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Nox strategic partnership presentation


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Nox Startup Hub is the angel investment arm of Nox Solutions, a leading developer and operator of e-commerce sites.

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Nox strategic partnership presentation

  1. 1. NOX SOLUTIONS Strategic Technology Partner
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Nox Solutions is a unique SaaS e-commerce platform company. Nox Solutions operates e-businesses for leading brands and broadcasters.  Founded in 2002. Based in Los Angeles. In 2013… ›  Our websites aggregated 300 million pageviews. ›  We sent 3.5 million email newsletters monthly. ›  We served 5 million streams & podcasts monthly. ›  We processed 1 million orders for our clients.
  3. 3. CLIENTS Sites we power: (IR500) (VC Funded) … and many more!
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO q Website design & development q Managed hosting q Bandwidth provisioning q Technical support q Website operations q Podcasting & streaming q Order processing and tracking q Subscription management q Marketing q Warehousing q Shipping q Order fulfillment q Blogging engine q Credit card processing q Customer service q Content production Our fully managed solution includes these capabilities:
  5. 5. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Optimal Partners: Young e-commerce or online media companies seeking angel or VC investment. Partnership Structure: Nox will contribute our platform and programmers in exchange for equity. Benefits to the Company: ›  Lower start-up cost. ›  Quicker time to market. ›  Use capital to grow the business rather than build the website. Benefit to Angel/VC/Accelerator: ›  Technology risk is reduced. ›  Time to market is shortened. ›  Capital can be deployed in ways that will test the business model and grow revenues.
  6. 6. TEAM Co-founder/CEO: Payam Zarabi Payam is responsible for the day to day operations of Nox Solutions as well as the company's vision and growth strategies. Previous to Nox Solutions Payam was an account manager at Hitachi Consulting. Co-founder/CTO: Eric Marston Eric has over 12 years experience in custom-built e-commerce systems for high traffic websites. Previous to Nox Solutions Eric was CTO of an Idealab/ Kleiner Perkins startup, He also held various senior technical positions at IBM.
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE ›  Infrastructure – Nox employs Internet Cloud Computing Infrastructure to guard against catastrophic events, enabling automatic scalability during peak traffic surges. We are scaled over 4 separate co-location facilities to ensure maximum uptime of our applications.  Across these facilities we offer best-in-class security, redundancy, and outage protection. ›  AWS – For some clients it makes sense to be in a standalone network, in those instances we have leveraged Amazon Web Services, where our architecture is duplicated on their infrastructure. ›  Virtualization – We utilize enterprise virtualization through VMware ESX.  These VMs are all highly-available over numerous hosts, ensuring maximum uptime.   This also allows us to reduce our datacenter footprint, relaying cost savings to our clients and keeping us eco- friendly by saving energy. ›  CDN – We leverage the network and technology of multiple Content Delivery Networks such as EdgeCast, InstartLogic and Akamai for the delivery of large & small object, HTML caching and streaming. So that our content is delivered to our users as fast as possible: anytime and anywhere. ›  Engineering Team – Our dedication to best-in-class and our clients unwavering expectations can only be matched with a tightly knit group of highly talented engineers in the United States as we do not use any offshore outsourcing.