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Madras School of Economics Gen Quiz 2013 Finals

A general quiz conduced by Ramesh Natarajan and Aniruddh Sudarshan for Madras School of Economics in 2013.

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Madras School of Economics Gen Quiz 2013 Finals

  1. 1. Madras School of Economics Quiz Finals Ramesh Natarajan Aniruddh Sudarshan - With Contributions from Krishnakumar S Gaurav Sundararaman
  2. 2. FINALS
  4. 4. The Battle of Zela was a battle fought in 47BC between Julius Caesar and Pharnaces II of the Kingdom of Pontus. Why has this battle gained significance in the annals of history?
  5. 5. And the answer is…
  6. 6. After winning this battle, Caesar reportedly wrote to a friend in Rome, describing the short war : Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)
  7. 7. The lady on the left is Queen Elizabeth I. Why are she and the women around her represented in this manner? Time frame : 13th century
  8. 8. And the answer is…
  9. 9. The Sugar Revolution. Sugar was a fairly new commodity in the 13th century. Elizabeth I consumed so much sugar that her teeth became black and decayed. It was a sign of opulence. To show their loyalty towards the Queen, other women in the court also started consuming excess quantities of sugar.
  10. 10. The Missionary Church of Kopimism (in Swedish Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet), is a religion founded by a 19-year-old philosophy student Isak Gerson. The Church, based in Sweden, has been officially recognized by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency ("kammarkollegiet") as a religious community, after three application attempts. What do people who believe in this religion follow? What you see aside is a symbol of the religion. Can you fill up the two blanked out areas? [5+5]
  11. 11. And the answer is…
  12. 12. A belief that all information can be freely distributed. Basically file-sharing. The two blanked out areas are Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V
  13. 13. The tall chef’s hat or toque blanche traditionally had a hundred pleats. Why so?
  14. 14. And the answer is…
  15. 15. Represents the number of ways in which egg could be cooked.
  16. 16. Every year, the American Dialect Society designates a word as “Word of The Year”. Which word won the “Word of the Year 2012”? This is what the website had to say – “______ won for Word of the Year. Though it didn't look like an early favorite, the crowd was won over by arguments that it was the most linguistically interesting. It is a word for a written symbol in a written medium that has now crossed over into speech. What's more, its purpose is for speakers to make comments about their own speech. The word of the year is a word for talking about words, making it a very wordy word indeed.”
  17. 17. And the answer is…
  18. 18. Hashtag
  19. 19. Fill in the blank. ________ magazines were magazines published in North America in the 1930s to 1960s that featured photographs of attractive, muscular young men in athletic poses. While their primary market was gay men, until the 1960s, they were typically presented as being magazines dedicated to encouraging fitness and health - the models were often shown demonstrating exercises.
  20. 20. And the answer is…
  21. 21. Beefcake Magazines
  22. 22. ________ _______ (Latin) is an alchemical term for the process of creating the philosopher's stone. It has been used to describe personal and spiritual transmutation in the Hermetic tradition, attached to laboratory processes and chemical color changes, used as a model for the individuation process, and as a device in art and literature. What is the term?
  23. 23. And the answer is…
  24. 24. Magnum Opus.
  25. 25. A _______ _______ company is a development stage company that has no specific business plan or purpose or has indicated its business plan is to engage in a merger/acquisition with an unidentified company or companies, other entity, or person. These companies typically involve speculative investments and often fall within the SEC’s definiton of “penny stocks” or are considered “microcap stocks”. Fill in the blanks.
  26. 26. And the answer is…
  27. 27. Blank Check Company.
  28. 28. For what reason was the following video made?
  29. 29. And the answer is…
  30. 30. Release of the book Oath of the Vayuputras Sung by Sonu Nigam
  31. 31. Connect the 2 songs. Audio 1 Audio 2
  32. 32. And the answer is…
  33. 33. Songs sung by winners of Indian Idol. Abhijeet Sawant – Indian Idol 1 Sreeram Chandra Mynampati –Indian Idol 5
  34. 34. The reference to sweat in the name of this beverage tends to have a humorous connotation for native English speakers. However, the name was chosen originally for the purpose of marketing the product as a sports drink in Japan, where people generally do not mentally translate names appearing in English and are not bothered by the connotation. It was largely derived from the notion of what it is intended to supply to the drinker: all of the nutrients and electrolytes lost when sweating. The first part of the name, does not have any meaning; the word was coined for its light, bright sound. Which product (two word) is being referring to?
  35. 35. And the answer is…
  36. 36. Pocari Sweat .. Not Pookari Sweat which Khushwant Singh and his writing would have reveled.
  37. 37. Last year it was Abbey. Before that there were Kate, Kate’s Dirty Sister, Luscious Liz, Randy Mandy, Kinky Kylie, Julie. What is it this year and what’s the context?
  38. 38. And the answer is…
