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global mirror fund guide
July 2009
Friends Provident International Limited (Singapore Branch)
has prepared this guide to help you choose the mirror
funds tha...
The mirror funds

Advantages of the mirror fund range
•   Specialist expertise from some of the world’s
    leading invest...
The mirror fund range

                                                               Fund    Risk
     Fund Name         ...
Fund       Risk
  Fund Name                                                                  Currency
The mirror fund range

                                                        Fund    Risk
     Fund Name             ...
Fund Management Groups

Aberdeen Asset Management
Aberdeen Asset Management is an international investment management g...
Fund Management Groups

    BlackRock is a premier provider of global investment management, risk managem...
Fund Management Groups

DWS Investments, part of Deutsche Asset Management, was founded in 1956 in Frankfurt/Main.
Fund Management Groups

     First State
     First State Investments is a specialist asset management business that fo...
Fund Management Groups

Henderson Global Investors
Established in 1934 to administer the estates of Alexander Henderson...
Fund Management Groups

     Invesco forms part of the global AMVESCAP Group, which is one of the world’s ...
Fund Management Groups

JF Asset Management
For over 30 years JF has been at the forefront of investment in Asia. Found...
Fund Management Groups

     Kotak Mahindra
     The Kotak group is one of India's leading banking & financial conglomer...
Fund Management Groups

Mellon Global Investments offers a wealth of investment solutions to institutions, profe...
Fund Management Groups

     Principal Global Investors
     Principal Global Investors is a diversified asset managemen...
Fund Management Groups

UBS Global Asset Management
UBS Global Asset Management is a Business Group of UBS and one of t...
Important Information                                                       Complaints we cannot settle may be referred to...
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global mirror fund guide


