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Risk Bid Flood (Nov 07).doc


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Risk Bid Flood (Nov 07).doc

  1. 1. RISK MANAGEMENT APPLICATION FOR RISK MANAGEMENT FUNDING 10 RMS Bid No (For RM use only) Title of Project: Flood Response Team Name of Business Unit/Directorate/School:. Resilience Team Main Contact - Correspondence to be sent to: - Name: Tom Bennett/Georgie Brown Position: Resilience Officer. Location: Room 118, County Hall. Telephone: 01234 276090 ext 44090 Fax: 01234 228794 1. Outline the proposal As outlined in the Beds and Luton Community Risk Register flooding is amongst the highest risks in Bedfordshire. We propose to develop a Flood Response Team. The main purpose of the team will be; • To go to flooded areas or areas with a high potential to be flooded. • To assist with advice to the public and businesses • To be trained to help move vulnerable people to safe areas • To assist with essential resource distribution in flooded areas. • To be a visible source of assurance • To be a source of flood information and advice Team members will be chosen from Bedfordshire County Council employees who volunteer. Reliance on voluntary agencies over the summer floods has shown a low capability to respond to widespread flooding. Mid Beds District Council have a team set up but will only operate in the Mid Beds area. Bedfordshire County Council will have scope to cover the whole county and either support MBDC team or be supported by them. Whatever the unitary decision, the two teams could amalgamate giving extra cover with costs being the training costs and maintenance. If the decision for unitary is made for two councils then Bedford Borough Council could be charged if the team is deployed in their area. i) The Objectives • To enable Bedfordshire County Council officers to work around flood affected areas safely as a member of the flood response team • To enable Bedfordshire County Council officers to work around water safely as a member of the flood response team /home/pptfactory/temp/20100709082625/risk-bid-flood-nov-07doc2104.doc
  2. 2. • To pass on the Environment Agency warnings directly to the public and through Flood Wardens. • To reassure the community during flood events and provide support. • To provide information and guidance directly to those affected by flooding. • To collect data on flood affected areas, problems and issues. • To safely escort VIPs that may wish to visit flood affected areas. ii) ( a ) What your idea will provide, or achieve, and how it will reduce risk. This project will provide a County Council capability to assist members of the public in times of distress. The flood response team will be able to assist vulnerable sections of the community. The team will give visible assurance to flood affected communities to show them that they are not on their own. It will reduce risk by giving good advice to people and businesses on the best course of action. It will lessen the impact of floods or potential flooding on communities. Each team member will have clear visible apparel that shows the Bedfordshire County Council logo. (b) What precisely will the risk management fund pay for ? The fund will pay for initial training, equipment and supporting documentation. (c) Any other relevant information - staff, equipment, how the initiative / project will be organised and evaluated. The costs have been based on providing training and equipment for 15 Bedfordshire County Council volunteer staff. This will provide upto three teams to be deployed for a short term event or back up for a medium/long term event where a shift system can be set up. Volunteers will have a portfolio of training which will be logged. A clear training programme will be set up. Risk assessments for training and deployment will be completed. Release forms for volunteer staff to give to their line managers have already been devised. 2. What group of people do you expect to benefit? Public in flood prone areas; vulnerable communities/individuals who may find it difficult to help themselves; Bedfordshire County Council by enhancing our reputation; volunteer staff who gain more skills and recognition thereby increasing their esteem. A flood response team will be an attractive incentive for staff recruitment; Local businesses in the flood plain. 3. What evidence or indications do you have of these needs? Research of flood events in other areas around the country, show that the public appreciate a local authority presence in flooded areas. Good press coverage was given to Devon Council who had a visible response compared to a northern council who had a presence but were not visible. The northern council were criticised in their local press for doing nothing. The needs take a high priority because parts of Bedfordshire is at a high risk of flooding. 4. What targets have you set for the initiative / project? Start date: January 2008- Purchase of equipment; end of Feb 2008 procedures document; March 2008 recruitment of 15 volunteers and April/-May 2008 training. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100709082625/risk-bid-flood-nov-07doc2104.doc
