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Herba LIfe

  1. 1. Through Cellular Nutrition, healthy nutrientshelp nourish your cells with our exclusiveblends of nutrients that provide vitamins,antioxidants and minerals to support cellfunction. In this way, our products deliverhealthy nutrients to cells throughout the body,as part of a healthy diet. Cells are the basic unitof the human body, providing the power foreverything you do–from thinking to growing.For example, our products are formulatedto support healthy villi, the tiny finger-likestructures along the intestine wall that actas “gatekeepers,” helping your body absorb more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while protecting you from toxins. The healthier your villi, the more efficiently your cells can absorb nourishment–and the healthier you’ll be. Herbalife maximizes Cellular Nutrition through unique, scientific formula- tions. It’s the select blends of high quality ingredients and the methods used to preserve their nutrient value. It’s the way we personalize programs to address each individual’s needs... it’s the Herbalife advantage.
  2. 2. “I was overweight and unhealthy.KILOSLOST Herbalife products were a true blessing, as using them made me reduce 21 kilos in 16 weeks. Thanks to Herbalife, today I feel more energetic and fit than ever before.”** 96 KILOS 75 KILOS Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix / Mango Flavor.
  3. 3. KILOS LOST 72 KILOS 51 KILOS“I made major effort to reduceweight initially. But on Herbalifeproducts I have reduced amazing21kgs in 6 months and 9 inchesaround the waistline. In the processI have got back a new me and myconfidence.”*Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix &Personalized Protein Powder.
  4. 4. KILOS LOST KILOS LOST 74 kilos 113 kilos 59 kilos** 85 kilos** After my marriage, I gained weight and I could not fit into many of my favorite clothes. I can be a great source of came to know about Herbalife support. weight management program. Using the products very yourself regularly to check soon I reduced 14 inches & your progress. 15 amazing kilos. I feel great to be back in shape. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix / Vanilla Flavor. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix & Personalized Protein Powder.
  5. 5. KILOS LOST 72 KILOS 55 KILOS“As a housewife with two childrenbeing overweight was a majorproblem. I tried all diets and fitnessregimen but did not help.As suggested by a friend I wenton Formula 1 shakes and within 3months, I reduced 18inches and17kilos.”**Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix.
  6. 6. For the first time in mylife, I am absolutely happyabout my skin.“I was totally troubledby my skin and usedvarious products, butfound no solution. I triedNouriFusion™. ImmediatelyI could find the difference inthe way my skin felt. My facefelt smoother and lookedbetter than ever before.”*
  7. 7. H E R B A L I F E I N A C T I O NH E R B A L I F E F A M I LY F O U N D AT I O N
  8. 8. © 2008 Herbalife International Inc., USA, All rights reserved. Printed in India.Printed by: NPT Offset Press Pvt. Ltd., B-59, SIPCOT Industrial Park,Irungattukottai - 602 105, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Tamilnadu, INDIANet Qty: 1N, MRP Rs. 32/- (Inclusive of all taxes)For suggestions & feedback contact: Distributor Service Officer, Herbalife International India Pvt. Ltd.#14, Vaswani Wilshire, Commissariat Road, Bangalore - 560025 Ph: 080 40311444SKU# 5942-IN-10 Making the world healthier.