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Application form

  1. 1. Youth Development Partnership Fund Local Government and Communities supporting young people throughout New Zealand ROUND SIX APPLICATION PACK Round 6 This application pack consists of: Application Pack • Application form • Service Requirements and Youth Development Partnership Fund Budget Table Templates • Information Sheets: Good Youth Development and Application Considerations Complete A compete application consists of: Applications • a completed application form • a full project plan. Project Plan Your project plan should outline your project’s goals, how you will achieve and evaluate these, and specify timeframes, costs, and required resources. It must also include a completed: • Service Requirements Table Template (provided) • Youth Development Partnership Fund Budget Table Template (provided) • Risk Management Plan. Selection Panel In making their decisions, the selection panel will assess: Assessment • how well the project aligns with the Expected Outcomes of the Fund and Round 6 Funding Round Criteria (see the Ministry’s website for further information) • effective youth development practices, including how involved young people have been in project development and will be in the ongoing delivery of the project • young people and the community’s need for the project • the project’s practicality, viability, and value, as described in the project plan. Application Email an electronic copy of the completed application to: and post submission or courier the signed original plus ten copies of the signed application: Youth Development Partnership Fund Ministry of Youth Development Post Office Box 1556, Wellington, 6140, or Level 1, Bowen State Building, Bowen Street, Wellington 6140. Due Date Midday, Friday 19 March 2010. Late applications will not be accepted.
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  3. 3. FURTHER INFORMATION Application Process Funding Round 6 opens 27 January 2010  Funding Round 6 closes 19 March 2010  Application assessed April/May 2010  Unsuccessful applicant are informed  Successful applicants informed  Public announcements May 2010  Funding agreements negotiated from June 2010  Service delivery from 1 July 2010 . Some legal caveats • A submitted application is not an agreement or contract. • The Ministry of Youth Development may award funding for a lesser amount than that applied for. • The Ministry of Youth Development may abandon the Application Process at any time. • The Ministry of Youth Development will only accept one Application from each applicant. • Funding is only available to territorial authorities (city or district councils). • The Ministry of Youth Development may accept part of an Application and reject the rest of it. • The Ministry of Youth Development may discuss with any Applicant their application and give them suggestions to modify it so that it better meets the Ministry’s priorities and assessment criteria. • Funding is limited and meeting the selection criteria does not guarantee funding. • All information requested must be provided for the application to be considered. Guidelines for What can be reviewed? Review of A review will investigate the process a proposal was evaluated under, to ensure that it was appropriately considered. Purchasing Process It does not re-open the contracting process and does not enable an applicant to amend or re-submit their proposal. What information can the applicant ask for? Under the Official Information Act, applicants are able to request copies of material written in relation to their own proposal. If this is requested information will be provided. Review Process The applicant needs to submit in writing the reasons they feel their proposal was not appropriately considered and request a review by the General Manager. This must be lodged within 10 working days of having received written notification of the original decision. The General Manager will initiate an independent investigation into the process used to evaluate and make the decision, ensuring all the "Review aspects" are followed. The General Manager will directly advise the applicant in writing of the outcome of the review. This should normally take no longer than 15 working days from receipt of the request for a review. Review aspects If a review is requested the following aspects will be included: • one person is assigned to manage the review; the person investigating must be impartial • all relevant material is compiled before conducting the review • all the relevant issues identified by the provider are considered • the applicant is advised in writing of the outcome of the review; • the applicant will be offered the opportunity to discuss the outcome of the review • the process is completed within 15 working days of receiving the written complaint, unless exceptional