  3. 3. Completion date: 1st phase by June 30th 2008. Then on going with training, practicing and exercising which will need extra funding to keep skills up to date, recruit new members and maintain equipment. Aiming for June 2008 to be ready for a real deployment. Overall objectives: Assist public and vulnerable groups during flooding. Enhance Council’s reputation. The flood response team will have the scope to develop further by having a boat to take provisions to stranded people. 5. Have you applied to anyone else for support of this initiative/project ? No................................................................................................................................. 6. Full cost of the project including fees (before Risk Management Fund contribution) If possible provide a copy of the quote or give an itemised budget of the costings involved. (Please see appendix 1) Full Cost £10,060 7. Contribution applied for from the Risk Management Fund. (Part funding of the full cost up to £10,000 maximum) £10,000 8. Reason why the full cost cannot be met from your normal budget. There is no budget for this project.......................................... 9. Has a risk or security assessment been carried out? Yes/No If yes, by whom? For Bedfordshire County Council a risk assessment has not yet been carried out. MBDC have a team set up which will give us advice on risk assessments. The main limitation to reduce risk is to ensure team members do not enter flood water. All team members should be trained to a competent level so that they know what to do if they or a team member falls in. Inoculations against waterborne diseases is advisable. N.B. A report must be made to Risk Management Services on the success or otherwise of each initiative / project within 12 months of receiving the funding. Please supply photos or press releases where appropriate. Initiatives supported by Risk Management Funding may be used to publicise positive management of risk within the city council. Any training products produced through funding received is to be made available to all directorates/schools on request. Return to Risk Management Team: Post - Room 118, County Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP. Email – /home/pptfactory/temp/20100709082625/risk-bid-flood-nov-07doc2104.doc
  4. 4. Fax – 01234 228794 Risk Management Office Use only Overall Risk Scoring for bid: Complete the Risk Management spreadsheet prioritising High, Medium and Low risks in relation to the overall applications from each directorate/school. The final scores for all the bids will then be considered and a decision made for Risk Management Funding. The scoring needs to take into account the benefits of bids, the impact on the authority if the funding is not granted. Severity/Impac Likelihood/Probability Risk Overall Assessed Date t (L) Score Rating by (I) (I x L) H/M/L (Initials) Risk Score Overall Rating 16-25 High 8-15 Medium 1-7 Low /home/pptfactory/temp/20100709082625/risk-bid-flood-nov-07doc2104.doc
  5. 5. Appendix 1 Costs of equipment and water training Resource Equipment Supplier Cost per unit Total Cost Training on Fire & Rescue £100.00 x 15 £1500.00 water safety Service Binoculars £50.00 x 3 £150.00 Water boots Polar Bear £55.00 x 15 £825.00 Talc Polar Bear £3.75 x 15 £56.25 bags/beeswax Wolley Bear Polar Bear £46.00 x 15 £690.00 under suits Drysuit Crewsaver £240.00 x 15 £3600.00 Water sports Spartan £35.00 x15 £525.00 helmets PFD life jacket Outdoor GB £82.00 x15 £1230.00 Gloves Diving Shop £15.00 x 15 £225.00 20 metre throw Nucleus Water £27.00 X 15 £405.00 lines Sports Alcohol Hand £11.80 x 3 £35.40 cleaner Hand held Farmrite £100.00 x 3 £300.00 search lamp Gerber LED Outdoorgb £20.00 x 15 £300.00 torch Innoculations Doctors GP Free Water proof note approx £10.00 pads Gear Gulpa kit approx £60.00 boxes Waterproof First First Aid £13.00 x 3 £39.00 aid kit Warehouse glowsticks for Glow £16.00 x 2 £32.00 night working packs of 10 self heating Hot Pack £97.50 £97.50 meals pack of 24 bottled water £0.50 x 100 £50.00 Grand Total £10,130.15 /home/pptfactory/temp/20100709082625/risk-bid-flood-nov-07doc2104.doc