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Best budget travel destinations for 2017


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The best destination to travel with the budget..

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Best budget travel destinations for 2017

  1. 1.  Northern Vietnam is the most sensational scenery and culture place.  Rice terraces, towering mountains, twisting roads and ethnic minority people all add to the adventure.  Take a traditional junk boat cruise through the limestone rocks of Halong Bay.
  2. 2.  Lisbon is a colourful and vibrant destination.  Lisbon offers a good mix of museums, historic buildings, eclectic music and nightlife, and squares and cafés to watch the world go by.  It had this old, gritty feeling that gave it tons of character.
  3. 3.  Seoul is a fascinating metropolis filled with high tech infrastructure, modern skyscrapers, historic buildings, a large expat scene and delicious Korean food all at rock bottom prices.  It is an incredible city, brimming with mouth- watering food, exciting attractions and unforgettable shopping spots.
  4. 4.  There is an interesting display of old and new architecture here.  There are plenty of museums, cemeteries, historical sites to explore, plus wild nightlife and cheap, hearty food to be found.  As the oldest public garden in Bucharest, Cișmigiu naturally attracts lots of tourists.  Luigi Cazzavillan is a hidden gem rarely chanced on by travellers. The best time to visit is at sunset as the magical evening light brings out the park’s true glory.
  5. 5.  It is the largest island in Greece.  Crete is great for those looking to party on a budget, as it offers an array of clubs and restaurants with affordable prices.  Nikolaos is one of the prettiest towns on Crete, renowned for its twin harbours. It is therefore very busy too, and the crowds can detract from the enjoyment of it, but it's well worth seeing.
  6. 6.  Palawan has some of the most diverse landscapes as well as some of the best aquatic life in the country.  You'll spend your days snorkeling, diving, beach hopping and exploring underground cave systems.
  7. 7.  Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal.  There you can find affordable eating, accommodation and inexpensive museums and tours.  The river and the sea frame life in Portugal's tradition-soaked second city, and locals will welcome you with unassuming hospitality.
  8. 8.  It’s a beautiful country with a huge amount to offer in nature, history and culture.  The town has everything from cheap hostels to expensive hotels and everything in between, with the best food found on the streets or in tiny street-side cafes.  Just an hour minibus ride further into the mountains is a beautiful natural hot springs, sculpted into the terraced hillside.
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