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Ramro motors-Old cars in nepal


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Hello and welcome to Ramro motors, the Nepal’s first multi brand showroom that provides the best deals in buying, selling re-conditioned vehicles with true valuation and on the spot exchange facility along with amiable after sales support. In Ramro motors you have the complete freedom in exploration of the glamorous and exotic world of automobiles. Feel free to visit our showroom and give us chance to provide you with wide ranges of our services.

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Ramro motors-Old cars in nepal

  1. 1. Our Services Buy & sell wide varieties of re-conditioned vehicles With complete pictures, pricing and model, Ramro Motors offers buying, selling and exchanging any brand and variant of reconditioned vehicles in Nepal. Either you are looking for selling your used car, buying any reconditioned vehicle or exchanging with another one, you can do it in easy, hassle free way through Ramro Motors. We have an updated list of vehicles with its full details on this website. Visit us at our office and get the best deals on vehicle of your choice or get true valuation on your vehicle and sell it at ease. Hassel free financing services We believe that we can cut out your stress part while buying or selling of vehicles. We provide an easy step to step guide while financing through banking channel. Moreover we aim to take the stress out of selling your car. We will guide you on every step involved while arranging the legal paper works. We don’t waste time on haggle and bargaining. Selling your car privately can be pretty stressful, time-consuming and expensive. True valuation of your vehicle Are you looking for selling a car in Nepal? And not getting the true value of your vehicle? Well, Ramro Motors offer you the true value of your vehicle. We never make assumptions when it comes to providing you with a valuation to sell your vehicle. Our unique, detail valuation process allows us to evaluate your car in easy way. We only ask the questions that help us understand the true value of your car. We make sure our valuations are accurate and you get to sell your car at best price.
  2. 2. On the spot exchange facility Along with buying and selling secondhand car in Nepal, we offer spot exchange facility which refers to that you can bring your old vehicle, get valuated and ride off with new one. Within shortest time possible, we deliver vehicle exchange facility in Nepal. Amiable after sales services Either you are buying a car, selling old vehicles or exchanging with new ones, Ramro Motors believes in customer satisfaction and amiable after sales support. We keep on maintaining and expanding our customers by our professional services in buy, sell and exchange of vehicles. We repurchase our sold vehicle at great value. Therefore our relationship doesn’t ends after buying, selling or exchanging vehicles, it actually starts form there.