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PHP Online Training India classes delivered by real time experts. We provide affordable PHP online training usa course. We are based at Hyderabad, India

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Php online training by real time expert

  1. 1. PHP Online Training Course Content HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) � Introduction to HTML � Basic structure of HTML � Formatting tags in HTML � Working with Table Tags JAVASCRIPT � Introduction to JavaScript � Looping statement in JavaScript � Working with Predefined functions � Maintaining Validations in JavaScript � Working with Different types of Mouse Events � Miscellaneous PHP � PHP's role in the WWW � Language fundamentals � PHP Basics � Variable rules � Storing & retrieving information in variables � Decision making in PHP
  2. 2. � Comparison operators � The if construct � The while construct � The for construct � Working with arrays � Functions � Declaring functions � Passing data by reference � Variable scope in PHP � Working with web forms � PHP POST & GET form elements � Embedding forms with PHP code � Validating form data � Guidelines for secure PHP � Understanding magic quotes � Setting default values in forms � Processing uploaded files � Retrieving uploaded files � PHP session handling � PHP cookie handling � Handling date & time � Working with files in PHP � Reading & writing files with PHP
  3. 3. � Handling errors MySQL � A brief history of databases � Relational database concepts � Database tables � MySQL Data types � Introduction to P HPMyadmin � Creating and Checking Tables � Auto_increment and Primary Keys � Inserting Values into Tables Mini Project with PHP and MySQL � Creation of database and required tables using PHPMyadmin. � Creation of required templates, pages and managing site using IDE-Dreamweaver. � Keeping structure, style and behavior of created pages apart. � Creating login and logout pages for maintaining sessions. � Creating forms to insert data into address book-personal details, image etc. � Creating page to view the data from address book. � Adding JavaScript for form validation. � Adding server side validation. � Adding mouse events like mouseout and mouseover dynamically. � Creating page to edit or delete the records in the address book.
  4. 4. � Creating page to enable searching the address book. Introduction to ajax � What is ajax � Connecting to server using JavaScript � Downloading data behind scenes � Modifying web pages on the fly � Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object in different browsers � Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object's readyState property � Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object's status property � Getting Your Data With the XMLHttpRequest Object � Problems creating an XMLHttpRequest Object � Fetching Text Data From the server � Using the text data received through XMLHttpRequest
  5. 5. A PHP Online Training For A Career In Web Design The creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf describes it as a multi-platform, HTML based, server-side web script language. With the present course of web development, PHP is being adapted to write all forms of XML contents. It was developed like server-side modules for performing some specific web-server jobs on small UNIX based web servers. But, since its arrival PHP has become one of the most important Web writing tools that are being used in the most popular servers and operating systems in the World Wide Web. The language requires proper learning for efficient implementation, which is provided through a PHP online training. Course of learning A PHP online training can prepare you with a great career in the field of web design. You will learn how to perform several server side functions; you will learn to execute web scripts from command lines and to develop clients-side GUI applications to be operated on most platforms. You will learn to control any database access and will learn about the uses of MySQL and PHP. You will know how to assess most data bases and to store data on servers. It will teach you to generate various file formats. The program will teach you its application in scripting language and to create graphic content. Use PHP for success PHP has gained popularity for its uses in generating web pages and client side web applications. It finds use in the e-commerce business. It is used to generate e-mails and is used in scripting languages in Word or Excel. You can also use it for GIF and PNG images along with other functionalities. Millions of websites and server use PHP, so it is essential to get a PHP online training to prosper in the web design arena. You should know that software such as WordPress, Joomla and others use PHP and a training program can make you ready with the right knowledge of the industry to advance your career prospects. Sign up for online training IF you are interested in web designing, then it is an excellent time to take a PHP online training. The best training facilities provide education in low costs, but never compromise on the quality of education. They have the best training facilities and a job-ready curriculum to help you prosper in the field. The course curriculum covers the most important topics and delivers academic lessons using real world project based training. The online programs gives you advantage of studying from home or after working hours with effective short duration training as the ABC training institute. A2Z online training institute provides best customized courses in the industry with excellent quality course materials. The education is imparted through modern video tutorials and live, interactive classes with professional and experienced faculties. They also provide learning through live projects and theoretical practice. Students get great placement assistance all within an affordable course fee with easy payment procedures. The authenticity of the software that is used by A2Z online is the only reason that you will be able to benefit from quality education.
  6. 6. Contact numbers : +91 88013 86489 (India) +1 339 368 6489 (USA) Email Id : Website :