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How social media improves hotel business


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tips to improve hotel business using social media.

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How social media improves hotel business

  1. 1.  Over the past decade, social media websites like Facebook, twitter, instagram have revolutionized.  img:socialgoodmedia
  2. 2.  Hotel business owners accept the truth that importance & focused approach to social media can help creating a big brand.  It also allows a wider market expansion. Helps to drive sales, maintain better relationships with customers.  Social media is an excellent medium to interact with the customers directly.
  3. 3.  Brands that simply display a brochure, dictate a price – a failure model  With the planned strategy, hotels on social media are better placed to adapt to the transforming landscape.  Nowadays, there is a shift in power happening from the brand to consumer. It is all about consumers and not the brand name anymore.
  4. 4.  Consumers engage in the social networking websites to research about their trips.  They share their own experiences/reviews of a particular hotel or restaurant.  More than 300 million reviews and opinions posted on the Trip Advisor website – till 2016.  More than 900 million active users on the Facebook posting updates & sharing images.
  5. 5.  Nearly, one-fifth of the leisure travellers (worldwide) turn to the social networking sites for travel planning  25% of the customers give importance to the hotel booking  90% of the travellers state that online reviews to impact the choice of hotel.  One third of consumers use Facebook to speak with a customer support representative
  6. 6.  Nearly, 50% of consumers think that Facebook is the quickest social networking channel to resolve a customer service issue.  Social media is a channel that combines marketing and transparent customer service.
  7. 7.  Bond (good relationship) with the guests  Maximize your revenue  Reach out to new customers  Good “word of mouth” / review is enough for the purpose of advertising  Build a craze  Manage your reputation  Branding & promotion  Attract the right audience
  8. 8.  Lack of control on the customers feedback  Need a planned strategy  Customer review is considered important than the original brand name itself  Accidental release of confidential information  Need constant monitoring  Time intensive