UNDG 2006 Harmonized Expense Categories for Donor Reporting


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UNDG 2006 Harmonized Expense Categories for Donor Reporting

  1. 1. UNDP Home Share 9 Jul 2010 7:33 AM GMT Sign in Font size A- A A+ Google Translate Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office GATEWAY beta Fund administration in real time. Data refreshed . Home/MenuMy GATEWAYFunds & Joint ProgrammesCountriesParticipating OrganizationsDonors/Development Partners Portfolio of all Countries Croatia Kyrgyzstan Paraguay Afghanistan Cuba Lao People's Peru Albania Dominican Democratic Rep Philippines Algeria Republic Lebanon Rwanda Angola Ecuador Lesotho Senegal Bangladesh Egypt Liberia Serbia Bhutan El Salvador Malawi Sierra Leone Bolivia Ethiopia Mali Solomon Bosnia and Fmr Yugoslav Mauritania Islands Herzegovina Rep of Mexico Somalia Brazil Macedonia Moldova, Sri Lanka Burundi Grenada Republic of Sudan Cambodia Guatemala Montenegro Tanzania Cape Verde Guinea Morocco Timor-Leste Central African Guinea-Bissau Mozambique Tunisia Republic Haiti Namibia Turkey Chile Honduras Nepal Uganda China Indonesia Nicaragua United Nations Colombia Iraq Niger Uruguay Comoros Jordan Occupied Viet Nam Congo, The Kazakstan Palestinian Zambia Democratic Kenya Territory Republic Kiribati Pakistan Costa Rica Kosovo Panama Cote D'Ivoire Papua New
  2. 2. Guinea Portfolio of all Participating Organizations ECA OHCHR UNHCR ECLAC Other UNICEF ESCAP PAHO/WHO UNIDO ESCWA UNAIDS UNIFEM FAO UNCDF UNMAS IAEA UNCTAD UNODC ICAO UNDP UNOPS IFAD UNDP(UNV) UNRWA ILO UNDPKO UNWTO IOM UNEP WFP ITC UNESCO WHO NGO/UNDP UNFPA OCHA UNHABITAT Portfolio of all Donors/Development Partners FRANCE, Government PERU, Government of AG. ESPANOLA DE of POLAND, Government COOPERACION INT. GERMANY, of AUSTRALIA, Government of PORTUGAL, Government of GREECE, Government Government of Australian Agency for of PRIVATE SECTOR Int'l Development ICELAND, Government QATAR, Government of AUSTRIA, of REPUBLIC of KOREA, Government of INDIA, Government of Government of BAHRAIN, INDONESIA, ROMANIA, Government of Government of Government of BELGIUM, IRELAND, Government RUSSIAN Government of of FEDERATION, BeMobile IRISH AID Government of BRAZIL, Government ISRAEL, Government of SAUDI ARABIA, of ITALY, Government of Government of CANADIAN JAPAN, Government of SLOVENIA, INTERNATIONAL KUWAIT, Government Government of DEVELOPMENT of SPAIN, Government of AGENC LIBYAN ARAB SWEDEN, Government CHILE, Government of JAMAHIRIYA, of CHINA, Government Government of SWEDISH INT'L of LUXEMBOURG, DEVELOPMENT CROATIA, Government of COOPERATION Government of MEXICO, Government SWISS AGY FOR CYPRUS, Government of DEVELOPMENT & of MOROCCO, COOPERATION
  3. 3. CZECH REPUBLIC, Government of SWITZERLAND, Government of NETHERLANDS, Government of DENMARK, Government of THAILAND, Government of NEW ZEALAND AGY Government of DEPARTMENT FOR FOR INT'L TIMOR-LESTE, INT'L DEVELOPMENT Government of DEVELOPMENT NEW ZEALAND, TURKEY, Government (DFID) Government of of DEPT OF FOR AFF & NIGERIA, Government UN DEVELOPMENT INTL TRADE GOV of FUND FOR WOMEN CANADA NORWAY, Government UNITED ARAB EGYPT, Government of EMIRATES, of ORG. ISLAMIC Government of EUROPEAN UNION CONFERENCE UNITED NATIONS Expanded DaO USAID Funding Window FINLAND, Government of Portfolio of all Funds & Joint Programmes Multi-Donor Trust Funds as Administrative Agent (AA) Albania One UN Lesotho One UN Fund Sudan Common Coherence Fund Malawi One UN Fund Humanitarian Fund Bhutan UN Country MDG Achievement Sudan Recovery Fund - Fund Fund SouthSud Cape Verde Montenegro UN Tanzania One UN Fund Transition Fund Country Fund UN Action Agst Sexual CAR Common Mozambique One UN Violence Humanitarian Fund Fund UN Human Security CFIA Fund Nepal - UN Peace Fund Trust Fund (Influenza) Pakistan One Fund UN-REDD Programme Comoros One UN Peacebuilding Fund Fund Fund PNG UN Country Fund UNDG Haiti Darfur Peace & Rwanda One UN Fund Reconstruction Fund Stability Fund Sierra Leone MDTF UNDG Iraq Trust Fund DRC Pooled Fund Somalia Common UNIFEM -EVAW Trust DRC Stabilization Humanitarian Fu Fund and Recovery Uruguay One UN Kiribati One UN Coherence Fund Fund Viet Nam One Plan Fund Kyrgyzstan One I Fund Viet Nam One Plan Fund Lebanon Recovery
