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Ram.N Resume


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My Resume

Published in: Sports, Technology
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Ram.N Resume

  1. 1. Ram.N Phone : +91 9986158351 E-mail : Website : Education Education Place of study Board PercentageB.E. Biotechnology New Horizon Visvesvaraya 77.56%-2009 College of Technological First class Engineering, University, Distinction Bangalore BelgaumHigher secondary V.V.H.S.S, Tamil Tamil Nadu State 93.83%-2005 Nadu boardTenth standard S.B.O.A. Matric. Matriculation board 89.90%-2003 Hr. secondary school, Tamil NaduIELTS : 8.0 / 9.0ExperienceSTART-UPS AND FREELANCING • Lead Designer :, a repository of futile Biotech experimental protocols, for perusal of other researchers to keep from committing the same errors. The website has provisions for student-industry interaction, and also includes a hiring mechanism. • Freelance blogger, cartoonist, designer and writer.ASSISTANT SYSTEMS ENGINEER, TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES. MAR, 2010 - JUNE,2011. • Wo r k e d a s a F r o n t - e n d We b D e s i g n e r i n t h e d e ve l o p m e n t o f for the UK client, NEST pensions.
  2. 2. INTERNSHIP : BIOTECH CONSORTIUM OF INDIA LTD. SEP, 2009 - FEB, 2010. • Obtained internship as a BCIL trainee at Biozeen, Bangalore. • Biotech Industrial Training Programme, BITP, is an initiative of Biotech Consortium of India Ltd.(BCIL, Ministry of Science, Department of Science and Technology), to train Biotechnology graduates and post-graduates in real-time industrial environment. • Website : • Interns Batch List :les/Student_Details.pdf Undergraduate Research work • Project Title : Synthesis and Characterization of Nanobiomaterial-Hydroxyapatite (HAp) and Preliminary Application Study in Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) • Field : Nanotechnology • Published Book ISBN : 978-3844330922 • In brief : The project aimed at synthesizing the Nano-biomaterial Hydroxyapatite (HAp) through the combustion synthesis method. • The product (HAp) synthesized was characterized by subjecting it to Transmission Electron Microscopy(TEM), X-Ray Diraction(XRD) s t u d i e s , Fo u r i e r -T r a n s f o r m I n f r a r e d spectroscopy(FTIR) which shed light upon the crystal morphology (hexagonal), the size of the particles, the phase purity and its chemical characteristics. • The synthesized particles were found to be in the nanosize regime (20-30nm) • A preliminary research on employability of HAp in Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) as an adsorbent was also undertaken and it exhibited promising results.
  3. 3. Special Electives • Environmental Biotechnology • Nanotechnology • Micro arrays and Biochips • Management Information Systems (MIS) and Internet • Lab to Industrial Scaling: BT Product DevelopmentWorkshops and Short courses• Winner of “International Climate Championship 2009, India”- Conducted by the British council and TERI. International Climate Champions, British Council, is a global search for potential youngsters of age 18-22 years to spread the word, and work on Climate change mitigation. My proposal was based on Carbon sequestration by Green Roong. 52 Indian youngsters were declared as the International climate champions of the year 2009. Workshop was conducted for a period of one week, at TERI Biofarm, Mukteswar, in the foothills of Himalayas.• German language basic level : Institute of Indian and Foreign Language, IIFL, Bangalore.• Obtained 74% in French exam (l’examen de Français) conducted by Indian Association of Teachers of French, in January 2005.• Jewelry designing competition: Third prize: conducted by World Gold Council• Titan watch designing competition : "paint-a-dial" contest winner; the design was the rst watch design of Titans Kids series - "Dash" watchesSkillsLanguages : English, Tamil, Hindi and KannadaForeign Languages : French and GermanComputers : HTML, CSS & web designing || OS : Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS, iOSHobbies : painting, cartooning, writing and blogging.
  4. 4. Professional Courses and TrainingsCourse attended Place of training & descriptionA-Z of professionalism Walchand Dale Carnegie Training, Bangalore. http://www.wdc awareness Entrepreneurship Development cell, A priming camp focused on making students develop the right entrepreneurial mindset for corporate atmosphere, as well as business.Nanotechnology Sensitization Nano Science and Technology Consortium, Noida,Programme Delhi, India. A six months course with online participations. The certication was based on the quality of article submitted on Nanotechnology. http://www.nstc.inBio-informatics Hands on Vittal Mallya Scientic Research Foundation,Training Bangalore. The training focused on concepts like: sequence analysis, secondary structure, homology modeling, docking analysis, biophysics, visualization and software tools for Alignment(Clustal W, Emboss, Chroma etc), phylogeny(Phylip, HyPhy), visualization(RASMOL.,SPDB viewer, moleview etc) and modeling (Arguslab, Hex etc) http://www.vmsrf.orgInternet PresencesPortfolio page : : || Googleable as : Ramreva || Twitter :