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global mirror fund guide

  1. 1. global mirror fund guide July 2009
  2. 2. Friends Provident International Limited (Singapore Branch) has prepared this guide to help you choose the mirror funds that can be accessed via Global Wealth Manager and Global Wealth Builder. Friends Provident International Limited (FPIL) operates a range of funds known as mirror funds. The concept is simple: agreements have been set up with investment houses worldwide allowing us to link to specially selected funds chosen on the basis of performance and investment expertise. These mirror funds can only be accessed using the FPIL investment products. This Guide has been produced to help you choose the mirror funds you would like to include as investments in your Global Wealth Manager or Global Wealth Builder. It should be read in conjunction with the relevant product literature, together with our individual Fund Reports, which will give you access to the information necessary to help with your investment decisions. The product literature and Fund Reports can be found on our website at This document is not intended as an offer to invest and we recommend that you seek professional advice from your Financial Adviser before making any final decisions. 2 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  3. 3. The mirror funds Advantages of the mirror fund range • Specialist expertise from some of the world’s leading investment houses – investment management by specialists in specific areas, Valuation frequency and availability creating the potential to achieve even higher of unit prices capital growth Valuations are carried out on all business days in • Easy access to top performing funds at low the Isle of Man as appropriate for the individual investment levels not normally available to fund. Unit prices are issued daily at individual investors approximately 5 p.m. (UK time) and are available on our website. Units in the mirror funds are • Flexibility - giving you the ability to construct a bought and sold using the ‘bid’ (selling) price. portfolio tailored to individual risk profiles and unlimited switching at any time allowing you Please note that some mirror funds do not to change your risk profile or benefit from price on a daily basis – any affected funds market opportunities with no restrictions on have been clearly marked on the individual one asset type or one fund manager Fund Reports, available on our website at • The investment marketplace and our range of mirror funds are continually monitored to identify new investment opportunities. Fund charges As is common with this type of investment, there are charges deducted by both FPIL and the external investment managers at each valuation point before calculating the unit price. Details of these charges can be found in the Fund Reports, available as detailed above. Risk profiles Each mirror fund has been carefully assessed and a risk profile allocated: • Grade 1 – mirror funds offering conservative return similar to money market rates • Grade 2 – low risk mirror funds offering security and potential growth • Grade 3 – these mirror funds take a balanced approach to investment by holding a diverse portfolio of assets • Grade 4 – a more focused equity exposure provides good growth potential with the risk of short-term volatility • Grade 5 – these aggressive mirror funds balance the risk of high volatility with the potential for high capital growth. Global Mirror Fund Guide 3
  4. 4. The mirror fund range Fund Risk Fund Name Currency Code Rating Managed CS Select Affinity GBP P14 3 CS Select Diversity GBP P13 3 CS Select Global Affinity USD P17 3 CS Select Global Diversity USD P16 3 CS Select Global Opportunity USD P18 4 CS Select Opportunity GBP P15 4 F&C Diversified Growth USD R47 3 Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic (EUR) EUR R27 3 Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic (USD) USD R26 3 Emerging Markets Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Smaller Cos USD R11 5 Aberdeen Global Indian Equity USD P54 5 Allianz RCM BRIC Equity USD R62 5 DWS Invest Africa USD R80 5 Fortis Equity Brazil USD P89 5 JPM Emerging Markets Small Cap USD R61 5 Kotak Indian MultiCap USD R64 5 Sarasin EmergingSar New Frontiers USD R74 5 Sarasin GCC Equity Opportunities USD R85 5 Schroder Latin American USD J37 5 Schroder Middle East USD R52 5 Templeton BRIC USD P58 5 Templeton Emerging Markets USD J60 5 Templeton Latin America USD P52 5 Europe Baring Eastern Europe USD P48 5 Fidelity Euro Blue Chip EUR J84 4 Investec GS Continental European Equity USD J36 4 Jupiter New Europe EUR R50 5 Nevsky Capital Eastern European USD P06 5 Far East & Pacific (including Single Country) Aberdeen Global Asia-Pacific Equity USD P65 4 Aberdeen Global Chinese Equity USD P33 4 Allianz RCM Little Dragons USD J08 4 Allianz RCM Oriental Income USD P50 3 Allianz RCM Philippines USD J48 5 Allianz RCM Total Return Asian Equity USD R44 4 Baring Australia USD M56 4 Baring Hong Kong & China USD M55 4 CAAM ASEAN New Markets USD R17 5 First State Asian Equity Plus USD R30 4 First State China Growth USD R51 5 First State Greater China Growth USD R31 4 HSBC Chinese Equity USD J55 5 HSBC Hong Kong Equity USD J56 4 Invesco Asian Equity USD J02 4 JF Taiwan USD R09 5 Martin Currie GF Asia-Pacific (USD) USD P94 4 4 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  5. 