  4. 4. Fund II Joint Programmes as Administrative Agent (AA) JP – DRC Security JP – Solomon Islands JP Moldova JILDP Sect Reform PGSP JP Nepal LGCDP JP – Guatemala JP – Somalia Loc Gov JP Serbia SCILD Maya Programme & Decentr JP- Bangladesh LGSP– JP – Kenya HIV and JP – TFYR Macedonia LIC AIDS Dom Violen JP-Uganda Gender JP – Lao JP – Timor-Leste Equality Govern/Public INFUSE Admin JP – Timor-Leste JP – Liberia Food LGSP Security JP – Uganda Support JP – Liberia Gender for AIDS Equality JP Armed Violence JP – Mali Agro Prevention Pastoral Prod Fiscal Agent & Other Funds Expanded DaO FUND - DIRECT MDTFO_Interest Income Funding Window COST BUDGETS Activity in My News GATEWAY What we do MDTF Office Activities Featured in UNDP Overview 2010 Annual Report About MDTF Office About The MDTF Office moves into action 29 Jun 2010 Multi-Donor Trust Funds when the UN system, Tools New York. Featured in Helen Clark’s national governments World Map Document statement on UN Reform to the and donors appoint Center Analyze All Data UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board and the UNDP as the Track Transactions Progress 2010 Annual UNDP report are UNDP Administrative Monitor Mutli-Donor Trust Fund Office’s activities Agent. Resources in providing transparent and accountable Learning Center UN fund management services to the UN Common Directory The MDTF fund administration system through a diverse mix of 32 country- GATEWAY sign in UNEX specific and global MDTFs operating in modality supports Factsheet Bookmarks humanitarian, post-conflict/transition and UN reform by enabling UN development contexts, as the de facto organizations to administrative agent for the UN system. deliver jointly. The portfolio includes
  5. 5. MDTFs, 'Delivering as One' UN Funds and Joint High Level Tripartite Conference on Programmes that Delivering as One: Lessons from Country- support led Evaluation and Way Forward humanitarian, 26 Jun 2010 recovery, reconstruction and The intergovernmental meeting on development Delivering as One (DaO) was held on 14-16 processes. June 2010, in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. The conference was opened by the Minister of Guided by the Planning from the Government of Viet Nam UNDG, we work and Helen Clark as UNDG Chair. Over 260 with Steering participants included Committees, ministerial/ambassadorial participation Resident from the Pilots; 15 "self-starters"; 22 Coordinators and donors, World Bank, Asia Development Participating Bank, UNDG and the MDTF Office who Organizations in 81 currently is the Administrative Agent for 18 countries with One UN Funds. contributions from 66 donors and development 2009 Annual Consolidated Reports Issued partners. 20 Jun 2010 The GATEWAY is New York. The UNDP MDTF Office, in its designed to provide capacity as Administrative Agent of transparent, MDTFs and JPs, has issued 2009 Annual accountable fund Consolidated Reports. administration by combining real-time The reports are prepared as per the financial data with reporting provisions of the MOU signed over 3500 related with Participating Organizations and the reports and SAA signed documents. It is more than a website; it is business process. United Nations and Iraq Sign Historic Annual Reports Agreement to Boost Development and Restore Services and Economic Growth Download 2009 11 May 2010 Annual Progress Reports for: Baghdad, The United Nations (UN) and Iraq signed today the first United Nations • Albania One UN Development Assistance Framework Coherence Fund (UNDAF) for Iraq for the period 2011-
  6. 6. • Cape Verde 2014, marking a new strategic partnership Transition Fund between the funds, programmes and • CFIA Fund agencies of the UN and the Government of (Influenza) Iraq. The UNDAF has been developed • Lebanon Recovery fund • Malawi One UN Propose story View all news... Fund Follow the funds Key • MDG Achievement figures Fund View • Mozambique One entire Fund portfolio. • Nepal - UN Peace .. Fund • Peacebuilding Fund • Tanzania One Programme • UN Action Against Sexual Violence • UN-REDD Where the funds are going Programme Fund Where the funds are coming • UNDG Iraq Trust from Fund Our interactive maps display the • Uruguay One UN real-time geographic position of Coherence Fund the administered funds. Real-time Commitments and Transfers To find more Donor Commitments Agency Transfers reports visit Docume nt Center GATEWAY poll Newsletters Did you find the information you Download the recent needed? MDTF Office Newsletters here: 1st Quarter Yes, 2010 easily 4th Quarter Yes, but 2009 it was hard No Just Subscribe to our browsing, but newsletter liked it Vote Subscribe
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