History of the Berkeley County Library System 1936-2011


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History of the Berkeley County Library System 1936-2011

  1. 1. First Library in Berkeley County On September 10, 1810, twenty-two citizens of Pineville met and founded the Pineville Library Society.
  2. 2. Reed Camp, SC 1930s
  3. 3. First Berkeley County Public LibrarySponsored by the Association of Organizationsin conjunction with Works Progress AdministrationOpened in 2 rooms over Barron’s Department Store onJune 12, 1936.Collection of 800 books (all donations)Members signed up on opening day - 151
  4. 4. June 1936Circulation of Books Nonfiction – 2 Adult Fiction – 94Juvenile Fiction - 241
  5. 5. In June 1937, the library was temporarily housed in the old grammar school.• Present alternative courses of action• Discuss pros/cons of each
  6. 6. More than 150 people attended.
  7. 7. U.S.A. Works Progress Administration builds new library in 7 months. Simultaneous W.P.A. project – Berkeley County JailIn the winter, whoever got to work first had to light the DuoTherm fuel oil heater.The office was always freezing and wind whistled through the cracks in the floorboards.We bought a used oriental rug from a second-hand shop with our own money! Eloise Gowder
  8. 8. Centers of Interest in the Library• Artifacts were given or loaned to the library and were displayed...plantation relics, Confederate money, shark’s teeth, fossils, beaded Indian bag and war bonnet, diary of St. Julian plantation, plaster medallions, a pair of stirrups, an English bit, a spinning wheel.• Garden Center...current catalogues, books on gardening and garden exhibits
  9. 9. .502 registered borrowers at the end of 1939-1940 fiscal year.
  10. 10. 1939 - All WPA labor discontinued.Library assumed operating expenses.County agreed to pay librarian’s salary.
  11. 11. Note: The main road to Moncks Corner is Hwy 52 There is no 17-A and no New Hwy 52!
  12. 12. County & State AidIn 1941,1942 and 1943 the county delegationappropriated $200 for books and continued to paylibrarian’s salary.1945 – beginning of regular yearly county support for thelibrary. $600 for books and an increased librarian’ssalary.1947 – county included in its budget, $1200 for books,operating expenses for a bookmobile and regular library,salary of bookmobile librarian and salary of librarian
  14. 14. The Bookmobile Placed in service April 1949Loaned 1,337 items the first month!
  15. 15. Mrs. J.H. DangerfieldThrough the years many people have come up to my mother and myself tomention the bookmobile and to thank my mother for coming and bringingthem books. Laree Huxford
  16. 16. 1950sSantee Cooper Dam
  17. 17. 1955• Library Service Act passed by Congress Berkeley County Library benefitted through: • Increase in stock of reference materials • Participation in Children’s Vacation Reading • A projector and audio-visual materials
  18. 18. 1956State Aid to library is matched by the county Budget for 1956-57 - $10,980
  19. 19. Spending State Aid • $1,500 received March 1958
  20. 20. School Field House becomes St. Stephen Library• Town furnished housing and books• Library furnished services of a clerk• St. Stephen women painted the inside of the building , made curtains, etc.• The mayor did necessary repairs.• Shelves built by school carpenter• Tables and chairs loaned by school• Opening collection 685 volumes Opening Date: March 21, 1959
  21. 21. 1960s
  22. 22. Bookmobile-1961 $8,456.43 64 stops per month
  23. 23. Number of Library Books• 1936 – 800 volumes• 1938 – 1800 volumes• 1953 – 10,700 volumes• 1963 – 16,801 volumes
  24. 24. Civil Rights Act of 1964Senator Rembert C. Dennis , with board approval, did not signthe compliance agreement.Miss Estelene Walker, State Librarian, notified the library:Beginning July 1965 the State Library would be unable to fillreference and inter-library loans. Library staff would not beallowed to participate in training programs because theseservices were provided by federal funds and the library had notsigned the compliance agreement.The library would also have to give up county support because itwas no longer legal to support segregated institutions with taxdollars.The board voted to integrate September 14, 1965.
  25. 25. January 18, 1965
  26. 26. Hanahan Library housed in Hanahan Memorial Building November 3, 1969 - June 3, 1981
  27. 27. 1970s
  28. 28. Grand Opening
  29. 29. Moncks Corner Movers (& Shakers) Faye Morris, Tomalie Harris & Sharon Fashion
  30. 30. BookmobileOctober 1972Cost $19,562 (state paying $8,000, the balance-county)
  31. 31. First Library Cards Issued in 1970Prior to the issue of cards, patrons checked out books using their first andlast names. The first library card, 0001, was issued to Howard Eisenstein. Eloise G. Gowder
  32. 32. Summer of 1970Insects and mildew destroyed St. Stephen Librarymany of the books in the St.Stephen library during thesummer (no A/C).The library moved to the St.Stephen Elementary School.The Lion’s Club did someupgrades to the room so itwould usable.Meanwhile the Lion’s Clubwas renovating the FieldHouse for the library. LargeA/C from Moncks Corner wasinstalled. Work wascompleted in the fall of 1973.
  33. 33. October 11, 1971 Branch opens in Goose Creek In Goose Creek Shopping Plaza on Redbank Road.County furnishes utilities ($60 per month), books and librarian salary.
  34. 34. - The library was very dark and had no card catalog, once my friend and I had read all the new stuff, we would go to the Moncks Corner Library monthly as treat and have lunch. Peggy Goetz (future library worker)
  35. 35. Goose Creek Branch LibraryEven though conditions are crowded in the small library, itappears to be well-used by the community...Mrs. PamelaMuckenfuss has her story hour...[and] is able to hold theinterest and attention of her group under very crowdedconditions. Marie Harvey Library BoardThe Board made an effort to find a larger, better locatedbuilding but high rent in desirable locations proves anobstacle.
  36. 36. St. Stephen LibraryIn 1979, the Library Board signed a leaseon the area superintendent’s office.The location was more visible on Hwy 45. Tomalie Harris 11/5/1946 – 6/16/2011
  37. 37. 1980s
  38. 38. Hanahan Library Relocates (again) March 1981Hanahan branch moves to 5907 Loftis Road, rented fromCharleston Heights Realty Company for $450. 00 per month.-
  39. 39. Goose Creek Library relocates to Goose Creek Plaza 1983The branch moved to its quarters in the plaza with twobars adjacent. They would sometimes end up with beerbottles in the book drop. The space was a little larger buta bit cramped. Children’s parents sent the children to alittle corner in the back for Story Hour (there wasn’tenough room for the adults, too). Hot tar came straightthrough the roof during a ceiling project and DianneBoersma, librarian and Madelyne Spann had to yell toget the workers to stop. Brenda Richardson lovedshelving, she would challenge herself to shelve more inthe same amount of time.
  40. 40. Verla Wilson-Hanahan Volunteer ExtraordinaireOCTOBER1988
  41. 41. H Hanahan’s Card CatalogIt took nearly four years of traveling back and forth toMoncks Corner to copy the catalog cards of Hanahan’sholdings and bring them back to the Hanahan libraryand type them. She and a few volunteers completedthis job, with Verla doing the lion’s share. She and herbrother refinished the card catalog so it would beworthy of such hard work.
  42. 42. Retirement
  43. 43. Goose Creek-1991
  44. 44. Grand Opening
  45. 45. Hanahan-1994
  46. 46. 1994 move to 1274 Yeamans Hall Road
  47. 47. St. Stephen-1998
  48. 48. Main Library-2006
  49. 49. Daniel Island-2007
  50. 50. Sangaree-2007
  51. 51. Old Bookmobiles Never DieThey are rescued