5. Fund Risk Fund Name Currency Code Rating Global Equity HSBC Amanah Global Equity Index USD P59 3 Invesco Global Select Equity USD M85 3 Investec GS Global Equity USD J06 3 Investec GS Global Strategic Equity USD J74 4 M&G Global Leaders USD R23 4 Principal Global Equity USD J75 3 Templeton Global USD J72 3 International Bonds Baring High Yield Bond USD J27 3 Baring International Bond (USD) USD M57 2 F&C Global Convertible Bond USD R84 3 Fortis Bond Best Selection World Emerging USD P97 4 Franklin US Government USD M84 2 HSBC New World Income USD R71 5 Invesco Euro Corporate Bond EUR P74 2 Investec GS Global Strategic Income USD J43 2 Mellon Global Bond (GBP) GBP R70 2 Mellon Global Bond (USD) USD P67 2 Schroder Asian Bond Fund USD M83 3 Schroder Global Corp Bond (USD) USD P90 2 Schroder Strategic Bond (EUR) EUR P93 2 Schroder Strategic Bond (USD) USD P92 2 Japan Allianz RCM Japan USD R63 4 North America BlackRock US Flexible Equity USD J77 4 Invesco US Equity USD M86 4 Schroder US Smaller Companies USD J39 4 UBS Equity USA Value USD P64 4 Vanguard US 500 Stock Index * USD P02 4 Property Securities Fidelity Global Property (USD) USD P78 4 Henderson Horizon Asia-Pacific Property Equities USD P61 4 Schroder Global Property Securities (USD) USD P82 4 Theme Aberdeen Global Technology USD J96 4 BlackRock New Energy USD P69 5 BlackRock World Gold USD M82 4 BlackRock World Mining USD P70 5 CAAM Aqua Global USD P98 4 * Vanguard is a trademark of the Vanguard Group, Inc., and has been licenced for use by Friends Provident International Limited. The FPIL Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Fund is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by the Vanguard Group, Inc., or Vanguard Investments Europe, SA., and they make no representation regarding the advisability of investing in the fund. Global Mirror Fund Guide 5
  6. 6. The mirror fund range Fund Risk Fund Name Currency Code Rating Theme (continued) DWS Global Agribusiness USD R12 5 DWS Invest Global Infrastructure USD R79 4 DWS Noor Precious Metals Securities USD R69 5 F&C Global Climate Opportunities USD R49 4 Invesco Asia Infrastructure USD R25 4 Invesco Global Health Care USD J57 4 Investec GS Global Energy USD P47 4 JF Global Life Sciences USD P01 4 M&G Global Basics USD R22 4 Martin Currie GF Global Resources USD P60 4 New Star Global Financials USD R55 4 Schroder Global Climate Change Equity USD R34 4 UK Equity Invesco UK Equity USD J73 4 Martin Currie GF UK Growth GBP P55 4 6 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  7. 7. Fund Management Groups Aberdeen Asset Management Aberdeen Asset Management is an international investment management group, managing assets for both institutional and retail clients from offices around the world. Its goal is to deliver superior and consistent fund performance across a diverse range of asset management businesses. It offers both traditional and innovative products, combined with a high level of customer support. Over the past 20 years Aberdeen Asset Management has grown both by acquisitions and organically, first in the UK then overseas, and their headquarters remain to this day in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Allianz Global Investors Allianz Global Investors is one of the world’s leading financial organizations and brings together a distinctive network of investment platforms. Each platform has its own specialized area of expertise and dedicated resources. These include RCM as the global platform for equity funds and PIMCO, the global fixed income platform. Using these global resources, it provides an extensive range of funds that invest in the world’s market. Baring Baring Asset Management is a global investment management firm with offices, clients and business lines spanning the world’s major markets. Since the foundation of Barings Bank in 1762, the common thread linking its past to its present has been its ability to help clients benefit from the changes in the markets. This tradition continues today as the company invests client assets across global markets using the proprietary insights generated by a team of over 100 investment professionals, based around the world in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Boston. Today, Barings Asset Management operates as a subsidiary of MassMutual, a leading diversified financial services organization. Global Mirror Fund Guide 7
  8. 8. Fund Management Groups BlackRock BlackRock is a premier provider of global investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional and retail clients around the world. BlackRock has long focused on a cross-disciplinary team approach where clients benefit from the pooled expertise of the firm’s resources: its investment and risk management professionals and its proprietary analytical tools. In addition to excellent performance, BlackRock is committed to delivering a high level of service tailored to the needs of each client. BlackRock’s client base includes corporate, public and Taft-Hartley pension plans, insurance companies, mutual funds, endowments, foundations, nuclear decommissioning trusts, corporations, banks and individuals across the globe. Headquartered in New York, BlackRock operates 35 offices in 20 different countries, maintaining a major presence in most key markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. Collins Stewart Wealth Management Collins Stewart Wealth Management, a leading investment manager and stockbroker, forms part of Collins Stewart plc – itself a leading independent investment banking group with offices in 10 geographies worldwide. Offering investment management and stockbroking services for discerning clients, its range of sophisticated investment services, including financial planning, portfolio management, stockbroking and investment funds are always tailored to suit individual needs and aspirations. CAAM Credit Agricole Asset Management (CAAM) is the asset Management subsidiary of Credit Agricole SA with over £360 billion in assets under management, making it France’s largest fund manager and one of the top ten players in continental Europe. CAAM London branch was established in 1998 and, as a result of its fast-paced development, has increased the size of its team from 6 professionals in 1999 to 18 today. There are other investment centres in Continental Europe and Asia. CAAM offers access to its investment expertise in a range of different asset classes, through segregated management and pooled vehicles. Their capabilities include liability-driven investment, global fixed income, emerging market equity and funds of hedge funds. 