  39. 39. Sebastian Vettel’s F1 Car Names. This year it is Hungry Heidi.
  40. 40. _________ fault tolerance is a sub-field of fault tolerance research where the objective is to be able to defend against failures, in which components of a system fail in arbitrary ways (i.e., not just by stopping or crashing but by processing requests incorrectly, corrupting their local state, and/or producing incorrect or inconsistent outputs.). Correctly functioning components will be able to correctly provide the system’s service assuming there are not too many faulty components. Fill in the blank.
  41. 41. And the answer is…
  42. 42. Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Historical reference - The Byzantine State experienced frequent treachery among the high levels of its administration.
  43. 43. This Russian word was first used to describe the Tsarist attacks on the Jews in 1881 in Russia. In 1938, Hitler ordered a general ‘one of these’ in Germany wherein all synagogues were destroyed and nearly all Jewish shops and homes, hospitals and children’s homes suffered. During the subsequent war Jews of central Europe were systematically exterminated in cold blood by the Nazis. What word?
  44. 44. And the answer is…
  45. 45. Pogrom
  46. 46. Turner, Duxbury, McGrath, Moran, Albiston, Hogg, Blackmore, Moses, Stapleton, Davenport, Barnes. Funda?
  47. 47. And the answer is…
  48. 48. First Manchester United XI managed by Sir Alex Ferguson.
  49. 49. Also called the Hemingway or the Hemingway Champagne, this is a cocktail made up of absinthe and Champagne invented by Ernest Hemingway. The cocktail shares a name with a Hemingway book, and the recipe was published in a 1935 cocktail book with contributions from famous authors. It could also be a condition which occurs after consuming an Andhra Meals heavy lunch.
  50. 50. And the answer is…
  51. 51. Death in the afternoon.
  52. 52. The man initially chosen for this role was Vijendra Ghatge, an established character actor in Hindi cinema, who had also earned recognition as Vrushbhaan in Buniyaad. But Ghatge turned the role down on learning that it would require him to play an elderly figure for a large portion of onscreen time. Also, Buniyaad’s schedule was clashing with this show, and so the Chopras thought it wise to replace Ghatge. “Stature-wise, jo usko costume aaye, woh isko fit aa gaye”, was their opinion. Who eventually played the role in question?
  53. 53. And the answer is…
  54. 54. Mukesh Khanna.
  55. 55. Current Affairs : This reclusive author has sued a literary agent, claiming that he tricked the ageing writer into assigning him copyright on the classic book. The move marks a rare step into the spotlight for the author, who is known for keeping a low profile for such a household name, living quietly in a tiny town in the deep south of America and eschewing almost all media requests. Author in question?
  56. 56. And the answer is…
  57. 57. Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
  59. 59. This disinfectant was used in the 1920s as a vaginal douching product, suggesting it prevented infection and odor. It was also peddled as birth control before being marketed in its present role as a household cleaner. Deaths due to it got the attention of playwright Tennessee Williams who wrote two plays in which characters choose it to end their lives. Which disinfectant?
  60. 60. And the answer is…
  61. 61. Lysol
  62. 62. In this year's National Awards, the award for best cinematography was won by Sudheer Palsane for a film named "KO:YAD". The language in which the film was made is not a commonly known Indian language. It is also known as Plains Miri/Takam, and is a TibetoBurman language. There are over 500,000 speakers of it who inhabit around 10 districts of Assam. What language is this?
  63. 63. And the answer is…
  64. 64. Mishing
  65. 65. A _________ fan works differently than conventional fans. It uses Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in air and amplify it up to 18 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. With no blades or grille, the fan is safe, easy to clean and doesn't cause unpleasant buffeting. FITB and where in TV popular culture would you have seen it?
  66. 66. And the answer is…
  67. 67. Dyson Air Multiplier Sheldon Cooper’s room in The Big Bang Theory.
  68. 68. In Microsoft Powerpoint, in the Smart Art list options, there is a list that can be chosen as shown below. What is the name of this list?
  69. 69. And the answer is…
  70. 70. Chevron list.
  71. 71. The first attempt at transcribing the Algonquian words for a tribal leader came out as cawcawwassoughes. Realizing that this was not remotely satisfactory it was modified to a still somewhat hopeful coucorouse. It took a later generation to simplify it further to the form we know today. What's the good word?
  72. 72. And the answer is…
  73. 73. Caucus.
  74. 74. According to an August 2009 New York Times article, this modern-day popular expression came from the late-90’s Japanese video game Blazing Star. The game was notorious for its fractured English. Specifically, the expression came from a mangled translation – “You _____ it, your skill is not good enough, see you next time, bye-bye!”
  75. 75. And the answer is…
  76. 76. Fail.
  77. 77. Barrier Island is a coastal landform in which narrow strips of sand are parallel to the mainland coast. Name the barrier island that separates Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal?
  78. 78. And the answer is…
  79. 79. Sriharikota.
