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2 worksheet society and sport discussion board


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Published in: Education
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2 worksheet society and sport discussion board

  1. 1. SOCIETY, SPORT AND ITS CONTRADICTIONS: “THE PARADOXES OF CURRENT SPORT” NAME AND SURNAMES: Ramón María Díaz-Cacho Díaz-Albo GROUP: 4ºA TOPIC TO WORK: Policy and sports CONCRETE TOPIC CHOSEN : Policy and Sports Newspaper or website: Third Information Publication date: 23-12-1013 HEADLINE: The policy in sport: a field of contradictions ABSTRACT: Enric Rodrigo, in this opinion article, tells that as different governments spend money on sports facilities for the celebration of great sporting events such as Olympic Games, World Soccer… while this government order people that they not to spend money. Moreover, this author tells that the big businessmen are benefiting from these events due to the advertising, construction, marketing… To finish this article, Enric tells the specific case that happen in Brazil due to the World Soccer where the government spend money in sport facilities while the people living in extreme poverty.
  2. 2. PERSONAL OPINION: In my opinion, I agree with this author because the governments tell us that all these sports facilities, sports events will improve the economy but the reality is not that, because the benefits are for the big companies while the society has to pay the costs of this events in the future. Moreover these sports events are a way to divert attention from the big problems that have the country, as the ancient Romans said: “Bread and Circuses”. Also, this sports events causes arising in people sexists, homophobic and racist attitudes. For finish my opinion, I want to tell you a thing: “The sports have the power to transform the world. It has the power to inspire, to unite people as few other things… It has more capacity than governments in breaking down social barriers.” Nelson Mandela. Society and Sport
  3. 3. Physical Education Department