8 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  9. 9. Fund Management Groups DWS DWS Investments, part of Deutsche Asset Management, was founded in 1956 in Frankfurt/Main. The company is one of the Top 10 companies worldwide and is one of the leading mutual fund companies in Europe. In excess of EUR 135 billion assets under management, DWS represents approximately 22% of the fund market in Germany, making it the unchallenged number one. The international nature of its business differentiates DWS significantly from its domestic and international competitors. DWS Investments’ activities span all the key European markets. In the USA, DWS is represented by DWS Scudder. In spring 2006, it launched its first funds as well as the DWS brand in Singapore and India, continuing its successful expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Autumn 2006 saw the launch of more than 20 funds in Korea. F&C F&C is a pan-European business managing assets for a diverse range of institutional, insurance and retail clients with offices in seven countries: France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, UK and United States. F&C ranks amongst the top ten managers of institutional pension funds across Europe, as well as being a top five manager of UK commercial property and the leading European socially responsible investor through its reo ® (responsible engagement overlay) service and the Stewardship suite of ethically screened funds, the oldest retail ethical funds in the UK. With a major presence in the UK retail market it also has recognized strengths in corporate bonds, multi-manager, UK and European equities. Fidelity International™ Fidelity International™ is a recognized leader in the field of investment management. Since its foundation in 1969, the company has experienced significant growth, which is a testament to the success it has achieved. Fidelity International has investment management centres based in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Taipei. This provides an in-depth understanding of the local business, economic, political and social landscapes of each region in which they operate. In addition, it has access to the analysis carried out by Fidelity Management & Research Company in the US. This results in access to the findings of more than 600 investment professionals around the world, covering 95% of the world’s stock markets by capitalization. Fidelity International™ and the Pyramid logo are trade marks of Fidelity International Limited. Used with permission. Global Mirror Fund Guide 9
  10. 10. Fund Management Groups First State First State Investments is a specialist asset management business that forms part of the consolidated asset management business of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. With over 180 staff across London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and New York, First State manages assets on a segregated and pooled basis for clients globally. First State is focused on developing and managing innovative investment products which outperform clients’ objectives. Products offered cover a range of categories including, Asia Pacific and global emerging markets, global resources and global equities, property securities and infrastructure. Fortis Investments Fortis Investments is a multi-centre, multi-product global asset management company. As a result of the integration of the asset management activities of ABN AMRO Asset Management, Fortis Investments has assets under management of over EUR 200 billion, with over 50% of its revenues generated from third-party clients. With dominance and strength in Europe, a substantial position in Asia and an enlarged footprint in the Americas, the company has a true global presence, with sales offices and some 40 dedicated investment centres located around the world. Fortis Investments offers international investment solutions while meeting the requirements of local investors, both institutional and wholesale retail. Employees in the combined entity number over 2000, of whom around 600 are dedicated investment professionals. Activities range from institutional portfolio management to the development and management of mutual funds, such as the Fortis LFund, which has around 120 sub-funds. Fortis Investments is a client-driven organisation that uses a disciplined investment process to satisfy its clients’ varied needs. Franklin Templeton Investments Over the past half-century, few investment management organizations have matched the success of Franklin Templeton Investments. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Franklin Templeton Investments is a global organization with offices in over 30 countries. With over 50 years of investment experience, the company has become recognized as a leader for its global stock investments and innovative fixed-income products. They are one of the largest global asset managers in the world. Offering four distinct investment platforms – Franklin, Templeton, Mutual Series and Fiduciary Trust – each with its own unique investment approach, Franklin Templeton Investments offers one of the broadest ranges of styles and funds of any group. Franklin Templeton Investments’ aim is to be the world’s premier global investment management organization founded on experience, principles, and diversity of choice and to offer fund partners an investment service unparalleled within the financial industry. 10 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  11. 