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The New Era in Computing - The Connected Enterprise


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The New Era in Computing - The Connected Enterprise

  1. 1. Copyright 2013, Ramco Systems Limited. website: Innovative Solutions for the Enterprise
  2. 2. Experience the new era in computing
  3. 3. Everything runs on cloud Mobile first ….. Rest later In-Memory Processing Cut the clutter.. Drive Simplicity Don’t ask me what you know Connected Ecosystem
  4. 4. Mobile User Interface Social In Memory Context Aware MUSIC Presented By Ramco Systems Limited
  5. 5. Mobile User Interface Social In Memory Context Aware MUSIC Presented By Ramco Systems Limited Mobile
  6. 6. Why Mobile ? Over 6 Billion Subscribers, 1.2 Billion Mobile Web UsersOver 100 million iPads sold till dateMobile is the New Terminal Google earns 2.5 Billion in mobile ad revenue annually50% of twitter’s users use twitter mobile1/3rd of facebook users use Facebook Mobile
  7. 7. WebOS The Mobile OS Landscape
  8. 8. With Geo Location Phone is also an Access Card Mobile the New Terminal Access Data Centers thru Live QR CodeKnow who is around, and who is not..
  9. 9. With the Device Notifications makes the Device your Personal AssistantClick and Upload documents for claims
  10. 10. life Geo Location & Maps a Powerful Combination Papermach Industries Cust Since : Sep 2005 Satisfaction Index : 4 Business Potential : $2m Revenue – YTD : $50m, Last Yr : $46m Sure Shot Services Cust Since : April 2009 Satisfaction Index : 3 Business Potential : $1m Revenue – YTD : $500m, Last Yr : $400mMobile Technics Cust Since : Jan 2004 Satisfaction Index : 5 Business Potential : $6m Revenue - YTD : $2Bn, Last Yr : $1.8Bn
  11. 11. are Available on AppStore Offered as a Hybrid Solution Uses Industry Standard HTML5 rendering are modelled specifically for the device Our Mobile Solutions
  12. 12. Mobile User Interface Social In Memory Context Aware MUSIC Presented By Ramco Systems Limited User Interface
  13. 13. Easy to learn Easy to use Easy to remember Subjectively pleasing Reduce potential mistakes Key Drivers to Usability Design
  14. 14. The Stereo of Usability Design
  15. 15. Challenges in Reaching Information Why Should I HOP between Menus ? Why Should I Search for what I need to do ? I need a Pen and a Paper when I use my ERP I always need Tuition to use my ERP My usage pattern keeps varying, where to find what to do ? While using ERP, I need to visit sites for Stock Prices, Exchange Rates, RSS Feeds Are ERPs designed to be used this way?
  16. 16. Information Messages, could be personal or process driven Alerts can be Information, Messages, Action Items and Announcements Action Messages have associated action with them Alert Messages, provide information on exceptions Arrival of New Messages are indicated by a pulsating BellOrganization wide announcements are aimed at all the users The Dashboard and Inbox for all Events relevant to a user TheWizardInterfac
  17. 17. Wizards are listed on the left, and the Activities are listed on the right System Wizards are pre packaged as a part of the Solution Activities can be added to the Custom Wizard by clicking the Add Items Option New Custom Wizards can be created using the Create Wizard Option Custom wizards enable users to build their own wizards Wizards are Sequential Arrangement of Activities for a purpose TheWizardInterfac
  18. 18. Dedicated User Centric Design Group Designing for the Device Establishing uniformity in User Experience Effective mix of Analytics and Transaction Processing Hiding complexity and being contextual Managing Information aesthetically
  19. 19. Casual Leave Privilege Leave EmployeeSelfService–LeaveApplication Transactional Analytics Transaction History Actual Data Entry Common Actions Frequently Accessed Functional Groups
  20. 20. Aviation–AircraftMaintenance Plannning
  21. 21. DesignedfortheiP
  22. 22. Mobile User Interface Social In Memory Context Aware MUSIC Presented By Ramco Systems Limited Social
  23. 23. Towards a Socially Connected Enterprise Foursquare Facebook Rchilli Pinterest LinkedIn Kinetic Glue Yammer
  24. 24. Gamification – Its all about fun & Rewards Using ‘Game Thinking’ and ‘Game Mechanics’ to solve Business Problems and Engage Users
  25. 25. Gamification – Its all about fun & Rewards Typical Rewards include Status, Access, Power & Stuff
  26. 26. Game Ideas – Employee Induction Explain the Business, Policies, Benefits, Support, Avenues and facilities... The Employee attempts a crossword puzzle with clues from Induction Process Time limit – say 20 minutes Max Social Channels – say 3 Canteen Coupons, Movie Tickets, Memorabillia
  27. 27. Game Ideas – Timesheet Entry Complete Timesheet Entry on time with the desired accuracy Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle based on pieces collected through booking time More Pieces are awarded for prompt booking. Gift Voucher, Family Dinner, Team Dinner, Mystery Gift..