  4. 4. circumstances occur. If the process is anticipated to take longer than 15 working days the applicant will be notified immediately • the process is documented and all documentation filed. Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. APPLICATION SUMMARY Before completing this Territorial Authority Name form, please read the information, including Expected Outcomes and Funding Round Criteria, about the Youth Project Name Development Partnership Fund. This is available from the Ministry of Youth Development website: Project Dates [Month and Year] to [Month and Year] This section provides a brief summary of your application that will be Amount of Funding Requested (GST excl) used by the selection panel. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total $ $ $ $ Complete this section after you have completed the rest of the application. Council Contribution (GST excl) Other Funders Contribution (GST excl) $ $ See boxes 2.12-2.14. Which of the Funding Round priorities does your project align with? Please tick chosen √ Education, Training, and Employment priorities. Plus Youth Community Leadership and/or Celebration of Youth Achievement Provide a summary of Project Description your Project that can be used on the Ministry’s [Limit - 100 words] website if your application is successful. This should outline what the project will do, what the Ministry’s funding will be used for, and who will benefit from the Project. Page 1 of 8
  6. 6. Blank Page Leave this page blank if using double-sided printing. Delete this page if using single-sided printing
  7. 7. 1. PROJECT PARTNERS Councils may partner 1.1 Council Name with each other to deliver the project. (Names of all councils, with lead council first) Nominate a lead council if the project is 1.2 Street address collaboration between a number of councils. (Addresses of all councils) The lead council will be responsible for contract 1.3 Postal address management and accountable for funding. (Addresses of all councils) Add another row to the 1.4 Chief Executive table to provide contact details for Chief Name Council Work Phone Email Executive’s of partner councils. The Application Contact 1.5 Application Contact must be an employee of the lead council. Name: Position title: Work phone: Email address: Fax: Councils may also work with local youth service 1.6 Partner organisation(s) providers around project development and Name Address Legal status (e.g. Company delivery. Trust): Registration No. List young people or groups of young people 1.7 Young People (involved in project development) that are partners in your project. e.g. Youth Council You will need to describe this involvement in more detail in Section 2.9. 1.8 Attach letters of support from project partners, including young people, for the project. Page 2 of 8
  8. 8. 2. PROJECT DETAILS This section provides 2.1 Project Name more detail about your project.       2.2 Project Start Date       2.3 Project End Date If your application is 2.4 Attach a copy of your Project Plan and a copy of the relevant sections of your successful, this table will form the basis of your LTCCP to this application. contract with the Ministry. An example Service Requirements Table Template is 2.5 Include a completed Service Requirements Table Template in your Project Plan included in your application pack and an (template provided). electronic copy is available on the Ministry’s website. Provide evidence 2.6 How will your project benefit young people in your community? (research and statistics) of the need for the [Limit – 400 words] project and explain how the project meets this need in box 2.6. Use box 2.7 to outline the wider community 2.7 How will your project benefit your community? benefits (if applicable) of your project. [Limit – 250 words] The Ministry defines 2.8 Who are the target young people of your project? young people as those aged 12-24 years old. Page 3 of 8
  9. 9. Good youth 2.9 How have the target group and other young people been involved in the development practices must be present in development of the project? your project. [Limit – 200 words] Good youth development allows young people to shape a project and provides opportunities and support for them to take on leadership roles. Box 2.9 should describe 2.10 How will the target group and other young people be involved in the how each of the young people or groups of implementation of the project? young people listed in [Limit – 200 words] section 1.7 has been involved in project development. Boxes 2.10-2.11 should also include how young people will be supported to be involved in project 2.11 How will the target group and other young people be involved in the ongoing delivery. delivery of the project? See the Good Youth Development information [Limit – 200 words] sheet and the Ministry website for guidance on good youth development and youth participation. The Youth Development 2.12 How does the project align with the Ministry’s outcome of improved Partnership Fund is for projects that improve Education, Training, and Employment? outcomes for young [Limit 150 words] people, aged 12-24 years, through effective youth development practice in their communities. 2.13 How does the project align with the Ministry’s Youth Leadership priority? Projects funded through Round 6 must support [Limit 150 words] the key outcome of education, training and employment and contribute to at least one of the following priorities: 2.14 How does the project align with the Ministry’s Celebration of Youth • Youth Community Achievement priority? Leadership [Limit 150 words] • Celebration of Youth Achievement. Information on these outcomes and priorities is available on the 2.15 How will the project provide young people with benefits such as improved self Ministry’s website. esteem, personal development, motivation, family and community connection, and health/ wellbeing? [Limit 150 words] Page 4 of 8
