BCQC Literature Open Prelims


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The quiz conducted by Ranajeet Soman and Avaneendra Bhargav for the BCQC in January 2013.

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BCQC Literature Open Prelims

  1. 1.  Questions 1 – 23 (except 16) Ranajeet Questions 24, 25 Avaneendra
  2. 2. PRELIMS A man who does not read books has no advantage over an illiterate man. – Mark Twain 25 questions. 5 star marked for tie breakers. Please mark a star beside the question number to help correcting your answer sheet. If you have read the book in question, you should get the answer easily. If not, you can still work it out in most cases. We are quite lenient while scoring. So part points for the taking. Sticks and stones may break your bones But guesses will never hurt you. Let us begin.
  3. 3.  Gratitude to Suraj Menon and Dr. Aditya Chandorkar for looking over the quiz and providing opinions and suggestions.
  4. 4. Q1. The three __________ were jewels created by Fëanor who was the most gifted of the Elves. Within them were the Light of the Two Trees of Valinor before Melkor the Morgoth destroyed them. The unsullied Light of Valinor lives only in the _________. Morgoth seized the jewels and set them in his crown. Feanor and his sons swore revenge and took an oath to get the ________ back. This tale of revenge and the rise and fall of the First Age makes up the book named after the jewels. Name jewels/book.
  5. 5. The SilmarilsORThe Silmarillion
  6. 6. Q2.In Roald Dahl‟s „My Uncle Oswald‟, the title character goes on a scheme to collect thesperm of the men who are legends, or he believes have the potential to be legends, in thefield of science, politics and arts. These involve the following : Alfonso XIII, King of Spain Pierre-Auguste Renoir Claude Monet Igor Stravinsky Pablo Picasso Henri Matisse Marcel Proust James Joyce Giacomo Puccini Sigmund Freud Albert Einstein Joseph Conrad H. G. Wells Rudyard Kipling George Bernard ShawIn the primary wishlist, he mentions the names of two Indians he thinks will have theirsperm in great demand in the future. Name them.
  7. 7. Mahatma Gandhi and Gurudeb Tagore.
  8. 8. Q3. In his book „The Plague‟, Albert Camus has created a character M.Cottard who constantly lives in fear of being arrested. He even tries suicide but fails. The character is only shown to be happy when things are going terribly all round in the plague infested city of Oran. He is finally involved in a shootout with the police and killed as a result. Which book and author is this a reference/homage to?
  9. 9. Franz KafkaThe Trial
  10. 10. Q4. The Rawalpindi Conspiracy Act set up a special tribunal to investigate the attempted coup d‟etat on the Liaquat Ali Khan government. The list of the accused comprised of 15 people. Who is missing? Maj. Gen. Akbar Khan Air Commodore M. K. Janjua Maj. Gen. Nazir Ahmed Brigadier Sadiq Khan Brigadier M. A. Latif Khan Lt. Col. Zia-ud-Din Lt. Col. Niaz Muhammad Arbab Captain Khizar Hayat Maj. Hassan Khan Major Ishaq Muhammad Captain Zafrullah Poshni Mrs. Naseem Akbar Khan Syed Sajjad Zaheer Muhammad Hussain Ata X?
  11. 11. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  12. 12. Q5. Identify these once upon a time friends.
  13. 13. Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  14. 14. Q6.** A collection of short stories by this Italian Jewish chemist is based loosely on his own life experiences of Italy under the fascist rule. There are 21 stories in all and each story has the name of an element as the title. (eg: 1st one is Argon and the last one is Carbon). The Royal Institution of Great Britain has named it the best science book of all time. Name the author and the book.
  15. 15. Primo LeviThe Periodic Table
  16. 16. Q7. Following is the complete name of which book? _____________ __ or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty Dance with Death, by X, a Fourth-Generation German-American Now Living in Easy Circumstances on Cape Cod [and Smoking Too Much], Who, as an American Infantry Scout Hors de Combat, as a Prisoner of War, Witnessed the Fire Bombing of Dresden, Germany, ‘The Florence of the Elbe,’ a Long Time Ago, and Survived to Tell the Tale. This Is a Novel Somewhat in the Telegraphic Schizophrenic Manner of Tales of the Planet Tralfamadore, Where the Flying Saucers Come From. Peace.
  17. 17. Slaughterhouse 5
  18. 18. Q8. If 1984 : Proles then ?? : Chickenheads/Wormheads
  19. 19. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  20. 20. Q9. An author recently panned Ulysses in an interview which drew a scathing response by Stuart Kelly of The Guardian calling the author‟s work as „a nauseous broth of egomania and snake-oil mysticism with slightly less intellect, empathy and verbal dexterity than the week old camembert I threw out yesterday‟ and claimed that Ulysses can‟t be summarised into a sentence long quote such as : „Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find treasure‟. Who?
  21. 21. Paulo Coelho
  22. 22. Q10.