11. Fund Management Groups Henderson Global Investors Established in 1934 to administer the estates of Alexander Henderson, the first Lord Faringdon, Henderson Global Investors (Henderson) is a leading independent global asset management firm. The company provides its institutional, retail and high net-worth clients with access to skilled investment professionals representing a broad range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, property and private capital. Headquartered in London, Henderson is one of Europe's largest investment managers, with over GBP 50 billion assets under management and employs around 950 people worldwide. In Europe, Henderson has offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and London, which is also the head office. Henderson has had a presence in North America since 1999, when it acquired US real estate investment manager Phoenix Realty Advisers, and has offices in Chicago and Hartford. In Asia, Henderson has offices in New Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney. With investment expertise across every asset class, Henderson's skillful investment managers invest in every major market around the globe. They are supported by a global team of researchers and economists who have a keen understanding of the economic forces driving the security markets and who undertake rigorous sector and theme analysis. Underpinning this process is a comprehensive risk-control framework to ensure that investment views are translated into portfolios managed in line with investors risk and return requirements. HSBC Investments HSBC Investments is the global investment solutions business for HSBC Group, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. It benefits from being part of HSBC with its strengths and qualities. HSBC Investments has a network of investment teams in major cities across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas which is supported by the global coverage of HSBC. It has organised its business with the intention of creating performance or “Alpha” and is solutions driven. Global Mirror Fund Guide 11
  12. 12. Fund Management Groups Invesco Invesco forms part of the global AMVESCAP Group, which is one of the world’s largest independent investment managers. AMVESCAP PLC is a constituent of the FTSE 100 and is quoted on the London, New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. Its mission is to help people worldwide build their financial security, and its global scale allows the maintenance of a significant presence in the institutional, retail and defined contribution markets throughout the world. Invesco’s business has always remained purely investment management, which means there are no distractions from competing businesses, enabling it to concentrate its resources on aiming to provide investors with the best possible performance. Invesco manages investment products that span a wide range of asset classes from fixed interest to value, core and growth equities to alternative investments. Investec Asset Management Investec Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Investec Group, a Johannesburg and London listed specialist financial services company. It is a specialist investment business which is both performance and client oriented and has key offices in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Guernsey. It also has the depth and diversity to offer a range of investment strategies, in respect of both domestic and international assets for different markets. Investec takes care that these solutions are aligned to the investment needs and objectives of its clients and that it will create solutions that will last. Consistently excellent investment performance and superior client service are the two key aspects in the mix that make this possible. Its uncompromising dedication to investment performance is reflected in the numerous awards received over the years. 12 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  13. 13. Fund Management Groups JF Asset Management For over 30 years JF has been at the forefront of investment in Asia. Founded and headquartered in Hong Kong, it has one of the largest investment teams in the region and is widely regarded as the Asian specialist. JF Asset Management forms a key part of JP Morgan Asset Management, one of the world’s largest asset management companies, and has a global network of investment professionals located worldwide. This enormous global investment capability is based on a strong local market presence across four regions – Asia, Europe, Japan and the US – and brings together an incredible pool of specialist investment knowledge and expertise which further enhances its capabilities to provide clients with the very best products. With its reputation of innovation and market leadership, JF is committed to helping investors reach their financial goals by providing them with a broad range of professionally managed funds, excellence in investment performance and the highest quality of client service. J.P. Morgan Asset Management J.P. Morgan Asset Management is a global asset management leader providing world-class investment solutions to clients. With over US$1 trillion in assets under management and offices in 40 locations around the world, J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers global coverage with a strong local market presence, and leadership positions in most asset classes. Jupiter Jupiter was founded over 20 years ago with the aim of delivering strong performance for investors over the medium to long-term through active fund management. It is a principle they have continued to adhere to and they have become one of the most respected fund management groups in the UK. At the heart of Jupiter’s success are their people. Some of the most renowned and respected fund managers in the UK are employed at Jupiter and a significant proportion of them have been there for many years, providing continuity and strength to long-term performance. Jupiter does not adopt a single ‘house’ style which can prevent managers from following their convictions; instead they are given the freedom to invest in the way they believe gives the best opportunity for strong returns. Global Mirror Fund Guide 13
