Build and Run Marketing Campaigns That Drive Sales Results


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Learn how to use marketing automation technology to build and run marketing campaigns that significantly increase sales results.

See how you can:

-- Effortlessly integrate print, email, phone, mobile, web, and social media to connect with the target audience when they are ready to buy.
-- Convert more leads to paying customers by sending them timely, relevant and personalized messages.
-- Send only sales-ready leads to the sales team and help them close more deals—faster.
-- Avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks and focus on what moves the needle.

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Build and Run Marketing Campaigns That Drive Sales Results

  1. 1. BUILD AND RUN MARKETING CAMPAIGNSTHAT DRIVE SALES RESULTSExperience the Ultimate Multi-channel Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. You should hear us now.If not:Reference the number and access code provided to you via email,or call 949-474-4418, Option 2, for help.
  3. 3. Yes, we’re recording!Recording will beavailable within 24 hoursof the webinar.
  4. 4. How to interact with usSubmit  ques+ons/comments  during  the  session  via  chat  Raise  your  hand  during  Q&A  if  you  want  to  ask  a  ques+on  
  5. 5. Your hosts todayJoe  Manos  Execu+ve  Vice  President  @jemanos  Dave  Rosendahl  Co-­‐founder  @daverosendahl  Ramin  Zamani  EVP  of  Marke+ng  @raminzamani  
  6. 6. Agenda§  Meeting your clients’need à $ales§  4 steps to create marketing that drive sales results§  Interactive Demo: Multi-channel marketing campaign§  Action Items§  Q & A
  7. 7. Meeting your clients’needFact of life:Your clients want you to help them sell morestuff.If you do, you gain more business.If you don’t, you are fired…
  8. 8. An Example§  Ted RaymondPrincipal of Allegra Marketing & PrintSeven year MindFire partner§  Traditional printer that has evolved tomeet new customer needs§  85% of revenue comes from MarketingAutomation Services – which alsoincludes print!
  9. 9. Helping His Customers = SalesCase Study: American SolarObjective was creating a lead nurturing programto:§  Grow revenue by 30%§  Reduce cost p/conversion to < $200§  Increase p/rep sales to > $225,000 p/mo… by end of 2013
  10. 10. Proposed SolutionDeliverable is a comprehensive marketingautomation system, including:§  Comprehensive Nurturing Strategy§  Marketing automation integrated w/CRM§  Campaign logic development§  Ongoing content creation & deploymentInitial Deployment: $30,000Monthly Management: $1,500
  11. 11. Customer Win = Sales SuccessFirst month results:§  20 inquiries§  16 site visits§  $30k in revenue§  $240k in pipeline
  12. 12. Four key steps of an effectivemarketing campaignHow to build marketing campaigns thatdrive sales results
  13. 13. Four key steps ofan effective marketing campaign:1.  Create a personalized experience across multiple channels (LeadGeneration)2.  Build and cultivate a relationship (Lead Nurturing)3.  Find those who are most interested (Lead Scoring)4.  Send (only)“sales-ready”leads to the sales team – immediately
  14. 14. Create a personalized experienceacross multiple channelsSTEP 1Lead Generation
  15. 15.  People  are  busier  than  ever:  Media  consump6on  habits  have  changed  A9en6on  span  is  less  than  9  seconds.      
  16. 16. Create a personalized experienceacross multiple channels  §  Successful marketing campaigns utilize multiple channels to reachtheir target audience§  No single medium is strong enough to cut through the clutter.
  17. 17. Multi-channel Marketing CampaignDemo
  18. 18. Email
  19. 19. Text message
  20. 20. Direct Mail
  21. 21. Voice messageThis  is  a  sample  message  from  MindFire  Studio  for  ##firstname##  ##lastname##.  We  look  forward  to  mee+ng  with  you  in  ##des+na+on##.  Youll  find  our  group  wearing  ##color##  shirts.  See  you  soon!  
  22. 22. Tweet
  23. 23.    To  get  your  message  across  you  need  to:    Orchestrate  a  variety  of  carefully  selected  channels  CraA  a  personalized  relevant  message  And  send  it  in  a  6mely  fashion    
  24. 24. Build and cultivate a relationshipSTEP 2Lead Nurturing
  25. 25. You’ve got their attention, now what?§  You need to build, maintainand cultivate a relationshipby“keeping in touch…”§  Guide the prospects in thefunnel by sending helpful,relevant informationEngaged   Customer  New  lead  
  26. 26. Find those who are mostinterested and engagedSTEP 3Lead Scoring
  27. 27. Score  =  0   New  lead:  a  name  (Subscribed  to  your  newsle[er)  Sales  check-­‐in  call  +10  Responded  to  your  direct  mail  Score  =  10  +7  days  +5  Visited  your  microsite  (submi[ed  a  page  +10)  Score  =  15  +3  days  +7  Clicked  your  email  (downloaded  an  eBook)  Score  =  22  +10  days  +15  A[ended  your  Webinar/demo  Score  =  37  Automated  no+fica+on  to  sales  team   …    +5  days  
  28. 28. Send (only) sales-ready leads to thesales team for immediate actionSTEP 4Prompt Follow Up
  29. 29. Immediately notify sales rep
  30. 30. How to get started?
  31. 31. Conclusion§  Multi-channel Marketing is a key focus area for your customers§  According to Horn Group and Kelton Research:–  80% of CMOs list integrated marketing services as a top focus area–  60% of the same group are actively searching for help§  If you are going to be a relevant resource for your customers, you have tobe in the game – NOW!§  The right technology makes you a critical resource
  32. 32. Take it from Ted“Be like Nike … JUST DO IT! If you wait untilyou’re comfortable, you’ll never start!”“Start with a simple campaign, and learn fromthe experience.”“Build a multi-channel marketing automationcampaign for yourself.”“Work with a client who is collaborative.”“Find the right partner.”
  33. 33. What to do next? Take Action!§  Try MindFire Studio for Free:§  Schedule a free 1:1 business consulting session§  Sign-up for an introduction webinar
  34. 34. Questions…
  35. 35. Contact usJoe  Manos  Execu+ve  Vice  President  @jemanos  Dave  Rosendahl  Co-­‐founder  @daverosendahl  Ramin  Zamani  EVP  of  Marke+ng  @raminzamani  
  36. 36. Thank You J
  37. 37. Image credits•••