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  1. 1. RAMESH VIJAY RAGHAVAN Chennai - India Email:; M: +91-9176055806 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Seasoned Professional Banker with 35+ years of strong operational background in all areas of Banking & Finance. Explored varied opportunities with proven track record in Corporate & Regional Planning, Strategic Planning, Electronic Payment & Settlement systems, begin-to-end process definition, Business analytics for application software, Credit sanctions, Priority Credit & Financial Inclusion, customer segmentation, Electronic Products & services and Marketing. Strengths include strong work commitment, integrity and strong interpersonal skills, with well- developed leadership quality and excellent communication skills. Out-of-the-box thinking has been a continuous positive factor to solve complex problems with creativity. Overall a thorough-bred professional. TOTAL WORK EXPERIENCE: 39 Years. INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK: NOV 1980 - MARCH 2016 Indian Overseas Bank: A leading commercial Bank in India in the Nationalised sector having 3,600+ branches with total business of about Rs. 4.10 lakh crores headquartered at Chennai, India. IOB has overseas branch presence in five countries & representative offices in six countries. Chief Regional Manager, Vellore Region (June 2014 – March 2016 – until retirement) Job Profile: 1) Responsible for growth of qualitative Bank’s business in Vellore Region having 91 branches in line with corporate objectives 2) Business growth acceleration and P & L responsibility 3) Management of key customer and external relationships 4) Broadbasing business 5) Building the team of 500+ members for attitude-building & excellence in customer service & NPA recovery
  2. 2. 6) Internal marketing & educating customers to adopt alternate electronic modes for financial services 7) Priority credit expansion, Financial Inclusion & other social aspects of Banking 8) Control functions including branch visits, inspection & Audit MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS  Achieved5000+ crores of business mix in two years from 3,800 crores  All business parameters were positive excluding credit mainly due to stressedeconomic situation. CASA % stood at above 50. Deputy General Manager, Transaction Banking Dept, Central Office, Chennai (June 2013 - May 2014) Job Profile: Responsibility for following activities:  Maintenance of CBS servers, trouble-shooting, DRS  ATMs, PoS terminals, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, E-commerce & Cheque Truncation  Reviewing & finalising contracts with partners for ATM maintenance, Visa, MasterCard, NPCI & service providers for switch, 3rd factor authentication, reconciliation of transactions, etc  Management of Debit & Credit cards & Fraud Risk Management  Restructuring processes to lower overheads, improve TAT, increase usage & fee-based income  Cash Back offers & Loyalty Rewards program  Participation in various Steering Committees of NPCI  Implementation of KYC / AML guidelines through software controls MAJOR ACHIVEMENTS  Introduction of Prepaid Gift card, Kisan Credit card, special “Connect” Debit card for Youth, EMV Chip card, SME card  Recovery of excess taxes paid and process fine-tuning resultedin a saving of about Rs. 4 crores during the year AGM / DGM – Planning Dept, Central Office, Chennai (August 2012 – May 2013) Job Profile: 1) Planning the growth of business in key parameters & profitability & breaking down to quarterly goals 2) Research & analysis of past performance, performance of peer banks, economic & political scenario, geographical performance
  3. 3. 3) Follow-up on monthly progress & taking corrective actions to ensure projected growth – review of loss-incurring branches, cost / yield of funds, NII, NIM, etc. 4) Most importantly, strategic planning was the key to achieve set goals, which involved branch expansion, HR requirements, introduction of new products & services 5) Finalising the Vision–Mission Statement Document for the 7 years 2013 – 2020 6) The Book of Instructions, the Basic manual for syste ms & processes was made current 7) Public Relations & Advertising AGM, Chief Representative, Vietnam (November 2009 – July 2012) Job Profile: 1) Sourcing business of NRIs in Vietnam 2) Off-shore lending through Singapore Branch 3) Upgrading the Representative Office to full-fledged branch. This has not happened till date due to licencing issues in both countries and lack of political will AGM, Residency Road Branch, Bangalore (December 2008 – October 2009) Job Profile: 1) Improving the business / profitability of the branch 2) Shifting the branch to a new premises first to improve brand image 3) Sizeable recoveries in NPA accounts & growth in CASA exceeded expectations Middle & Senior Management grades – Information Technology Dept, Central Office, Chennai (February 1995 – July 2008) Job Profile: 1) Conversion to TBA & then to CBS of home-grown software 2) Version control 3) ISO (re)certifications of IT Dept. 4) Moving over to Primary Data Centre & DRS 5) Network Management 6) Business analysis 7) Application design & development of Net banking software, HR & ATM transaction handling & reconciliation software 8) Stand-alone ATMs to networked ATMs with local software to migration to centralized switch 9) Card Management – from pure ATM cards to Debit cards in association with Visa & then RuPay
  4. 4. 10) Introduction of Bank’s own credit card & prepaid Travel card 11) Procurement of hardware & system software 12) Email & website management 13) Defining & implementing IT control systems 14) Creation of policies in all the above areas Initial years in IOB – Officer in various branches in Trichy, Kolkatta, Vellore, Delhi & Pondicherry including rural branches near Pondicherry (November 1980 – January 1995) Job Profile: 1) Branch Management including internal controls 2) Improving the business / profitability of branches 3) Customer centric service offering Previous experience before joining IOB (April 1977 – October 1980) Worked for Tube Investments as Audit Assistant (1½ years) & then as clerk in Bank of India (2 years) ACADEMIC RECORDS Other qualifications: ICWAI (Inter), CAIIB Graduation : B.Com, 1976 from Loyola College, Madras University PERSONAL DETAILS Father’s Name : Late Mr. V. Raghavan Date of Birth : 22nd March 1956 Marital Status : Married Gender : Male LanguagesKnown : English, Hindi, Tamil Address : Block 3, FE, Jain Naksatra Apts, 82, Union Road Chinna Nolambur, Maduravoyal, Chennai – 600095 Tamilnadu, India

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