  80. 80. Early settlers in the United States faced many dangers like forest fires, so the settlers adopted a practice to prevent these fires which gave rise to a popular phrase and a combat strategy. There were also times when things got out of hand and the strategy mentioned above failed; which again gave rise to another quite popular term/phrase. Give both.
  81. 81. And the answer is…
  82. 82. To Fight Fire with Fire. Backfire.
  83. 83. “X to Y" is an American English idiom conveying the meaning of "from beginning to end". It is derived from the description of a full course dinner, in which courses progress from X to a dessert of Y. It is comparable to expressions in other languages, such as the Latin phrase ab ovo usque ad mala ("from the egg to the apples"), describing the typical Roman meal.
  84. 84. And the answer is…
  85. 85. Soup-to-Nuts
  86. 86. As part of a welfare scheme, the UP government headed by Akhilesh Yadav donated about 10,000 HP G4 laptops to deserving students on Monday, but the students were in for a shock when the system crashed when a basic function was performed. Vishnu Mohan, the marketing manager of UP Electronic Corporation Ltd had said that they had included a manual which clearly stated that the laptop should not be tampered with, but he had been receiving many complaints with the same problem. What was the basic function which had caused the laptops to crash?
  87. 87. And the answer is…
  88. 88. Changing the wallpaper
  89. 89. In 1985, the paleontologists who had the task of naming a 15 million old, 30 foot long snake fossil, with large pointed teeth reasoned the choice of name was because it was found on an X or small hill, but the real reason behind the naming of such a creature says Australian paleontologist John Scanlon was because everyone who had a pet snake would most probably call it X. Years of unearthing new fossils has rendered this naming redundant and now the fossil snake is reclassified and is not longer called X. What was the name of this fossil?
  90. 90. And the answer is…
  91. 91. Monty Python. The species name was Montypythonoides Riversleighensis.
  92. 92. What is the Sanskrit word when translated to English means ‘thus-verily-happened’ which denotes collectively the epic poems which form the core canon of the Hindu scriptures?
  93. 93. And the answer is…
  94. 94. Itihasa.
  95. 95. Complying with Indian Law the real name of the victim of the Delhi Gang rape was not revelead and hence the media used various pseudonyms to refer to the victim like Jagruti meaning awareness, Nirbhaya (fearless one) and Delhi Braveheart. Another name used by media was in reference to a 1993 film which dealt with how woman fights for justice. Name the film.
  96. 96. And the answer is…
  97. 97. Damini.
  98. 98. Camille Claudel was a French Sculptor who was madly in love with the famous sculptor Augste Rodin, but their love didn’t materialize due to his long term commitment to his model Rose Beuret. Claudel was torn apart by jealousy and turned her attention to this sculpture (pictured next slide) on which she worked seven days of her week; taking inspiration from her own life and a classical work from the 4th century AD in which the protagonist forgets his beloved. Name the sculpture.
  99. 99. And the answer is…
  100. 100. Sakuntala. Kalidasa’s plays were quite popular during the time and were translated into English,German and French; in addition to being adapted to multiple Operas
  101. 101. The speaker is a Sankar/K.C.Sivasankaran “My father had told my mother to put us in a corporation school so that we did not remain idle. Corporation schools did not charge any fee. So she took me and my younger brother to the corporation school in Broadway. There, as a test, we were asked to write the sentence, George V is our King. I wrote it immediately. I had beautiful handwriting. I was admitted to the fifth standard and my brother to the third standard. Because of my handwriting, the teachers always made me write the daily proverb on the notice board — this went on till high school.” What is his claim to fame?
  102. 102. And the answer is…
  103. 103. Chandamama Sankar. He started drawing for Chandamama in 1951 and has been cartooning for them till date (2011, as per the latest news report I could gather) !
  104. 104. Computing can be as much combat as collaboration between people and machines, and the ___________ problem is a perfect example. Entirely innocent words can fall victim to machine filth-filters thanks to unfortunate sequences of letters within them – and, in ___________’s case, it's the second to fifth letters that create the difficulty. The effect was labelled in honour of the town in 1996, when AOL temporarily prevented any ___________ residents from creating user accounts; but those who live in Penistone, South Yorkshire – or people with surnames like Cockburn – may be equally familiar with algorithms' censorious tendencies.
  105. 105. And the answer is…
  106. 106. Scunthorpe
  107. 107. This Tartan has a particular name. It is officially registered on the Scottish Register of Tartans. The design is based on the traditional colours of the entity in question - orange and navy blue - together with the green and yellow of the country to which the entity belongs. What is the name of the tartan?
  108. 108. And the answer is…
  109. 109. Sikh Tartan
  110. 110. THE END

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A general quiz conduced by Ramesh Natarajan and Aniruddh Sudarshan for Madras School of Economics in 2013.


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