Get Content Written Find Boosted Posts Launch Content Strategy Copy Landing Pages PROCESS THE
  3. 3. Your Competitors Finding
  4. 4. “You’re going to want to search for your key phrases” You’re going to want to search for your key phrases. If you do not know which phrases you should be targeting try using Google’s Keyword Planner to find phrases with a mixture of high volume, intent and an achievable difficulty. Once you have established your key phrases is it time to find your competitors! With A Start | | @randowens
  5. 5. FanPage Analysis FB
  6. 6. To get started, you’ll want to analyze your competition’s Facebook page content. This will enable you to see what type of content they engage with and when are the best days and times to connect with them. The initial thing you want to do is go to Fanpage Karma and run your Competitor’s Facebook fan page URL. Analyze Competitors Facebook Page Time To | | @randowens
  7. 7. Find Boosted Content BP
  8. 8. Now it’s time to start looking for your competitor’s ads and boosted posts using Competitive Intelligence Start Your | | @randowens
  9. 9. Content Written Get CW
  10. 10. Find a writer that can replicate the content of your competitors but add more info and update the information. I use iWriter Ghostwriter Find a | | @randowens
  11. 11. Competitor Landing Page Copy LP
  12. 12. While your content is being written, look for calls to action within the blog area of your competitor’s website. Replicate those CTA’s and their landing pages using instapage. Calls To Action Find | | @randowens
  13. 13. Your New Content Strategy Launch LS
  14. 14. Now that you’ve done your research and replicated your competitors landing pages and content it’s time to start posting. Then promoting your content to your competitors followers. Blogging and Promoting Start | | @randowens