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Cleantech conference

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  1. 1. MIT’s Cleantech Startups Cleantech at the Crossroads, 8 March 2016 Trond  Undheim  ,  Ph.D,  Lead   MIT  Startup  Exchange  (STEX)   @MITSTEX  
  2. 2. 230 corporations seeking partnerships & innovation! MIT  InnovaAon  ecosystem   Idea   Industry ready  Business plan   1000+ MIT-connected startups!
  3. 3. MIT  startup  clusters   ! 421! ! ! 74! ! ! 99! 99! ! 164 !! ! ! 34! ! 90!! n=1113        (other=132)   Source:  MIT  STEX  Database  (13  Jan,  2016).  
  4. 4. 2015  in  review   •  77 new startups! •  Key trends: ! –  Advanced  manufacturing   (roboAcs,  3D  prinAng,   digital  interfaces,  sensing)   –  Big  data  analyAcs   (customer  intelligence,   cybersecurity)   –  Health  breakthroughs   (Immuno-­‐oncology,   digital  health,  foodtech,   wearables)    
  5. 5. MIT  faculty  co-­‐founders   Company   Year   MIT  Faculty  co-­‐founder   Dept/Lab/Center   Field   2011   Prof.  Don  Sadoway   Materials  science   Metallurgy   2001   Ganesh  V.  Kaundinya   MIT  Ctr  Bio  InnovaAon   Biomolecules   2008   Prof.  Rod  Brooks   CSAIL   RoboAcs     1989   Prof.  Stuart  Schreiber     Broad  InsAtute   Chemical   biology   2007   Prof.  Marin  Soljačić     Prof.  John  Joannopoulos       Physics   Photonics   2005   Prof.  Chris  Schuh   Materials  science   Nanotech   2010   Prof.  Sandy  Pentland   Media  Lab     Social  physics  
  6. 6. 90+MIT  startups  in  cleantech   Keywords:  Cleantech,  energy,  heat  recovery,  energy   efficiency,  solar,  renewables,  energy  storage  
  7. 7. STEX  brought  startup  out  of  stealth   •  IoT in manufacturing startup Tulip came out of stealth mode at STEX Silicon Valley startup showcase in Mountain View on 1/26/16! •  Tulip is transforming manufacturing processes by bringing the latest technological advances from the lab to the shop floor.! •  Tulip got dozens of client leads and are in partnership discussions with several ILP member companies (and others) as a result.!
  8. 8. Industry  sources  MIT  innovaAon   3/8/16
  9. 9. [Mul?na?onal]  seeks  MIT  startups   •  [Multinational] seeks partnership with MIT-connected startups.! •  Particular interest in breakthrough/disruptive tech X. ! •  Looking for startups/companies with [these characteristics]! •  Corporate facts, MIT track record, startup track record, URL.!
  10. 10. Open  STEX  opportuniAes  (energy)  
  11. 11. Foxconn  backs  Witricity  (2013)  
  12. 12. Aramco  invests  in  Siluria  (2014)  
  13. 13. Henkel  partners  w/Dropwise  (2015)  
  14. 14. Samsung  invests  in  Nutonomy   "We  are  impressed  with  nuTonomy's  technical  acumen,  especially   their  leadership  in  decision-­‐making  methods  for  vehicles,"  said   Amit  Garg,  strategic  investments,  Samsung  Global  Innova3on   Center.  "Partnering  across  the  spectrum  in  the  industry  will  be   essen@al  to  turning  years  of  research  into  an  everyday  reality."  
  15. 15. Big data text analytics dashboard gives computers the ability to understand people the way people understand each other.! Founded in 2011.! 3/8/16   15  
  16. 16. STEX  Calendar  2016   ! ! Date   Event  topic   Loca?on   3/8/16   Cleantech  at  the  Crossroards:  energy  innova?on   One  Main  Street,  Cambridge,  MA   4/20/16   2016  MIT  ICT  Conference:  STEX  Exhibit  &  Lightning   talks   MIT  Media  Lab,  6th  floor   4/21/16   From  fintech  to  the  factory:  leveraging  Embedded  IT   across  the  Enterprise   One  Main  Street,  Cambridge,  MA   5/9/16   Intelligent  Mobility:  innova?on  in  transporta?on       One  Main  Street,  Cambridge,  MA   6/16/16   Robo?cs  for  Real:  embedding  sensors  in  everything   One  Main  Street,  Cambridge,  MA   9/7-­‐9/16   2016  MIT  Digital  Healthcare  Conference:  STEX  Exhibit  &   Lightning  talks     n/a   9/15/16   How  tech  is  changing  who  and  what  can  fly:  aerospace   Innova?on   One  Main  Street,  Cambridge,  MA   10/4/16   2016  MIT  Startup  Ecosystem  Conference   MIT  Media  Lab,  6th  floor   11/30/16   MIT  Startup  Showcase   London,  UK  
  17. 17. Building the world’s best, and largest, platform for monitoring and treatment of neurological chronic diseases. First use case is Epilepsy! Founded in 2014.! 3/8/16   17  
  18. 18. Provides technology to enable wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance.
 ! Healthcare application: ! medical devices.! Founded in 2007.! 3/8/16   18  
  19. 19. 3/8/16   19   •  “our coatings allow manu- facturers to dream up new products and processes”
 Founded in 2001.!
  20. 20. High quality, low cost 3D printer that enables designers/ engineers to create 3D forms with the touch of a button.! Founded in 2011.! 3/8/16   20  3D printed speaker
  21. 21. Connecting Industry to Startups