  14. 14. Fund Management Groups Kotak Mahindra The Kotak group is one of India's leading banking & financial conglomerates with interests in Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Equity Brokerage & Research, Asset Management, Life Insurance, Private equity & Real Estate. The international business of the group with offices in London, New York, Dubai, San Francisco, Singapore and Mauritius offers India investment solutions to foreign investors. Institutional and individual investors can access the India opportunity through Kotak's wide range of dollar- denominated India-focused funds across varying strategies. With its strong India presence and a commendable track record, Kotak is well positioned to provide the right products and services to meet the international investor's increasing India appetite. M&G Investments M&G Investments launched the UK’s first Unit Trust in 1931 and went on to introduce the UK’s first regular savings plan. In the 1960s M&G pioneered the first fund-linked product for private pensions and in the 1970s it launched the first Japanese unit trust. More recently, in the 1990s M&G Investments launched the first pure corporate bond fund and the first high-yield corporate bond fund. Purchased by Prudential, one of the largest providers of financial services in Europe, M&G Investments became their investment manager. M&G Investments are constantly seeking new ideas that will benefit their investors whose loyalty, they say, is the key to their success. Martin Currie Martin Currie is a specialist active equity manager. Based in Edinburgh, and with offices in London, Shanghai and New York, its clients include intermediaries, pension funds, multi-managers, family offices, banks and insurance companies. Its pooled funds include a UK Oeic, Luxembourg Sicav and a range of hedge funds. Martin Currie is 100% owned and managed by its full-time executives. This helps it attract and retain leading managers, who can then build a stake in the business. Independence, and a singular focus on managing investment portfolios, ensure no competing priorities or distractions. Martin Currie describes itself as a ‘big boutique’. In practice, this means having the solidity, professionalism and robustness of process of a large company, combined with the distinctiveness, client focus, and personal ownership of a small company. 14 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  15. 15. Fund Management Groups Mellon Mellon Global Investments offers a wealth of investment solutions to institutions, professional investors and advisers across the world. Mellon’s strategy is based on recognizing that size and scale are important in distribution but, in investment management, focus is essential. Mellon have therefore created a global sales and marketing platform with access to a broad spectrum of individual, disciplined asset management styles. Nevsky Capital LLP Nevsky Capital LLP was formed in December 2006 as a separate legal entity of which Thames River Capital (UK) Limited (TRCUK) is a member. Nevsky Capital is a limited liability partnership which commenced business on 1 January 2007. The members of Nevsky Capital LLP are the senior investment professionals who formerly constituted the Global Emerging Markets team of Thames River Capital LLP and TRCUK. TRCUK also provides all the administration and support services, including marketing and client service, for Nevsky Capital. TRCUK is the corporate Member of Nevsky Capital LLP. Nevsky Capital LLP is owned by its Members. New Star Asset Management Since its foundation in 2000, New Star has become established as one of the leading brands in the retail fund management industry. New Star’s primary objective is to provide investors with superior investment returns across a broad range of asset classes, from equities and bonds to more specialist areas such as property. As a genuinely active fund management company, it maintains an environment in which the finest fund managers can focus on making investors richer, with as much freedom to invest as possible, subject always to rigorous monitoring, control and compliance. Global Mirror Fund Guide 15
  16. 16. Fund Management Groups Principal Global Investors Principal Global Investors is a diversified asset management organisation and a member of the Principal Financial Group®, managing assets primarily for retirement plans and other institutional clients. Principal Global Investors’ investment capabilities encompass an extensive range of equity, fixed income and real estate investments as well as specialised overlay and advisory services and it focuses on delivering excellent investment performance and client service on behalf of its clients. Its team works within a collaborative environment from offices around the world and this global reach provides an information advantage in researching and managing investment portfolios whilst at the same time, serving clients on a local basis and tailoring their capabilities to specific client objectives and investment goals. Sarasin Investment Management Sarasin Investment Management was established in the City of London in 1983 and is a specialist investment company which is part of Switzerland’s Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd., one of Europe’s most prestigious private banks. Bank Sarasin has a long pedigree in banking and specialises in asset management and investment advisory services for private and institutional clients. It embraces socially responsible and sustainable business practices