Oracle sql demo


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Oracle sql demo

  1. 1. Online Training
  2. 2.  Why SSG Infotech and What we do?  What is Database and how it works …Why need SQL  Topic Coverage for SQL  Lab Work Facility  Real-Time Experience Guidance  Placement AssistanceOnline Training
  3. 3. How Oracle Database WorksEnd User Web Server Database tier 10g Database Sql commands get executed as transaction is performed by the End userOnline Training
  4. 4. What is SQL SQL is Standard Query Language used to Access the Database Who uses SQL Why we Need SQL…..? Diff types of SQL Commands
  5. 5. • Providing Server Access • Configuring and allowing to access of Oracle from your Desktop. • Providing step by step Lab Work Sheet to practice. • 24/7 Server access during your Training Period. • Always Our Instructor available via online/email/phone to answer your questions during your Lab Work.Online Training
  6. 6. SQL – Part 1SQL: Introduction Commands Functions Clauses Constraints Joins Sub Queries Views Indexes Sequences SynonymsUsers and Schemas Introduction to Users and Schemas Definitions and Client Tools SQL Developer Login Creating An Application SchemaPseudo Columns & Functions Using The Dual Table Functions
  7. 7. Topic coverage for Oracle SQL Pseudo-Columns Using Rowid Using Rownum Using Subqueries Simple Subqueries Inline Views Correlated Subqueries Scalar Subquery Joining Tables Review of Joins Equijoins Inner Joins Outer Joins Cross Joins Natural Joins Using Named Subqueries Group Operations About Group Processing Simple GROUP BY ROLLUP Function
  8. 8. Topic Coverage for Oracle SQL Using Set Operators Set Operators Defined Relationship to Mathematical Set Theory Restrictions on Set Operators Conditional Processing The DECODE Function The Case Expression Exercise: Conditional Processing SQL Functions (Character) What Are SQL Functions? Character Functions CONCAT LENGTH INSTR REPLACE UPPER LOWER INITICAP LPAD RPAD TRIM TO_CHAR SOUNDEX
  9. 9. Topic Coverage for Oracle DBA SQL Functions (Non-Character) Numeric Functions The TO_CHAR Function with numbers Date/Time Functions Date Format Functions Date Arithmetic Functions Null Value Functions SQL Data Manipulation Language The INSERT Statement INSERT Statement Categories The UPDATE Statement The DELETE Statement Transactions Complex Table References The MERGE statement SQL – Part 2 – Advanced: Analytical Functions Queries for Queries Techniques to compare data. Efficiently writing SQL queries.
  10. 10. • Our Instructor with highly experienced with Real-time environments • Providing guidance and way to handle real-time environments • Providing instructions , day-to-day tasks, process follow-up of development and production support projects of real-time environment.Online Training
  11. 11. • SSG has a big Network with top MNC companies • Help you in resume preparation • Providing Placement AssistanceOnline Training
  12. 12. Online Training