Duane Forrester - SEO and Marketing when Bootstrapped


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Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing shares his many insights on SEO and marketing, even when you have no budget and very limited time.

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Duane Forrester - SEO and Marketing when Bootstrapped

  1. 1. @duaneforresterBing Webmaster ToolsSpeaks at shows, runs forums and blog,provides guidance on new WM toolswww.bing.com/toolbox/webmastersDoes he have a clue?12+ years as an inhouse SEO; ran seo atMSN; has helped Disney, GAP, Walmart +http://www.linkedin.com/in/dforresterAnd this helps me how?Blogging since 2001; owns 150 domains;makes money onlinehttp://twitter.com/DuaneForresterwhat does duane do at bingYour data, always fully provided.
  2. 2. • Crawlability– Xml sitemaps– Navigational structure– Rich media cautions– Graceful degradation– URL structure– Robots.txt• Site Structure– Internal Links– URL structure and keyword usage– Clean URLs – no extraneous parameters (sessions,tracking, etc.)– HTML & XML sitemaps– Content hierarchy– Rel-canonical usage to manage duplication issues– Rich media – don’t bury links in Javascript/flash/silverlight/AJAX– Responsive design for managing mobile & web• On-Page– Head copy• Titles – unique, relevant, 60 characters or so long• Descriptions – unique, relevant, grammatically correct,160 or fewer characters– Body Copy• H1, H2 and other H tag usage• ALT tag importance & usage• Keyword usage within the content/text• Anchor text – using target keywords to support otherinternal pages• Content– Build based on keyword research– Down-level experience enhances discoverability– Keep out of rich media and images– Produce new content frequently– Make it unique – don’t reuse content from othersources– Content management – using 301s to reclaim valuefrom retiring content/pages– <LINK> canonical to help engines understand whichpage should be indexed and have value attributed to it– 404 error page management to help cleanse old pagesfrom search engine indexes• Links– Plan for incoming & outgoing link generation– Internal & external link management– Content selection – planning where to link to– Link promotion via social spaces – direct traffic & seovalue– Managing anchor text properly– URL structure can help insert keywords where they areneeded• Social– Be an authority– Build your community– Interact often– Share useful content– Be consistent and useful– Grow facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.Your data, always fully provided.
  3. 3. • Robots.txt• Build carefully so you don’t accidentally block us• Sitemaps• Keep them clean, accurate and current• Navigation• Can we easily crawl the site to find your content?• Rich Media• Be careful to expose any links inside rich media in your sitemaps• Reasons to compel us• Creating highly engaging experiences drives people to you – which attracts usYour data, always fully provided.There are no promises: we may crawl, but we compare quality & need before we index
  4. 4. • Skip m. domains• m. domains produce unwantedduplication• Responsive design is your friend• HTML5 can helpYour data, always fully provided.
  5. 5. Where does SEO fit in?Content Social User Experience Link Building SEOYour data, always fully provided.
  6. 6. • What else will be considered “search”?• Mobile image capturing• Voice activated search• APPs are refined search experiences• Gestures could indicate search intent• Look at kids today and the habits theyare developing to help understandwhat they will need in the future fromtechnologyThink about how people looking for your business will find you using the technologiesavailable to them. Smart phones, in-car systems, tablets, xBox, etc.Your data, always fully provided.
  7. 7. Your data, always fully provided.Trusted RSS feedsCopy &PasteAUTOMATEDAUTOMATEDMANUAL
  8. 8. Your data, always fully provided.