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I Swiped Right on Your Metadata Last Summer


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Bsides Melbourne 2019 Presentation

Published in: Technology
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I Swiped Right on Your Metadata Last Summer

  2. 2. Who Am I? #BSidesMelb19
  3. 3. Background • Minimal research • Interest in smartphone forensics #BSidesMelb19
  4. 4. Applications • Lack of research • .nomedia files • AES encrypted databases #BSidesMelb19
  5. 5. Challenges faced #BSidesMelb19
  6. 6. Entities involved #BSidesMelb19
  7. 7. Process #BSidesMelb19 Setup smartphones Acquire mobile phones Analyse disk images
  8. 8. Structure Tinder Snapchat #BSidesMelb19
  9. 9. Key Findings - Snapchat Recovered: – Notification information – .nomedia files – AES encrypted DB – Story information #BSidesMelb19
  10. 10. Key Findings - Snapchat #BSidesMelb19
  11. 11. Key Findings – Tinder tinder-3.db 17378-legacy_tinder-1.db Personal details – User & Matched user Photos (account and matched Match - Tinder details • Creation date • Last activity date Photo metadata Message details User information Android metadata SQLite sequence data #BSidesMelb19
  12. 12. Takeaways • Just because it’s “gone” it doesn’t mean it’s gone… • Be mindful of your personal information • My dog got more super likes on Tinder than me #BSidesMelb19
  13. 13. Further Work #BSidesMelb19
  14. 14. Questions? #BSidesMelb19 @drunkrhin0