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A Landing Page is NOT an MVP - Lean Startup Machine Ultimate


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Is a landing page an MVP? After looking at Eric Ries' and Ash Maurya's definition of an MVP, my conclusion is no. I offer 4 different types of MVPs (email, blog, paper, video). I also offer my version of Buffer MVP and how I made money in one day.

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A Landing Page is NOT an MVP - Lean Startup Machine Ultimate

  1. 1. A Landing Page is NOT an MVP @RamliJohn
  2. 2. Question... Is a landing page a minimum viable product?
  3. 3. Road to Richness 1 Think of an awesome idea 2 Create a sexy MVP landing page. 3 Get a billion sign ups before the product is built. 4 Build the product 5 Make a bazzilion dollars.
  4. 4. MVP A version of your “product” that maximizes validated learning by delivering and capturing customer value for the least amount of effort
  5. 5. Landing Pages Maximize validated learning Capture Value
  6. 6. Maximize Learning? signed up? You: Cool, let’s chat Customer: FU, spam! You: Why didn’t they sign up?!? Is it bad copy, design, AdWords?
  7. 7. Capture Value?
  8. 8. Riskiest Assumption MVP should test your riskiest assumption. The biggest risk for most startups is not technology but the market (i.e. get paid).
  9. 9. What about Buffer?
  10. 10. My Buffer MVP
  11. 11. I got paid!
  12. 12. Low Hack Your MVP Effort Paper MVP - ex. my Buffer MVP High Email MVP - ex. AngeList, TimeHop Blog MVP - ex. Groupon Video MVP - ex. Dropbox
  13. 13. Use Landing Page to Scale Value Capture Do things that don’t scale first, before you do - Paul Graham
  14. 14. Lesson learned: Ramli John Be patient for growth, but hungry for profits ($$$) @RamliJohn First MVP should not be scalable but capture value ($$$) Use a landing page to scale value capture through pre-orders