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  1. 1. Fore more QTP Realtime Scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.comQTPFrameworkFramework: - Organizing the test scripts in a particular fashion. The best way u managed youwrite, modify and manage your script as per requirement.In QTP-The frameworks are: - 1) Object Driven. 2) Keyword driven. 3) function driven. 4) Data table driven. 5) Hybrid driven (Mixture of above all). Basically, there are 4 types- a) Linear. b) Modular. c) Keyword. d) Hybrid More info u can get in IBM home page-under Framework section.VBScript ClassesClass Hello_World Public Sub Say_Hello(Name) MsgBox “Hello “ & Name & “ Welcome to “ & Garden End Sub Public GardenEnd ClassDim objHelloWorldSet objHelloWorld = New Hello_WorldobjHelloWorld.Garden = “Fountain”objHelloWorld.Say_Hello “Rajesh”above we have created a class (Hello_World) and an instance (objHelloWorld) of that class.VBScript uses the Class …. End Class to define the contents of the class. The property(Garden) and procedure (Say_Hello) are also declared within the class.