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Utilities Asset Engineer Drainage.doc

  1. 1. Job Description Utilities Asset Engineer Drainage Group: Assets and Engineering Team: Utilities Responsible To: Utilities Asset Manager Directly Supervising: Nil Job Summary and Purpose: To support the Utilities Asset Manager in the provision of a professional service in the planning, programming and development of drainage assets. To provide quality, timely advice to the Utilities Asset Manager and the community on key issues of service levels, affordability and risk with respect to Council’s drainage supply. Organisational Context Chief Executive Officer Group Manager Group Manager Group Manager Group Manager Finance and Chief Executive Customer and Policy and Assets and Corporate Officer’s Group Business Planning Engineering Development Services Utilities Manager Utilities Utilities Asset Utilities Asset Information Engineer Engineer Water Systems Officer Drainage Important Functional Relationships External Internal Other Local Authorities Assets and Engineering Group Staff Professional Service Providers Councillors and Community Board Members Consultants and Contractors Other Council staff Ratepayers and Members of the Public Central Government Departments utilities-asset-engineer-drainagedoc2086.doc Page 1 Date Amended: Aug 2008
  2. 2. Vision • In 20 years time, we want to find a District where. The environment is valued, cared for and improved so that future generations will be able to access what this generation now enjoys. People enjoy a healthy and safe lifestyle where value and diversity are respected. The economy is based on a wide range of activities that are friendly to the environment. Mission In order to achieve this vision Council has agreed to: • Provide people with best value service by implementing plans that deliver social, cultural, environmental and economic progress across the Western Bay of Plenty District. Key Achievement Areas This job encompasses the following major functions or Key Achievement Areas: • The provision of a professional service in the planning, programming and development of Council’s drainage assets. • The valuation of drainage assets to meet Council and Audit New Zealand requirements. • The review of service levels, risk analysis and future demands for drainage assets. • Ensuring that the drainage assets meet the service needs of the community in an economically sustainable manner. • The development and maintenance of asset management plans and processes for Council’s infrastructure. • Input into (Long Term Council Community Plan) LTCCP and Annual Plan budget development. • Co-ordinating the delivery of contracts that will ensure service levels are met. • Ensuring that professional policy advice is provided to the Utilities Asset Manager and Council on asset management issues. • Maintaining and improving customer orientation in asset management. • To deputise for the Utilities Asset Manager when required. • Subdivision inspections and approved support. • Undertake engineering and survey work as required. • Development and enforcement of bylaws. • Asset Management Plan (Drainage) • Corporate and Community participation • Reporting, analysing, programming • Operational reviews of maintenance contracts • Capital expenditure development – selected projects. The requirements in the Key Achievement Areas are broadly identified below. kur:kur:219744 Page 2 Date Amended: Aug 2008
  3. 3. What am I Supposed to do? How well am I Supposed to do it? Asset Management Plans Manage, update and implement Asset Asset Management Plans are prepared and updated Management Plans for: periodically. Drainage. Validate Asset Management Plan(s) and system As-built data and corrections to existing data obtained databases. from consultants/ contractors are checked for accuracy and entered appropriately into all relevant databases in conjunction with Information Systems Officer. Asset Management systems developed. Processes are developed. Data validated. Critical assets assessed for condition and performance. Develop, review and implement a detailed three Timeframes met. year plan improvement programme that includes: Plan in place and reported progress to programme in Key performance measures. corporate system. Monitoring and review procedures. Prepare and implement Asset Agreed by external auditor against International Infrastructure Management Manual. renewal/ replacement plan that includes: - renewal and replacement assets - needs ,costs and timing - deferred renewals and risk analysis - funding strategy. Outcomes incorporated into action plans. Timeframes met. Progress made towards advanced Asset Plan in Place. Management Plan. Outcomes implemented. Asset Management Plans implemented and monitored. Community Participation Undertake levels of service review including Identify gaps between customer expectations and customer research and expectations. perceived service quality and develop strategies to obtain desired level of service. Strategic and corporate goals. Legislative requirements are met. Legislative requirements, all in liaison and co- operation with Strategy Group. Satisfactory audit review. Provide support to Asset and Engineering officers Customer satisfaction levels maintained at a high level. in dealing with critical customer interaction. Reporting/ Analysis/ Programs Prepare reports to Utilities Asset Manager, Concise, professional and complete reports prepared in Council and committees and others as required. a timely manner. Accurate information and advice provided to Council, committees, internal staff and external agencies/ consultants in a timely manner. Prepare professional service briefs for Utilities Brief prepared in an accurate and timely manner. Asset Manager approval. Compliance with brief is achieved. kur:kur:219744 Page 3 Date Amended: Aug 2008
  4. 4. What am I Supposed to do? How well am I Supposed to do it? Corporate Participation Comply with all relevant legislative and Corporate Requirements met. Policy requirements. Co-operate with other groups in the development Agreed standards, budgets and timeframes met. or review of corporate plans and policies including strategic plans, customer service plans, financial plans and quality management system. Operational Reviews of Maintenance Contracts Carry out reviews of maintenance contracts for Reviews completed within agreed timeframes. drainage. Seek out best contracting practice, procurement Contracting practice to best industry standard methods and best alignment of contracts to achieved. corporate outcomes. Recommend, then implement approved changes. Outcomes implemented within agreed timeframes. Capital Expenditure Development Undertake capital development on selected Projects delivered with agreed budget, timeframes and projects using external consultants/ contractors as specifications. appropriate. Capture and Maintain Council Information Actively demonstrate commitment to the Apply business policies and procedures for EDRMS. Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS). Other duties as required. To agreed standards, budgets and timeframes. NB: The above performance standards are provided as a guide only. The precise performance measures for this job will need further discussion between the jobholder and manager as part of the performance development process. Work Complexity Most challenging duties typically undertaken: • Review and analyse demand management, develop and implement strategies. • Undertake risk management analysis of all drainage assets, and provide best possible set of solutions to mitigate risk. • Undertake reviews of Contracts in order to analyse the best method of procuring services and provide best possible set of solutions. • Develop strategies for renewal of assets based upon optimised decision making processes. • Prepare professional services briefs that ensure Council/Community outcomes are achieved through consideration of valuable options. • Undertake conflict resolution where necessary to ensure customer satisfaction levels are maintained. • Undertake Levels of Service reviews in consultation with Council/Community and identify gaps and develop strategies to close service delivery gaps. • Develop funding strategies for Asset Management. kur:kur:219744 Page 4 Date Amended: Aug 2008
  5. 5. Key Relationship Skills Key internal and/ or external Nature of the contact most typical. (eg. courtesy, giving/ receiving information, contacts explaining things, liaising, advising, gaining co-operation, facilitating, influencing and persuading, resolving minor conflicts, mediating, negotiating, formal negotiation, supervising, leading.) Consultants Courtesy, giving/ receiving information, explaining things, liaising, Members of the Public advising, gaining co-operation, facilitating, resolving minor conflicts. Clubs and Organisations Some mediation required with contractors/ general public. Councillors and Community Boards Strategy and Resource Management staff Finance and Corporate Development Group Asset Managers Council Requirements To provide the best possible service to the public, promote excellent customer and public relations and to promote a good image of Council. To aid the implementation and ongoing development of the Quality Management System, throughout the organisation, meeting our business and customer needs. To undertake work to a consistently high standard, appropriate to the needs and expectations of the customer. To encourage a harmonious atmosphere by co-operating with and endeavouring to assist other Council staff. To take all practical steps to ensure your own safety and the safety of others while at work. Health and Safety All employees have a responsibility to work towards keeping a safe and healthy work environment by practicing safe work methods, identifying work place hazards and using appropriate safety equipment. Managers are responsible for implementing and promoting the management responsibilities as described in the Council’s Health and Safety Management Plan. kur:kur:219744 Page 5 Date Amended: Aug 2008
  6. 6. Authorities Refer to Delegations attachment. Expected (Value Related) Behaviours for all Staff Achievement Focus - (Related Values- Excellence, Innovation) A person demonstrating this behaviour shows honesty, professionalism, reliability, and dedication to achieve results. They readily adjust to change and to different perspectives, think proactively and seek opportunities to build service excellence. Applying Expertise - (Related Values – Excellence, Innovation) A person demonstrating this behaviour will have the knowledge and skills to perform the requirements of the job. Creating Value for Customers - (Related Values - Customer First) All jobs exist to provide services for customers whether these are inside the organization (ie, colleagues) or outside (eg, ratepayers, applicants, community groups, tangata whenua). A person demonstrating this behaviour is committed to meeting the needs of their various customers. Communicating Effectively - (Related Values – Communication) A person demonstrating this behaviour will use language and style appropriate to the audience and context. Working Together - (Related Values – Valuing Employees, Partnerships) A person demonstrating this behaviour works constructively with people within and across teams to achieve a common goal. Leadership - Supervisory/ Management Behaviour - (Related Values – Valuing Employees) NB: (This behaviour is available for all. It must be used for anyone with staff/ personnel responsibility. It is discretionary for everyone else. Its use must be agreed before the start of the performance review cycle). A person demonstrating this behaviour supports and inspires others to achieve the best outcomes possible. Coaching for Performance - Supervisory/ Management Behaviour (Related Values – Valuing Employees) A person demonstrating this behaviour builds an environment that is focused on enhancing the skills and performance of individuals and teams. kur:kur:219744 Page 6 Date Amended: Aug 2008
  7. 7. Person Specification In addition to the Expected (Value-Rated) Behaviours above we require, of all our employees the following specifications: Essential Desirable Technical/ NZCE/REA plus five years Asset Management BE (Civil), Registered Professional experience required. Engineer. Qualifications Information system understanding. International Computer & Experience Proven Quality Assurance procedures experience. Drivers Licence (ICDL) Proven written and verbal communication skills at all Qualification. levels. Ability to plan and organise A current driver’s licence. work efficiently and effectively. NZQA Level 6 Diploma in Asset Management. Skills & Able to work without supervision. Flexibility to work with a wide Attributes variety of people skills and Integrity, trustworthiness and honesty. styles. An ability to work as part of a team. Track record of innovative The individual must understand the “Big Picture” and solutions. relate new data and concepts to a modified version of the status quo. Ability to undertake community consultation. Time management, priority setting and attention to detail as required. Ability to analyse and interpret data to formulate outcomes/solutions. The ability to write clear, concise and full reports on issues relating to drainage services and interpret relevant legislation. Change to Person Specification From time to time it may be necessary to consider change in the position requirements in response to the changing nature of our work environment – including technological requirements or statutory changes. Such change may be initiated as necessary by the manager of this position or by Human Resources. This Position Description may be reviewed as part of the preparation for the annual Personal Achievement and Development Plan. Agreed: Position Description reviewed by: (Position Holder) (Manager) (Date) (Date) kur:kur:219744 Page 7 Date Amended: Aug 2008