  10. 10. 3. MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE 3.1 How will the project be managed and governed? [Limit 150 words] 3.2 Describe the roles and responsibilities of each partner (including the council) [Limit 150 words] Good youth 3.3 How will young people be involved at all levels of project governance? development practices must be present in [Limit 200 words] your project. See 2.9 for more information. Explain how the council will manage the project if 3.4 Outline the experience of council staff and partners in youth development neither partner has [Limit 150 words] experience in working with and understanding issues relating to young people. Explain how the council will manage the project if 3.5 Outline the experience of council staff and partners in delivering a project neither partner has similar to this one experience in delivering a similar project. [Limit 150 words] Your Risk Management 3.6 Include a Risk Management Plan in your Project Plan. Plan should outline key Project risks and how these will be managed. Page 5 of 8
  11. 11. 4. MONITORING, EVALUATION Detail the measurement 4.1 How will you measure and evaluate the success of your project? and evaluative tools you will use to measure whether your project is achieving its results. Quantitative Tools: • e.g. All participants complete a self-assessment survey at start of programme The Service • e.g. All participants complete an exit survey Requirements Table Template in your Project • Plan will out line what is measured. Box 4.1 asks how this will be Qualitative Tools: measured. • e.g. All participants complete project evaluations upon completion of the programme. See the Service • e.g Project partners will conduct debrief reports with Councils. Requirements Table Template for information • on qualitative and quantitative evaluation. Good youth development practices 4.2 How will young people be involved in the evaluation of the project? must be present in your project. See 2.9 [Limit 150 words] above for more information. Page 6 of 8
  12. 12. 5. FUNDING Complete the Youth 5.1 Include the completed Youth Development Partnership Fund Budget Table Development Partnership Fund Budget Template in your Project Plan (template provided). Table template and copy the total amount requested from the Fund $ (GST excl) into box 5.1. 5.2 What is the total amount that the council is Councils must make a applying to the Youth Development Partnership contribution to project Fund for? funding. This can be actual and/or in kind. Detail any in kind 5.3 What is the total amount that the council is contributions in box 5.5 contributing to the project? below. The total cost of the 5.4 What is the total amount that other funders project is the amount are contributing to the project? applied for (box 5.1) + council contribution (box 5.2) plus other funders contribution (box 5.3). 5.5 What is the total cost of the project? In kind contributions 5.6 Detail the in kind contributions provided by the council or others must be quantified in dollar terms and should Item Provided by Cost $ (GST excl) not include any business-as-usual expenses. 5.7 How will you sustain the project once the investment from the Youth Development Partnership Fund expires? 5.8 Existing Projects Only - How will funding from the Youth Development Partnership Fund add value to an existing project or to work already being done with young people by the Council? Page 7 of 8
  13. 13. 6. CHECKLIST Refer to Yes / section No Have young people been engaged at all levels of the project? All Has this application been completed by a representative of a territorial authority? 1 Have you attached letters of support for the project? 1      Have you attached a copy of your Project Plan to the application? 2   Have you attached a copy of the relevant sections of your LTCCP to the application? 2 Have you included a completed Services Requirement Table in your Project Plan? 2 Does the application include information about the community and young people’s need for the 2 project? Does the application demonstrate that the project aligns with the priorities and outcomes of the 2 Youth Development Partnership Fund? Have you attached a copy of your risk management plan to the application? 3      Does the application detail how the project outcomes will be measured? 4   Have you included a completed Youth Development Project Budget Table in your Project Plan? 5      Does the application detail in-kind and/or financial support from the territorial authority? 5        Has the Chief Executive of the territorial authority signed this application? 7   7. DECLARATION We agree that the details given in this application are true and correct to the best of our knowledge. We have the delegation to commit our territorial authority to this application. (Please note that the declaration requires two authorised representatives from your territorial authority, including that of the Chief Executive). Full name:       Position in territorial authority: Chief Executive Signature: Date:       Full name:       Position in territorial authority:       Page 8 of 8