  23. 23. Q11.** This writer was a national level junior tennis player and this passion was evinced in his most famous book (with a Shakespearean reference in the title) which was set in a tennis academy. His article „Roger Federer as a Religious Experience‟ in the New Yorker after the 2006 Wimbledon final gained a lot of popularity. He was in clinical depression for over 20 years and was constantly on medication. He stopped using medication in 2008 and committed suicide shortly. Who?
  24. 24. David Foster Wallace
  25. 25. Q12. P.L.Deshpande said that one of the toughest tasks he had ever undertaken was the Marathi translation of _________. After contemplating for a long time, he finally wrote a novel almost entirely based on that book. It was called „Eka Koliyane‟ and was published in 1965, 13 years after the English novella. Which novella was his book based on?
  26. 26. The Old Man and The Sea
  27. 27. Q13**.„Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas‟ has been dedicated to twoguys named Robert. The dedication goes: To Bob Geiger, for reasons that need not be explained here - and to Bob _____ for __ _________ ___.Who is the second Bob and which iconic1965 work of hishas Hunter S. Thompson dedicated the book to?
  28. 28. Bob DylanMr.Tambourine Man
  29. 29. Q14. The author lived in this country with her husband where this guy was the Prime Minister years before she lived there. She read about him and decided to name a certain defector/deserter from her book series after this guy. Which character was named after him. (image next slide)
  30. 30. Salazar SlytherinThe character was named after AntonioSalazar, the PM of Portugal.
  31. 31. Q15. The John Llewellyn Rhys Prize is awarded to a young writer under thirty-five from the Commonwealth nations. The first Indian to win the prize did so for a book titled „The Room on the Roof‟. Who was this writer?
  32. 32. Ruskin Bond
  33. 33. The Fourth, 1924Q16. The Conqueror, 1926 The Outlaw, 1927 The Good, 1928 The Bad, 1930 The Pirate, 1932 The Rebel, 1933 The Gangster, 1934 The Showman, 1937 The Dictator, 1938 The Bold, 1950 The Explorer, 1960 The Superman, 1968 The Lawless, 1970 What name precedes the sobriquets/nicknames?
  34. 34. Q17.** „Good Omens‟ is a novel which is set a few days before the End Times and the attempts of the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley to avert them. The book has been co-authored by two authors who are extremely popular in the fantasy genre. The older of the two did the actual physical writing and editing. The reason he gave was “ X wanted to keep working on __________ and I could take time off from DW to write it out. ” A sequel named „668: Neighbor of the Beast‟ was planned but as X shifted base to America it never manifested. Give both authors.
  35. 35. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  36. 36. Q18. This person introduced himself as | He wrote a poem named „Ek November 1984‟ which was to be his last. He wrote this poem because of a tragedy that happened around that date. Who is the poet and what was the poem about?
  37. 37. Harivanshrai BachchanIndira Gandhi‟s assassination on 31st October1984
  38. 38. Q19. In Louis de Bernieres‟s „Captain Corelli‟s Mandolin‟ , the title character hears a few boys of his regiment sing while in the toilets. The Captain is impressed by their singing and decides to form a choir. The choir that is formed becomes popular among the soldiers and Corelli decides to name it after a prestigious opera house in Milan. What does he name it?
  39. 39. La Scala
  40. 40. Q20.** In Bulgakov‟s „The Master and Margarita‟, there is a biography within the novel of a certain real-life Prefect/Procurator written by the Master. The biography mostly concentrates on the trial of three robbers and a prisoner surnamed Ha-Notsri who is charged with sedition which the Prefect has to oversee. As the Passover festival is in progress, one of the prisoners is to be granted pardon. The Prefect wants it to be Ha-Notsri (ironically) but has to pardon the robber Bar-Abba. The ending line of the biography within the novel as well as the novel itself end with the Prefect‟s name. Who is this Prefect and how do we better know the prisoner Ha-Notsri?
  41. 41. The Procurator is the Fifth Procurator of Judaea –Pontius PilateYeshua Ha-Notsri is better known as Jesus theNazarene / Jesus of Nazareth
  42. 42. Q21. „Conversations With Mani Ratnam‟ is a recently launched book by Baradwaj Rangan. Question being, who wrote the foreword for this book?
  43. 43. A.R. Rahman
  44. 44. Q22. <play video>
  45. 45. Q23.
  46. 46. William Hamilton-Dalrymple wrotehis first book “InXanadu” afterretracing the routetaken by MarcoPolo. This letterwas meant for theuncooperativeChinese authoritiesby his college.
  47. 47. Q24.There is a pit of shame,And in it lies a wretched manEaten by teeth of flame,In burning winding-sheet he lies,And his grave has got no name.And there, till Christ call forth thedead,In silence let him lie:No need to waste the foolish tear,Or heave the windy sigh:The man had killed the thing he loved,And so he had to die.
  48. 48. The Ballad Of Reading Gaol By Oscar Wilde
  49. 49. Q25. How do we better know Mr. Clemens and which TV show ?
  50. 50. Mark TwainStar Trek: The Next Generation