  28. 28. Mobile User Interface Social In Memory Context Aware MUSIC Presented By Ramco Systems Limited In Memory
  29. 29. Sally the Cost Accountant
  30. 30. Clara the Production Planner
  31. 31. Speed for the Real-time Enterprise
  32. 32. Your Current Payroll Processing Taking forever? With ‘Minnal’ , Our In Memory engine that’s exactly how long it would take for any complex processing activity ......
  33. 33. Agents on Alert 22% Active, 72 Jobs Live Agent Technology Agents Monitor Events and decide Actions from Process ModelAll Actions are done In Memory, In Parallel and at High Speed
  34. 34. At a Logistics Company Agents monitor driver availability Agents monitor trips Agents monitor vehicle usage Drivers do report leave anytime Routes change anytime Trips get altered anytime Agent Technology Automatically re-plans trips, assign spare drivers, call for new drivers, initiate scheduled maintenance
  35. 35. At Schools Agents monitor Teacher availability Agents monitor room availability Agents automatically schedule classes Teachers may report sick suddenly Classrooms may be shut for maintenance Adhoc sessions may be scheduled The Agents Automatically re-allocates class rooms Automatically schedules sessions Automatically alert on exceptions All in Real Time Agent Technology
  36. 36. Running Payroll – the Challenge World’s Largest Staffing Company India’s Operations – 85 Branches, 110,000 Associates, 1,500 Clients Bulk Payroll Processing in the window 21st to 5th of the months Tremendous rush to run Payroll to simulate Invoice Generation Huge volumes lead to processing capacity outages With Minnal, A Job that traditionally took 01:31:26 hrs was completed in 00:04:02 hrs
  37. 37. Thanks to Minnal, you can perform  Interactive What-If Analysis  Real-time processing of Big Data  Strategic decision support  Real-Time scheduling  Debottlenecking  Execution & Automation “Great !!, Now I can run simulations of various cost allocation models” - Sally “No more would I worry of changing schedules, I still can rollout an optimal production plan” - Clara
  38. 38. Mobile User Interface Social In Memory Context Aware MUSIC Presented By Ramco Systems Limited Context Aware
  39. 39. I received my passport renewal form recently I had to fill in 52 fields Info such as Address, Father, Mother, Date of Birth Since it reached me, Address should be right My Mother and Father wouldn’t have changed My Date of Birth is definitely the same The really needed information was 12 fields Isn't such situations very familiar ? My Passport Renewal Story
  40. 40. Not different in traditional ERP
  41. 41. Cloud Solutions, are they generic ? Its all about me..
  42. 42. My Solution My Data My Device My Location & My Usage My Preferences Its all about
  43. 43. Your Solution Is not the usual, ‘One Size Fits All’ It fits you perfectly!! thanks to the EDK/PDK Toolkit
  44. 44. Your Solution is Fresh and Evergreen (with constant upgrades) Grows with your business (subscribe for more as you grow) is Secure on the Web (with frequent Web Security Verification) is Hosted on the Cloud (Amazon, Ramco, Rackspace, Azure..) is Scalable, Secure & Resilent (powered by a scalable and proven architecture)
  45. 45. Your Data is Multi Tenant by Design (Single Code – Shared Data) is Isolated as per your need (from Same Database to Separate Instance) enjoys On Demand Scalability is Safe with in-built redundancy
  46. 46. Your Preferences Your Solution Date Format Time Format Numeric Format e-mail ID Password Questions Color Schemes Process Parameters and lot more……
  47. 47. Your Device Same credentials – Different interfaces Device Specific content Device info. available to Business Logic
  48. 48. when I apply 1 day leave, the system defaults to ‘Casual Leave’, more than 2 days it defaults to ‘Privilege Leave’. I feel empowered !!. Your Usage
  49. 49. When I Order Parts, the Lookup displays the recent parts on top followed by less frequently ordered. The System understands me pretty well !!. Your Usage
  50. 50. My System knows my coordinates and shows me customers in the geographical vicinity for me. I have a Personal Assistant on the move Your Usage
  51. 51. I can use any previous document as a template to create new documents and just change the few data that is different. That’s smart data entry.. Your Usage
  52. 52. Maps are an integral part of our solutions Used for Visualization, Lookup and Transactions
  53. 53. Our Sales Effectiveness Visualization
  54. 54. Fusion of Txn Analytics with Visualizations
  55. 55. GPS based solutions Geo Location based Interfaces Mobile as a Substitute for Access Card Geo Location as Automated Data Entry Maps as a powerful data lookup Contextual Data Visualization Context Aware solutions enable
  56. 56. Thank you.. : +1800 472 6261 : +91 44 2235 4510 : +65 6743 1513 : +44 0 1908 255 989 : +971 4 3636784:
  57. 57. WE ARE 1st ERP Product Company in APAC and India 1800+ Worldwide Employees 20+ Years of R&D Experience 1 Billion USD Ramco Group Company 1000+ Customers 17 offices across US, Canada Europe, APAC, India, Middle East & Africa Customers across 35 Countries 150000+ Users