as a key component of a successful corporate philosophy. As a leading Swiss private bank, all its activities are focused on the client. Bank Sarasin provides personal, individual and professional customer care and offers clients high-quality services based on trust and discretion. The company has pioneered a unique family of long-term balanced and global thematic managed funds, as well as a range of specialist investments. Schroders High quality research and expert portfolio construction is at the heart of what Schroders do. They are an independent, pure fund manager, with no priorities other than a continued focus on delivering high quality service and consistent performance excellence. They have spent over 200 years building a diverse and flexible fund range spanning all the major regions and asset classes with a strong brand and a focus on quality and service. Schroders’ dedication and expertise has lead to a reputation of experience and solidity. 16 Global Mirror Fund Guide
  17. 17. Fund Management Groups UBS Global Asset Management UBS Global Asset Management is a Business Group of UBS and one of the world’s leading financial firms, combining financial strength with a reputation for security, stability and innovation that embraces change. As one of the largest global institutional asset managers, the second largest mutual fund manager in Europe and the largest mutual fund manager in Switzerland, with over 20 offices around the world, UBS Global Asset Management provides services to private clients, financial intermediaries and institutional investors. They claim that their strength lies in the expertise and diversity of their employees, their disciplined processes and the quality and responsiveness of their client services. Vanguard Group The Vanguard Group ® is an independent asset management company created in 1975 by John C. Bogle, but traces its roots back to the founding of the Wellington Fund in 1928. Vanguard launched the world’s first widely available index fund in 1976 and has grown since then into a leading indexer and one of the top asset managers in the world. The Vanguard Group, Inc. is owned by the US fund it manages. Based on a unique structure, it aims to be the world’s highest- value provider of investment services, offering investment solutions at the lowest possible cost. Although being a strong proponent of index tracking, Vanguard also has over 30 years of experience in advisory relationships with external specialist managers for its range of actively-managed equity funds. Headquartered in the USA, it also has offices in Europe, Australia, Japan and Singapore. In Europe, it promotes Vanguard’s highest standards of corporate governance, transparency and ethics and the benefits of Vanguard’s investment philosophy – in particular those of the “core-satellite” investment approach, strategic asset allocation, long-term investment and cost optimization. It offers over 150 investment funds worldwide, covering the main asset classes. ® Vanguard is a trademark of the Vanguard Group, Inc. and has been licensed for use by Friends Provident International Limited. The FPIL Vanguard Mirror Fund is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by the Vanguard Group, Inc., or Vanguard Investments Europe, SA, and they make no representation regarding the advisability of investing in the fund. Global Mirror Fund Guide 17
  18. 18. Important Information Complaints we cannot settle may be referred to The information given in this document is based the Financial Insurance Disputes Resolution Centre on the understanding of Friends Provident Limited (‘FIDReC’) for assistance within six International Limited (Singapore Branch) of current months from the date you failed to reach an Singapore law and taxation practice, which may agreement with Friends Provident International change in the future. No liability can be accepted Limited (Singapore Branch). You can contact for any personal tax consequences of this plan or FIDReC at 112 Robinson Road, #13-03 HB for the effect of future tax or legislative changes. Robinson, Singapore 068902. Tel: 63278878; Fax: 6327 8488; Loans against the value of your plan are not Website:; available. Email: Fund prices may go down and up depending upon Some telephone communications with the investment performance. Past performance is not Company are recorded and may be randomly an indication of future performance. Please note monitored or intruded into. that securities held within a fund may not be denominated in the currency of that fund and, as a Legal Interpretation result, fund prices may rise and fall purely on Each policy is governed by and shall be construed account of exchange rate fluctuations. You may in accordance with the law of Singapore. get back less than you have paid in. Copyright © 2009 Friends Provident International Should Friends Provident International Limited Limited (Singapore Branch). All rights reserved. (Singapore Branch) become unable to meet its liabilities to its policyholders, they will receive the protection of the Life Assurance (Compensation of Policyholders) Regulations 1991 of the Isle of Man. Friends Provident International Limited (Singapore Branch) 63 Market Street, #06-05, Singapore 048942 Telephone: +(00)65 6327 4019 Fax: +(00)65 6327 4020 Website: Registered in Singapore No. F06835G Authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct life insurance business in Singapore Member of the Life Insurance Association of Singapore Member of the Singapore Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme Friends Provident International Limited Registered & Head Office: Royal Court, Castletown, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM9 1RA Telephone: +44(0) 1624 821212 Fax: +44(0) 1624 824405 Incorporated company limited by shares. Registered in the Isle of Man No. 11494 XSG/GMFG 7.09